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Reviewed by: Rich Wood
Date Added: 12-24-07
Jewelry bought: Single stone CZ Plugs, 4G to 7/16", 7/16" Bling Eyelet

Everything I have ordered made by Anatometal has shown excellent workmanship and appears to use well faceted and polished stones compared to cheaper CZ jewelry. The finish on the steel is also excellent and as a hobbyist machinist I appreciate the difficulty of achieving that.

In the cheaper Gemmed CZ jewelry the CZs frequently show differences in the size of the central facet and poor angle control in faceting. This is not seen in the Anatometal items. Also on the single gem Anatometal items received each different gauge has used a different diameter stone unlike some other manufacturers who use the same size stones over a range of gauges.

Flares are substantial on the double flared items so you need to be fully stretched to the full gauge of the jewelry or a bit larger.

All the Anatometal items received are very close to listings for gauge diameter per tables which accurately list gauges to .001". Again this has not been true for many items from less expensive sources. Nominal for 00 gauge is .365" and I have steel items called 00 gauge which vary from .360" to .394" per micrometer checks. The latter diameter is 10mm, closer to 000 gauge than 00.

Almost all of my Anatometal purchases have been from Bodyartforms and have been in stock items there, unusual for Anatometal items which most vendors sell only as special order items.

Reviewed by: Erica Schechter
Date Added: 12-22-03
Jewelry bought: 8g ti tunnels, 8g SSS BB with acrylic ends, 14g SSS BB with ti spikes, extra pair ti spikes, pair 12g ti CBRs, pair 12g SSS CBRs, 18g SSS CBR, various tapers, some odds & ends

The amount of jewelry I have bought from this company should be indicative of how much I like their products. Their customer service is friendly and prompt, and the jewelry is impeccably measured, mirror shiny, and made of implant grade metals. I have ordered too much from them to describe every piece in detail, so instead I will just list my favorite aspects of their products:

  • Barbells: The barbells are all internally threaded, even the teeny-tiny ones. They are very accommodating of special requests, and will make barbells and rings of just about any length/diameter, sized precisely to the 1/16". Also, they countersink all their barbells. I prefer a countersunk shaft, while Anatometal countersinks the bead, but that is just a quirky personal preference of mine which I may or may not share.

  • Titanium: Anatometal titanium is truly peerless. Their Ti jewelry comes in a variety of colors, which maintain deep, rich hues even over time. The way that the Ti alloy is engineered allows an outer oxide layer to form and reform in the presence of oxygen, so if the jewelry scratches, it actually heals itself! (By the way, don't let any bleach or hair dye get on the Ti jewelry-- I learned that the hard way.)

  • O-rings and tunnels/plugs: I love their silicone o-rings. Normal rubber o-rings have a tendency to make my skin ooze and crack, but the silicone ones are incredibly comfortable. Speaking of which, their tunnels and plugs have little grooves for the o-rings, so they almost never pop off.

  • Captive bead rings: Their CBRs are the best! Instead of using a drilled bead and making sharp, pointy ends on the rings, Anatometal makes dimpled beads and rounded CBR ends. This way, they are _MUCH_ easier to pop on and off, and they don't irritate the piercing nearly as much upon insertion.

  • Odds and ends: They are amazingly accommodating of customer requests. You can order replacement barbell or CBR balls, o-rings in tiny or bulk quantities, barbell shafts without any beads, and so on.

I do have a few complaints. However, in any situation where I was dissatisfied, the company was not only apologetic but quick to compensate. Due to their great customer service, my unsatisfactory experiences with them would certainly not deter me from ordering from them again. However, I will mention them here in case these might be important an especially picky client.

  • I ordered a 5/8" 8 gauge SSS BB with green acrylic ends to wear in my tongue piercing. After some wear, the thread became unglued from the ball, and the thread was stuck in the barbell. Also, the acrylic beads chipped significantly. However, when I called Anatometal the woman on the phone talked me through the process of extracting the thread from the bar and was happy to replace the beads. So, acrylic ended barbells are probably not Anatometal's strongest point, particularly for piercings where there is a lot of movement of the tissue. I'd go with Steel Skin or Tonguestud instead for that particular type of jewelry.

