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United States (California)

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credit card

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UPS International

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Large Gauge

Reviewed by: Chris
Date Added: 12-24-07
Jewelry bought: Tunnels, Stretchers, Monroes, Labrets, Flexi-tongues etc

Hi everybody,

Ok so very first experience with this company, and seriously...WOW!! I own a Tattoo Shop in Ottawa, Canada, and was a little weary of all this, it seemed like a typical “too good to be true” scenario.. so I went ahead with a minimum order ($297 for Canada/International) ... and let me tell you, I received them yesterday. (December 20th, 2007) For $435 (Cdn)-including shipping ..I received 1495-pieces of jewellery, as well as 5-display cases. Yes, 1495 pieces..not a typo!! The quality is incredible, the shipping was right on time, and not a single piece of jewellery was damaged, not even a single loose-bead! The retail value on this order alone, is somewhere around $20,000 seriously!! (that's assuming an average sell price of $20/piece)

The company itself was great as well, answering my many e-mails (prior to ordering I had 1000 questions, before handing over my credit card#) --I was promptly given a tracking #, to immediately start tracking my package through USPS (United States Postal Service) ---and tracked my package every step of the 7-day delivery process.

So all in all people, honestly...this is REAL, and is an opportunity to literally fill up your tattoo/piercing shop with very little $$...and LOTS of jewellery..and I'm not kidding, the quality is there!! Give them a try!! And for those of you thinking “this guy works for the company”.... think again.

Best regards to you all ...

Take care,


Reviewed by: Kazz
Date Added: 10-21-07
Jewelry bought: Belly Bars, Eyebrow Bars, Tongue Bars & Displays

*WOW* What more can I say - I read other people’s reviews on here and decided to give them a go - I find that having to buy huge quantities a bit of a pain but I did find their jewelry display prices fantastic and bought plenty!

The thing that I found the most impressive was that I ordered exactly 1 week ago and it arrived today in Australia and we had a long weekend in there also - so it probably only took a few days to arrive and very well packed there was no way anything was getting broken - 5 star service!!

Reviewed by: allen alder
Date Added: 11-26-06
Jewelry bought: tongue barbells, belly rings, eyebrow, and steel rings

I found 99centbodyjewelry on the internet; I think it was through yahoo. Anyways I placed a small order for $126.00 to try them out back in Sept. of '05. I was pleased that I got it in 2 days, no problems except I order 100 pcs of 1 item and I got only 99 pcs, maybe an accident, but it's only a buck so I'm not even complaining.

My next order I went big and ordered a grand, I still got it in 2 days. I figured it out and I bought around 4,500 pcs for that $1,000 so that's around .22 cents per piece. I have been selling my jewelry in my shop in Portland now for an average of $20 bucks and out of all my order I have only about 600 pieces left, do the math, it's a lot of $$.

I will order again next month, I hope it comes out to sell as fast as the last batch.

Overall I would say they are a 9 if I was rating them like the other guys on this site, the only downfall is sometimes you have to buy big quantities, but it's all good.

Reviewed by: Jennifer Davies
Date Added: 4-23-06
Jewelry bought: plugs, belly rings

I have been dealing with 99centbodyjewelry since the year 2000,overall I would give this company a 9 out of 10. Their quality overall is very good, I did have 2 broken belly rings in my last order, but out of over 9,000 pieces in my order that is not so bad I guess, and I called them up the next day and they gave me credit for them. I search the web all day for better prices, and believe me these guys are the lowest, yeh there are some close but they are the lowest I think, I even flew to Korea last year to try to save some money and cut out the "middle man" but ended up finding out most factories want huge minimums and are still higher in price than 99cent. I will continue to buy from them hopefully they will be in business a long time, because without them I don't know what I would do.

Reviewed by: dIK
Date Added: 2-21-05
Jewelry bought: plugs, nose screws, tapers

I came across 99 cent body jewelry over the internet, I was starting this business venture at the time vending jewelry at concerts anyhow I figured the stuff would be junk since it was so inexpensive. I looked up their phone number and found out they're in Los Angeles which is where I happened to live. I went down to Jewelry district scepticle but was pleasantly surprised their jewelry was decent nothing too exciting but at least it was displayed and the minimum order on a specific piece was not an issue as I figured it would be. The sales lady assured me that I could pick out the jewelry individually or in mixed bags. I really liked their service and how they did not see me as a nobody newbie to the body jewelry business. All in all I have to rate the pieces (Various metal, acrylic plugs and tapers) a solid 8 out of ten the only beef I had was that the little rubbers o rings are a bit over sized for the plugs while they go on easily they don't always stay on long which does become a bit annoying.

Reviewed by: Amyjo House of Pain
Date Added: 1-17-05
Jewelry bought: assortment

I have ordered from this company many times. The ordering process is fairly simple you can do it all online, very easily. They sell jewelry at so many pieces of one design or type for $99. Occasionally you can purchase a half pack which is only $49.50. Most of the time the items that you get are of pretty good quality. The steel isn't always polished to perfection like with some of the more pricey companies. Also, I did notice that when I ordered large gauge captives and circulars from them, they sent odd sizes; the diameters were usually bigger than the norm. However, I have ordered lots of items that were just as good of quality if not better than their competitors. You get to choose your method of shipment as with most sites... and it has always been here exactly when promised. Once I was shorted a few pieces of my order. I called in and was given the choice of credit for a future order or a refund. All in all I would rate this company fairly high.

Reviewed by: erica
Date Added: 1-17-05
Jewelry bought: nose screws

As I was looking for wholesale sites that I could order from to supplement my student income I found 99 Cent Body Jewelry.

Ok the selection is so/so. But, the site is pretty user friendly. Minimum order is 100 dollars which is pretty cool because I encountered so many sites with at least a 200-500 minimum.

I placed my first order with them, $100 worth of nose screws and it was shipped UPS Ground. I received my items promptly, in individual bags, and without fault. I even got a free pen that I kicked to mom.

All in all I'd give this outfit a solid 8. Their selection with regards to colors available for nose screws, acrylic plugs, and gem tongue rings could improve. Otherwise, it's an ok site for someone wanting to get a small amount of items to sell without heavy cost or a tax id.

Reviewed by: Bill Erickson
Date Added: 5-26-03
Jewelry bought: belly dangles

We will start with the good part of my review. It was Monday afternoon (Eastern) I called to place my order, it was a bit bulky so I'd rather place it by phone. The sales representative was pretty good about answering my questions and the ordertaking process was fairly quick. My total was given to me during the conversation. I asked for a ground shipping I received it in 4 days. Here is the not so good part. When I received my order I opened the package and most of the bags were open and jewelry was scattered inside of the box. I wish they would have packed it better. I ordered some dangle cherries and I see on the site they are red but I received purple and green. What's a purple or green cherry? I still have them. I also bought some heavy gauge captives at a really good price but I can't get the balls out. But overall my experience with this company wasn't so pleasant.

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