Jewelry Supplier Last Updated # of Reviews
99 Cent Body Jewelry 12-24-07 8
A To Z Lapidary 4-13-03 1
Aesthetics 5-26-08 1
AGB Body Jewelry 11-13-04 1
Anatometal 12-24-07 6
Another Hole 7-6-08 5
APM Body Jewelry 7-2-10 2
Avaia Artistic Jewelry 7-2-10 1
Avant Garde 12-24-07 4
Blue Mountain Steel 5-2-09 2
BME/Shop 2-21-05 18
Body Boy 4-24-05 3
Body Candy 12-24-07 2
Body Circle Designs 1-19-09 5
Body Gems 11-7-04 2
Body Jewellery Shop 5-26-03 4
Body Modern 7-2-10 1
Body Studs 9-14-03 1
BodyArtForms 7-8-10 58 1-19-09 4
BodyPunks 12-24-07 8
Braindrops 7-7-05 2
CamSupply 3-10-07 6
The Chain Gang 5-2-09 7
Clayton Limited Editions 9-14-03 1
Cold Steel 6-14-02 8
Crazy Chameleon 2-19-06 2
Custom Steel 7-7-05 7
Desert Trends Body Jewelry 6-5-04 1
Ebone Designs 8-1-04 5
Europierce 10-13-03 1
Exotic Body ----- 2
Fifth Avenue 9-17-02 3
Flesh Inc./Andromeda 12-9-02 1
Glasswear Studios 4-24-05 4
Gorilla Glass 8-1-04 3
Industrial Strength 8-27-06 5
Kaos Softwear/Lawless Scarab 11-23-03 3
Kolo 3-10-07 1
Liquid Glass Body Jewelry 2-14-04 3
Maelstrom Studio Lab 7-3-06 11
Metal Mafia 12-11-05 2
Monster Steel 10-21-07 1
MS Piercing 10-30-05 1
Omerica Organic 5-2-09 6
Onetribe Organics 7-2-10 50
Organic 7-3-06 9
Painful Pleasures 7-2-10 14
Pierce This 2 7-31-02 1
Piercebody 5-26-08 3
PierceOff 1-19-04 2
Pleasurable Piercings ----- 2
Premier Body Accents 7-3-06 3
Pro Pierce 1-8-03 2
Real Steel 3-10-07 3
Reign Custom Design 5-26-08 6
Silversteel ----- 1
Steel Navel 6-3-07 3
STH Body Jewelry 11-27-05 4
Tattooed Kingpin 11-13-04 1
Tonguestud 10-21-07 13
Tribal Glass 6-3-07 2
Tribalectic 1-19-09 12
Unimax Supply 4-24-05 6
Wildcat 7-2-10 8
Wood Body Jewelry 2-14-04 14

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