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Reviewed by: Paige
Date Added: 7-8-10
Jewelry bought: Various

What can I say? First I'm very happy that I managed to find such a wondrous website before I even started my stretching journey. The only jewelry I have purchased from elsewhere is from a stand in my local mall. I got two Surgical Steel Circular Barbells for almost $20. Now, I could have gotten them at BodyArtForms for less than $10. Though I don't exactly mind as my father bought me the circular barbells.

I've spent almost $100 of my own money at BAF, and I will probably never buy from another store. They're just amazing.

These past orders I got I paid for in cash, took a few days to get there, but once it arrived on the 30th of June, they shipped the next day and I got my order before the 3rd of July. Now that is quality shipping if you ask me. I've never had to wait over a week for something I've ordered and I cannot wait to order some more. There's no need to buy priority as it comes in the same amount of days as the free shipping over $25.

I only wish they had a little bit more of a selection when it comes to their tapers but I'm happy with what they have. For now, it's not important to get fancy ones as I'll just outstretch them and have nothing to do with them.

BAF has a customer for life with me.

Reviewed by: Ann
Date Added: 7-8-10
Jewelry bought: A little bit of everything

I started ordering from BAF in November of 2004. Almost six years and over 100 orders later, I am still a happy customer who doesn't mind blowing some extra money on their website, and I have done plenty of that!

Their selection is unmatched anywhere else! They have a little of everything, from super economy to the best of the best. Everyone can find at least one, if not 100, things they want! They carry some of the top names in body jewelry and all of it is at a reasonable price. I cannot go to any local studios and find the same quality for the prices I can on BAF.

The customer service from BAF is also unmatched. I have had very few problems in the past, and when I do they go over and beyond to make sure that I am a happy customer. They even seal the small baggies jewelry comes in to ensure safe returns if the customer does not like the jewelry they receive. Of course once the baggies seal has been broken it cannot be returned. They also have a message board where they are happy to take pictures, measure, and compare different items requested by customers.

The message board alone is a reason to shop at BAF. They also offer the occasional contest for forum members to win store credit, or prizes.

For a small company they have a lot to offer and I can't praise them enough for all their hard work and their awesome selection!

Reviewed by: Stephanie
Date Added: 7-2-10
Jewelry bought: Various 0g plugs in glass, silicon, and metal, circular barbells, straight barbells, nosescrews

I LOVE BAF! I can't recommend them highly enough. The site is easy to navigate, the prices are great, and the customer service is fantastic.

For example, on one of my very first orders with them I ordered a pair of wood plugs. I do historical reenactment, I figured that was better than eyelets. Anyway. They emailed me that the items were backordered, because the last pair in stock didn't match well enough to be sold as a pair. That, to me, is good customer service. Instead of just grabbing them and sending them off, they made sure they were matching enough to go together, and when they weren't, I immediately had a refund back to my PayPal account. The last order that I made, the nose ring that I purchased was also backordered (they showed in stock due to a system error on their side), I asked for a different diameter and got my new nose ring two days after the rest of my order. I've never had a single piece come to me chipped or damaged in any way, and being that I have a passion for glass plugs and spirals, that is important to me.

Seriously, two big thumbs up. Every single modified friend I have has had to listen to me wax poetic about how awesome they are.

Reviewed by: Chloe
Date Added: 7-2-10
Jewelry bought: Various

At the time of this review, BAF tells me that I have spent $599.96 on their website. I am a huge fan of the frequently growing selection, the community, and of course the free jewelry that comes with orders over 25$. The only complaint I have is that I recently discovered that where I live (Toronto, ON) the basic mail and the Expressmail take the same amount of time to arrive. This is slightly irritating since I have been paying the extra money for it to arrive more promptly. But I have never been truly dissatisfied with an order from this website - and I'm going to be making my 10th order in a couple weeks.

Reviewed by: Tara
Date Added: 1-19-09
Jewelry bought: Many different items

I have been ordering from BAF for just over a year now, and I am so glad I found this site earlier on in my stretching adventure. Not only did I find great, inexpensive jewelry, but I also found loads of helpful advice on stretching and aftercare.

BAF has a wonderful community behind it, and the friendly staff are constantly going above and beyond for that community. They offer contests and discounts and are there if you have questions about products, they take suggestions on what jewelry to carry and how to improve their site. They have proven themselves to be very customer focused!

