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Reviewed by: Krissi
Date Added: 7-6-08
Jewelry bought: Various plugs

I've placed several orders with Another Hole and every time has been a great experience. Their customer service is fantastic, they are always willing to answer any questions you may have as promptly as possible. Their jewelry is top notch, everything I have received from Another Hole has been of the finest quality materials and craftsmanship. The prices are reasonable and competitive, shipping is quick (and free!) and their website is comprehensive and simple to browse. As a repeat customer, I have never once had a problem with their service and I intend to continue purchasing my body jewelry from them.

Reviewed by: Eric
Date Added: 2-21-05
Jewelry bought: 2 0" gauge 'top hats' (flesh tunnels)

I have ordered from numerous suppliers in the past, many of whom are listed on this site. I was looking for something fairly generic, flesh tunnels, so I didn't really have one particular vendor in mind.

I decided to compare costs using the jewelry company listings here; and I visited the "Another Hole Shop" site randomly. I was impressed with their pricing right away. I placed my order and received my confirmation in a timely fashion. I also received a note from the company (not an automated reply) thanking me for my order and letting me know that it was being prepped for shipment.

My purchase arrived to me within five business days. I appreciated the extra effort on the part of "Another Hole Shop" for contacting me and letting me know they had gathered my order and were sending it.

Their site is straightforward, and easy to navigate, and my actual order arrived polished and unscathed. It is easy to take for granted, but there is always a risk involved in online ordering. With that said, I would certainly recommend "Another Hole Shop" for any users who are uncertain about what company they should do business with.

Reviewed by: Kathy Herron
Date Added: 1-17-05
Jewelry bought: 00g Jeweled Screw Fit Tunnels

When ordering from Another Hole, you need to have a PayPal account. I don't trust PayPal, but my mom had an account and the ordering process went smoothly. We received an email saying that the jewelry was shipped within a day or two. I also sent an email asking how the gems were put onto the tunnels, and I received my answer the next day (they are counter sunk!). I received the tunnels a week after being told they had been shipped. This is a few days longer than I am used to waiting for deliveries, and I was getting nervous, but the shipping time wasn't ridiculous--just not super fast. I have heard the same from a couple other people. Keep in mind the shipping is ALWAYS free, too! Onto the jewelry...these tunnels are GREAT! So sparkly and shiny, they are definitely my favorite piece of jewelry now. I will do business with Another Hole again; they have some beautiful organic plugs that I've heard great things about.

Reviewed by: Joe Polsonetti
Date Added: 1-17-05
Jewelry bought: 00g Abalone, Pyrex, Buffalo Horn Plugs "etc"

I found Another Hole while I was searching on EBay for some cool organic plugs for a decent price. I found an auction for a pair of plugs I liked and after emailing the seller I quickly realized that Another Hole is run by people who do take a sincere interest in their business and the jewelry they sell. Their shipping is great, two bucks to ship as many pairs of plugs as you buy. If you are looking for hard to find stone, buffalo horn, or pyrex at an awesome unbeatable low price [email protected] is the store for you. I buy all my plugs from them and so should everyone else.

Reviewed by: Logan Sandefur
Date Added: 8-1-04
Jewelry bought: Pair of 4g double-flared coconut plugs with water buffalo horn inlay

I have been looking through Modified Mind's pages for a company that sells not-ridiculously-expensive coconut plugs for about a week, and I stumbled upon Another Hole body jewelry. I noticed that they sold a lot of buffalo horn products and other organics, then I spotted their double-flared coconut plugs w/ mother of pearl or water buffalo horn inlays. This was great for me, as the inlays made them look like regular earrings, and seeing as how my parents don't -exactly- know I stretched my lobes, this was definitely a plus. I ordered them then, and got a confirmation e-mail the next day, and I think they were shipped the day after that. Customer service was great; very quick and responsive. Seeing as how they're in central Florida, and I'm in southern California, the week it took for my plugs to arrive was a pretty speedy. Overall, I love these plugs! The flares are rounder than most flared jewelry I see, easing insertion greatly. Customer service was impeccable, and jewelry quality was great. Overall, I definitely recommend this site to anyone looking for unique organic jewelry (not to mention they have pretty cheap steel tapers!).

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