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United States (California)

Payment Methods:

credit card
bank wire transfer
money order

Shipping Methods:

USPS Express Mail (Canada)
USPS Global Express

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Large Gauge

Reviewed by: Kally
Date Added: 7-2-10
Jewelry bought: $2500+ over the last year (Belly, Plugs, Tunnels, Tongue, Captives, Horse, etc)

Overall I have had very good transactions with this company. The shipping is always fast and they respond to questions and e-mails quickly as well. The only problem I have ever had is ordering "mixed" items. The description will say something like "comes in 10 styles" or "comes in 6 gauges" and I only receive 2 or 3 styles or gauges. The worst was spiked horseshoe "super mix". I ordered 100 of them and only got 3 different styles! I would recommend being specific when ordering and not using the "mix all gauges and colors" options, which is what I do now. I will continue ordering with them because the service is good and the prices are low.

Reviewed by: June
Date Added: 1-19-09
Jewelry bought: Assorted Body Jewelry

I ordered from them 3 times in a roll and I just LOVE this company!! No.1: SUPER FAST shipping! I mean really fast. I am in CA and I got it the next day (even I pick the flat rate ground shipping). No.2: SUPER good quality!! I am in tattoo and piercing biz for over 10 years and I know what I want! No.3: GREAT price!!! They are the cheapest in the whole industry (for the same $25, I can get so many different items and still very low price!) Compare to 99cent or other internet companies, I can get more variety for the same $100 I spent! I love APM Body Jewelry and I would recommend to everyone!

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