When Iíve had problems with my orders, such as an item being out of stock or UPS losing my package, the customer service has always been excellent.

The quality and selection of jewelry is excellent, the people behind the company are awesome, and they will continue to be my first choice when it comes to jewelry.

Reviewed by: Erin Peters
Date Added: 1-19-09
Jewelry bought: Plugs, Pinchers, Barbells, and a lot more

Ease of Ordering: The website has a beautiful format and is very easy to use. Ordering is very simple and they offer many different payment options.

Customer Service: I imagine you won't ever need to talk to customer service (they have everything explained on the website) I recently had a problem and immediately they gave me store credit for the item (they also offered a refund or replacement of item) Honestly I was terrified to report the problem, I totally hate bothering people, but they were cool. Also in order to report a problem you just have to go to your order and hit "report problem" It's so easy.

Delivery: I use the delivery that comes free with the order. It says that the order will talk 3-4 weeks to get to me (I live in Canada, so it's long) but I have never waited over two weeks. They also tell you right on the website when they shipped your order (they ship it really fast)

Quality: I've received very good quality jewelry. The site offers economy jewelry and good quality jewelry made in the USA. I've ordered some cheap and some expensive, and it's all wonderful.

I cannot recommend this site more. It's a pleasant surprise compared to many of the other sites I have seen (I personally have only ordered from BAF, but I have looked at countless others and the layout alone have sent me back to BAF) I hope this review helped, because personally I feel that the one before this really isn't the norm when it comes to BAF.

Reviewed by: Luis Angel
Date Added: 5-26-08
Jewelry bought: Circular Barbell, Plugs, other Jewelry that never got here

I ordered a circular bar and a pair of plugs from them through the website. They charge my credit card for these 2 items. I receive an email telling me that the plugs became out of stock and I have 3 choices, I choose to replace the plugs with more stuff, stuff that came out to more then the plugs (more money for them).

I didn't have an attitude with them at all lol why? That's fine, out of stock, big deal, I told the guy I'll still order them when they became back in stock (which I did and own those plugs). So I assume he will take these new Items and send them with my Circular bar but no, apparently he sent it UPS like I paid for. I didn't mind at all really, and he sent the other package. I receive 2 emails one an auto email like a day later telling me the Plugs I wanted were back in stock and another telling me that my Package to replace the very plugs back in stock, has now been sent but... Not UPS.

THE NEW STUFF TO REPLACE THE OUT OF STOCK ITEM was sent Regular mail, but I paid over $5 dollars shipping and only the Circular bar was sent UPS. At this point I spent like $40 dollars, I have no package, the replacement stuff wasn't sent UPS like I paid and the plugs are back in stock (I WANTED THOSE PLUGS SO BAD) and they didn't or Seth didn't reply to my email for like a week...

THIS IS THE ACTUAL EMAIL I sent after no package, no reply, nothing, but my credit was charged :)..

"When is my package getting here?? I thought you would send it UPS since I Paid for UPS the first time to only receive a ring and I add to my order just to make things work out and you don't send them UPS as well? This is so disappointing... I wanted to order so much from you and I would have gotten the matte black plugs already but I don't even have my original order..."

Finally Seth replies:

Hey Luis,

"It should be there in a week or so. We donít mind covering the cost of shipping backorders but we ship them all basic mail. We would have given you the price of basic off UPS or priority."

Me: "Well why didn't you?"

Seth: Well, you didnít ask.

Me: "I didn't know too of course, Iím trying to work with you guys. So can you do that for me on the shipping of the matt black plugs?"

Now again, I don't hear from them, it has been like 3 weeks and all I have is a Circular bar that I paid over $40 dollars for...

I finally receive an email:

"I would but we have already shipped the replacements for the matte black ones per your request for black coat"

I felt like... I waited like 4 days for that reply... Now all I want is to STILL BUY the Plugs I wanted from the beginning but I think they can send those plugs UPS so they don't take 3 weeks like the replacement is taking but, get here so I have by original order, plugs and ring and all this extra stuff somewhere out there.

I reply:

"No I meant If when I order the Matte Black ones now, Can you do what you were supposed to do with that order.. Like at least send them UPS for me for all the trouble... I still don't even have my original order and it's been weeks, all I did was try to buy from you guys I don't understand the lack of Professionalism... I think you should have sent the replacement order on UPS because I paid for that originally so I deserve something... This is a shame if you make mistakes and do absolutely nothing... hell you didn't even consider that I ordered more just to make things work why don't I have anything but a ring?"

