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Large Gauge

Reviewed by: Emily
Date Added: 5-26-08
Jewelry bought: 2g bloodwood SF plugs, 1 1/2\" ebony plugs with bloodwood inlays

I'm really big on organic jewelry, and wear a lot of it. I'd been looking off and on for a matching set of conch and lobe plugs that were simple and classy looking to wear to work for quite a while now. I heard about Aesthetics through a friend on IAM and thought I'd check out their stuff. They have some really impressive custom work on their site, but I wanted something a little more simple. Their site is relatively new apparently, and there were some glitches in the program when I tried to place my order, but apparently that's all ironed out now.

The plugs were shipped the day after I ordered them, and since I had paid the extra for express mail, they were in my hands within days of ordering! I couldn't be happier with them. The quality is amazing, and it's so nice to have a subtle but classy pair of organic plugs to wear to work instead of my old stand-by steel eyelets. Custom service regarding the glitches on their webstore was excellent, and I even got an e-mail double-checking the sizes I wanted before the plugs were made since I had specified somewhat of an irregular size.

I only have a couple minor complaints. Maybe it was just me, but on the main page of their website, I overlooked the link to the online store, and at first couldn't figure out how to actually purchase any jewelry -- I only saw the link to their custom jewelry portfolio. Not sure if it's obvious and I just missed it, or if it's a little too subtle, but it stumped me for a minute! Also, the webstore kept forcing me to choose express shipping at checkout (which I eventually decided to just use anyway as I didn't want to wait!) but it made it hard to get other shipping prices. I was assured that was a temporary glitch and was fixed, but I haven't ordered again since, so I'm not 100% sure.

All in all, I couldn't be happier! The service was great, the product is great, and I love having plugs custom-made to the length I wanted. I've got pretty thin lobes and get tired of extra jewelry hanging out all over the place. On top of all that, as a vegan, I love supporting a store that's owned by like-minded individuals. I will definitely be ordering more jewelry from Aesthetics in the future...I've been eyeing the heart cut-out plugs and am pretty sure I'm going to need a pair of those to add to my collection.

They have a combined site for their shop and their jewelry store at -- if you're dense like me and can't find the webstore, it's located towards the bottom of the main page.

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