  • When I ordered 8 gauge teal titanium plugs, they sent me 8 gauge single flare teal titanium flesh tunnels by mistake. However, I liked them so much that I didn't bother complaining. Given my previous experiences with Anatometal, I have very little doubt that they would have been happy to send me the plugs that I originally ordered.

  • I don't like that they don't have an automated order form. Instead, they have a blank text box that you type a description into. This might cause semantic misunderstandings such as the one above. However, I always received an email directly after ordering, and I always have the retail rep re-iterate my order to me before shipping. Also, due to this type of form there is no receipt other than the confirmation email.

So there you have it. I give Anatometal a hearty recommendation and would unquestionably order from them in the future.

Reviewed by: Jim B
Date Added: 1-8-03
Jewelry bought: S.S. 4Ga. C.B.R. and 14 Ga. curved Barbell

I own some really nice pieces of jewelry from a number of different companies, but I am disinclined to ever do business with anyone but Anatometal again. They make the smoothest, best looking basic jewelry I've ever seen and their materials are superlative. The Anatometal website isn't the best one I've seen, but that is unimportant because their service is unsurpassed. Both times I have ordered from them the product was shipped within 24 hours. The Barbell was a custom piece and it was Christmas week! As if that in itself wasn't amazing enough, UPS screwed up and returned it to them. Anatometal fixed the problem. They sent it back to me and covered the cost of the second mailing even though it was UPS' mistake. It even arrived in time for Christmas! Their new captive bead ring design isn't shown on their website, and it's a shame because it is much nicer than what they display. Some of the other jewelry reviews seem to think Anatometal's products are expensive.

Reviewed by: Brian Johnson
Date Added: 7-15-02
Jewelry bought: 1/2" single flaired stainless tunnels, 10 gauge stainless barbell, 18 gauge stainless CBRs

I have ordered from Anatometal 3 times now. The first time was for myself and both other orders were for other people. Not once have I had a problem. They are easily one of the easiest and highest quality companies I have ever dealt with.

I order online exclusively and Anatometal makes that about as easy as it can be. They are quick to respond to orders with clarifications on any concerns they have and there is constant communication keeping you up to date on the status of your order - up to and including email notification of shipment WITH TRACKING NUMBERS! I paid by credit card all three times and, again, it was done without any hassles.

The first order I placed was for my own 1/2" stainless tunnels which were of amazing quality. I then ordered a stainless barbell for someone's tongue which was of the expected quality. I'm now waiting on my third order to be delivered which is CBRs for my girlfriend. Delivery is quick though I think everything I have ordered is probably kept in stock.

Anatometal is definitely not cheap, but when you want quality you have to be willing to pay a bit more. They are, however, by no means overpriced for the quality of the jewelry.

I have and would recommend Anatometal to anyone looking for very high quality jewelry and excellent service.

Reviewed by: Andrew R
Date Added: 5-13-02
Jewelry bought: CBRs

I had been looking for the perfect CBR for a long time. Every one I saw just was not quite right. I have heard that Revolution CBRs were the ultimate; but I could not find a source to buy over the Internet. I would love to go to my local piercer to buy them retail, but they aren't exactly legal here in Saudi Arabia. I had heard great things about Anatometal, so I decided to give them a try.

First thing to note is that Anatometal's CBR do not look like the rings on their website. Those are the old style. The new style is very much like the Revolution style, where the ends of the rings are hidden by the ball and so the ring and ball look like a single unit.

I ordered a set of CBRs that include 10 ga, 8ga and 6 ga rings. The transaction was very fast. Anatometal had confirmed my order and shipped within 24 hours. Melissa is a great help.

Once I received the rings I was extremely pleased. They were absolutely perfect. The mirror polish was perfect. The ends of the rings mated with the ball perfectly and the balls were in perfect proportion to the gauge.

I normally switch my rings alot, but these rings have stayed put and will until I order more colours from Anatometal. These are the best I have ever had and I have tried all the top end manufacturers.

If quality is the deciding factor and price is not as important; buy Anaotometal. You won't regret it.

Reviewed by: Kat
Jewelry bought: Ti barbell and labret stud

The jewelry I have ordered from Anatometal has always been of amazing quality. All of their barbells and labret studs are internally threaded. Also, their customer service has always been friendly and helpful. They even have a toll free number to call when placing orders or asking questions, and their phone operators are very knowledgable. Their prices are actually pretty reasonable, especially for the quality of product that you are receiving.

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