Reply: "Its just our policy to ship them basic mail unless specifically requested by the customer to upgrade the shipping to a faster option. I can give you a partial refund on your UPS shipping for the ring but I cannot give you future free shipping.

We cannot upgrade your shipping and charge you without your permission."

Me: "but that's the point, I shouldn't have to be charged for shipping for your mistake of charging me for something that was out of stock, you charge, you chose to send the ring alone when I paid for that UPS and causing all this, you should have just sent both UPS, how does that not make sense?

what happened to courtesy? So your not gonna do anything... I still don't have my order and your not gonna do anything for me? Body Art Forms is seriously making things this difficult? I never had these problems... now when I have a wish list and wants, I get screwed... All I wanted was the Matte Black Plugs... now I'm out more then 40 bucks and have nothing to show for it and you just don't offer anything to fix your mistakes? And after all this back and forth with you Saying things like "You didn't ask" like I'm supposed to know... and to even think I would order another Item from you... but if I did you can't give me the UPS shipping that would have gotten me my Stuff already on that?

Seth: I am sorry your upset, I went quite out of my way setting this order up for you adding multiple items as an exchange. We want you to be happy with your service but I really cannot get your exchange back as it has already shipped days ago. If I had it here I would send it UPS free of charge for you since your so upset, but I just cannot do anything at this point. All I can offer you is a refund on the shipping of UPS.

As far as courtesy I think I have been more than accommodating really considering the multiple changes you requested to this order.

Me: You went out of your Way? isn't this a Business? I wouldn't have had to exchange or do anything if when I put the first order through everything went ok on your side. I'm not stupid and I understand that you can't get the Package back that you sent and resend it UPS... But I haven't received anything but a Ring so I'm just trying not to get screwed. So if you can Refund me the shipping on UPS, I'm sure you can just send the Matte Black Plugs (Charge for The plugs) now that you have them and Send them UPS, that way I get what I first ordered and even though I spent A LOT more then I planned on I just would be happy to receive something I ordered finally besides the ring.


"Total for the plugs is $23 Shipping is 7.95 for UPS

I can give you a refund on the other package shipping or I can ship this one to your via UPS for free. I cannot however do both.

Let me know how to proceede and I will take care of it.\"

Me: "ok that is what I want so I'll take the Matte black DOUBLE flare eyelet - 5/8" for the $23 with Free ups shipping."

Seth: "Ok shipping tomorrow via UPS. You may have received a backorder notice but thatís just me setting things up on this end"

I eventually I get it, Though the wearing length was the Largest and I did ask for the Smallest and I had to cut them I got it, the Plugs and ring but it's been weeks and still the Replacement order for the out of stock plugs (which I now have) isn't here... I email him on this... and he doesn't remember the Items in Transit... it took me emailing him the email receipts and random emails discussing what I wanted to replace the plugs with to get him to remember, He tells me wait it out till it's been the 2-4 weeks for a refund... Didn't come.

I got the refund and EVERYTHING I though... was Fine...

Seth: "Sorry for the hassle but if it comes out wrong I have to cover it. Ok for the orings, the labret and the plugs total comes to 35.00

That refund is in process and will be back in your account within 7-10 business days."

LOL Yeah I ordered more then I was originally planning and I wanted those items...

It's been a while and I REALLY want some Items off the site and figure, that can't happen twice... I try to give them another chance but it seems my credit card is blocked, I emailed them for the order, not Seth, and I get this...

Sent from Seth Jackson's email address at BAF but saying it's "Amanda the CEO" "I'm sorry but due to previous transactions the account is suspended. The orders did not arrive twice and we lost considerable amounts of time and money. Also your negative correspondence towards our customer service representative has been factored into this decision as well. Amanda CEO"

What I would do to be one of you happy people, my Twilight Zone experience with them was unexpected, I just wanna order Jewelry...

Reviewed by: Nate
Date Added: 10-21-07
Jewelry bought: 3/4 inch black silicone earskins (double flared eyelets)

I first read about BodyArtForms in a magazine and when I looked at the ad there were tons of cool looking pieces of body jewelry and some that were very unique. When I checked out the site I was amazed at the selection and the detail they go into when describing their products. There were many products I hadn't ever heard of or knew were on the market such as fossilized mammoth tusk hanging gauges. Their selection is beyond great because there are types of jewelry for anyone who is into body modification. They have stuff like gothy looking spike or organic plugs for the hippies (sorry for the stereotype but you get the point) and lastly everything is uber cheap and way affordable (even for mammoth) and I would recommend this site to anyone.

Reviewed by: Abi
Date Added: 6-3-07
Jewelry bought: Jewelry for stetching/various piercings

I wish everybody could find BAF before they waste their money other places that rip you off. BAF prices are amazing! You can get something no matter your budget. They have economy options as well as pre-orders from Anatometal, IS, BCD, etc. Their selection is really great, and it's easy to just see if things are in stock by looking on the product page, you can also be informed by email when things come back in stock! Shipping is amazingly fast considering you have an option for free shipping after $25 (things always get to me within a week.) BAF treats their customers really well; personalized emails/ answers questions fast, free gifts (jewelry, stickers, gauge card, care card), and the clearance section. It's really easy to navigate the site and you can always check the new items page. Speaking of new items, when the girls come back from the APP conference, it is seriously like Christmas! I highly recommend you check out the site and maybe stop by the message board too.

Reviewed by: Isabelle
Date Added: 6-3-07
Jewelry bought: 8g tribal swan, 6g Zoomorphic lapis plugs, 6g Zoomorphic green adventurine plugs

As a body jewelry addict, I am constantly browsing online body jewelry store. OF all my years of searching, BAF is by far THE best! The prices are amazing, the jewelry coming the greatest suppliers from all over. Even when ordering from the clearance section, you can be sure to receive great quality products. As for their website, I think every store should base their model from it, it is so easy to find what you are looking for. The service is as flawless as the jewelry (thanks Seth) and even the slowest shipping is fast! I've become so addicted that I check the new jewelry section on a daily basis. I dare anyone to find a better place! 300% for BAF!

Reviewed by: Kate
Date Added: 4-23-06
Jewelry bought: Almost $200 worth - CBRs, plugs, pre-order/custom items, o-rings, clearance, etc.

I have to say that every experience I've had at BAF (and I've spent over $170 and made 9 orders) has been completely positive. There was one occasion where the wrong item was sent - 2 12g curved barbells instead of circular barbells - but they resolved the issue very quickly and immediately sent the replacement circular barbells. I also got to keep the curved barbells.

The free bin and clearance sections are amazing, and even the free jewellery I've received hasn't exactly been bad quality.

Postage to the UK takes a while if you only pay basic shipping, but the quicker shipping is only a couple of dollars more and is pretty fast.

The jewellery selection is updated very often, with a lot of new and original items coming in lately. I recommend BAF to everyone.

Reviewed by: Lindsey
Date Added: 4-23-06
Jewelry bought: Over $200 worth of organic, steel, acrylic, and silicone

BodyArtForms is hands down the best online jewelry store I have dealt with. In fact, aside from a few eBay pieces here and there, I have never bought from anyone else- I have no reason to! Their website is extremely easy to browse, and they have almost everything I want. They invite reviews by customers on all their products, which is another handy feature. They also have incredible shipping and customer service. On each order I have placed, they have sent me an email immediately confirming they had received it. They have also recently added a function that enables users to make accounts that both update the status of their current orders and remember their past orders, and once you spend over a certain amount, you get 10% off every order after that, not to mention the free shipping, which is wonderful. I've never waited more than 1 week for my orders, and I'm in Ohio. They also have a new wishlist function, which I use to annoy my boyfriend and remember things I'm saving up for (touché, Anatometal bling). The free gifts with every order are handy too, since I'm always losing o-rings, and I've only had to spend money on 2 tapers in my entire stretching career. One thing I bought recently from them is the "blemished" Kaos silicone eyelets at an amazing price, and I still can't figure out what's blemished about them. I've also purchased some very well-made inlaid WBH plugs from them. I have very skinny lobes, and wrote them to ask what they had in shorter plugs (which I'm sure is an irksome question when it involves everything on the site) and they got back to me within a day. Overall, I've never felt I needed to try another store, and when I have a little extra cash, I'm checking BodyArtForms every day for new items.

Reviewed by: Marilyn
Date Added: 4-23-06
Jewelry bought: 14 Gauge Anatometal Labret

I have ordered from BAF several times, with not one complaint. Their website is very easy to navigate and shows in real-time what their current stock of products are. They give you a full description of each product including material and its grade (i.e. 316lvm ss, implant grade titanium, etc.), lengths available, internal/external threading and the manufacturer if available. The economy jewelry on the site is very very affordable and usually pretty decent quality.

This time was the first time, however, that I custom ordered something not on their main page. I had always heard that Anatometal jewelry was one of the top manufacturers but BAF doesn't keep many of their products in stock. They advertise that they can custom order anything from Industrial Strength's and Anatometal's catalog, and with an e-mail to customer service, that is what they did for me. It took about 2 1/2 weeks for the order to arrive to BAF's warehouse, and just 3 days to my house with the cheapest $1.99 shipping. That's what I call good service!

Reviewed by: Josh
Date Added: 2-19-06
Jewelry bought: 1/2" Kaos eyelets, 8g CBR, 20g IS titanium nosebone

I placed my money order in the mail on Dec.30 and got my jewelry on Jan. 24. About 2-3 weeks when you take in account the holidays. This is pretty fast considering my pre-order (the nosebone for my girlfriend) was not supposed to be done until then. Also, my order was complete and undamaged. Each item was shipped in an individual Zip-Loc baggie, which was in one of those bubble wrap bags, and then in the box. BAF is great. You get a sticker, gauge chart, and o-rings free with any order. And if you spend $25 or more, you get free shipping. Also they have free jewelry for order of $30, $50, $75, and $100. The customer service is awesome. If you have any ?s, just go to the forum or ask Amanda. And you don't have to sacrifice quality for price. They carry economic grade and professional grade, but some of the economic grade is still good quality at an astonishing price. If you want new jewelry but have low cash, go to BAF.

Reviewed by: Amy
Date Added: 2-19-06
Jewelry bought: A number of 1/2" plugs in 2 orders

I simply cannot say enough good things about BodyArtForms. I have never received such fantastic service from anyone.

In addition to incredibly fast shipping (On both occasions the product has been in my hands 1 week after the order was placed), the customer service is excellent. When one of the items I ordered (A pair of pyrex tunnels) was on backorder, I was notified nearly immediately, given multiple options for how to handle the situation, and when I notified them of my choice, my credit card was refunded promptly.

The jewelry I've purchased has always been gorgeous, and the prices are extremely reasonable.

They also offer shipping discounts, free jewelry, and a permanent 10% discount if you spend $275 with them.

I'm fairly certain I'll be ordering all of my jewelry from BodyArtForms in the future.

Reviewed by: Dana
Date Added: 1-16-06
Jewelry bought: more than I can list

I buy the majority of my body jewelry from BodyArtForms. They have a wonderful range of things from high quality to mid range. All very reasonably priced. Ordering is simple, they even give the option of sending them a money order for people without credit cards. They ship amazingly fast, even with the basic mail option I have gotten most of my shipments within 3-5 days of ordering.

The one time I had a problem (I received a scratched plug) they were eager to help. I sent them a photo of the scratched plug. It was a preorder item and they put an order in for a new one right away.

Overall I think that BodyArtForms is one of the best online body jewelry shops around.

Reviewed by: David
Date Added: 1-16-06
Jewelry bought: $100+ of various jewelry

I have ordered from 5 times and have had an absolutely flawless experience each and every time. The websites fantastic layout makes ordering is a snap and orders are confirmed nearly immediately.

To make the experience even better, they have some of the fastest shipping times I have ever encountered. Each time that I have ordered from them, the package has been sent early the next business day. Products have always arrived in perfect condition, exactly as expected after an average of 2 to 3 days.

Overall a fantastic shopping experience that I recommend to anyone shopping for body jewelry.

Reviewed by: Amanda
Date Added: 12-11-05
Jewelry bought: Over $100 worth

I have ordered from BAF four times, and have had an overall wonderful experience with them. They have a really good selection of body jewelry and aftercare supplies, and almost everything is of very high quality.

The site itself is easy to navigate and you can create an account to keep track of all of your previous orders. The wishlist feature is very nice, and has been upgraded with much more detail recently. I find this very helpful.

Free shipping is available for most orders over $25, and you get free jewelry for orders over $30. I can't say how cool that is for someone who usually doesn't have that much money. Their prices overall are low for high quality merchandise as well.

They process and ship the orders really fast, I've received all of my (non-custom) orders in only a few days time!

The only problem that I do have with them is how very long a custom order can be. It usually takes several weeks to receive any custom ordered products.

Customer service though is excellent, all questions I've asked have been answered very quickly and when I had a problem with an order I had received (I had gotten the wrong jewelry by mistake) it was taken care of immediately. They sent out the proper jewelry, which arrived a few days later, and told me that I could even keep the jewelry that I had gotten accidentally.

I very much enjoy ordering from this particular company and will definitely be doing so again in the future. :)

Reviewed by: Ann
Date Added: 11-27-05
Jewelry bought: Plugs, eyelets, barbells, etc.

I've been ordering from BAF for about a year now. I've used jewelry from them for all my stretches between 00 and 9/16", and I plan on using as long as they're around. I've also bought numerous other pieces. They have amazing prices compared to anywhere else I've ever looked at jewelry. They also have an amazing selection. They have amazing customer service. You can receive free items with purchases over a certain amount and they even offer discounts on shipping if the order is over a certain price. If I have ever had an issue they are so quick to respond and resolve the issue. I would and do recommend them to everyone. I always pass out the free stickers and gauge reference cards they give with each order.

Reviewed by: Cameron Coward
Date Added: 9-18-05
Jewelry bought: 2 steel plugs in 8g, 6g, and 4g; steel nautical star plugs 2g; bakerit snowstone plugs 2g; black-coat flesh tunnels 2g

I have placed two separate orders with Body Art Forms, and on both occasions I have been extremely happy with the quality and service. My first order was for pairs of steel plugs in 8g, 6g, and 4g, and also a pair of 2g nautical star plugs. The order arrived in five days (even with the free shipping). Each pair of plugs was packaged in its own small plastic bag, and all of the jewelry was in a bubble-rap envelope which included a gauge measurement card, Body Art Forms sticker, and a copy of the order form. The quality was good, especially for the price (my entire order cost me only $26.00). On my second order I bought some double flare bakerit snowstone 2g plugs, and a pair of black-coat flesh tunnels. Again my order came quickly and was packaged perfectly. I will continue to order from Body Art Forms for as long as they're open or until I die, whichever comes first (and I think it's going to be me).

Reviewed by: Kim
Date Added: 9-18-05
Jewelry bought: internally threaded barbells and custom made ends - titanium spikes and gems, glass plugs

Not just one of the best body jewelry companies I've bought from, but one of the best online ordering experiences I've ever had. These guys are totally on the ball, they're all about customer service, and you get free stuff with every order! They sell inexpensive items, but I'm mostly impressed with their large selection of the higher quality jewelry, like Industrial Strength. They have all the best made products available. They sell much of the same jewelry you can get elsewhere, but their amazing customer service makes it worth-while to order from BAF. They're great! I've already placed five orders, and I'm sure to buy more in the future. When there was a problem with one of my custom pieces, they fixed it and compensated me for my trouble and time.

Reviewed by: Alicia
Date Added: 8-14-05
Jewelry bought: poor persons stretching kit-6,4,2,0g and 00g taper

I ordered stuff from Style body Jewelry and never received it, so...I reordered everything from, because of the reviews I read on here. I ordered the same jewelry from them but they have this nifty package called the poor persons stretching kit (1 taper and 2 ss plugs) for $5 so I got those in 6g, 4g, 2g, 0g. And then I got a 00g taper. I placed my order July 20 after closing time, they shipped them out the next day, and I got them the morning of July 22. FAST SHIPPING. And everything looks great. They sent me a free sticker, a gauge chart, lube, and O-rings. I'll definitely order from them again!

Reviewed by: Jessica
Date Added: 7-7-05
Jewelry bought: 7/16ths plugs in azurite, hematite, black and green cat's eye, notched eyelets, 12 ga curved barbell, 12 gauge PTFE barbell

I recently placed an order for lots of plugs. I am thrilled with the azurite (blue with light blue dots), and the cat's eye ones. They are gorgeous and smooth and a nice quality. The notched eyelets were very long, and weighed down in the back.

The hematite plugs I got were chipped in a few places, and very dirty looking. I sent an email about replacement. Also in the order were blue goldstone, but they sold out before my money order arrived. They sent an email quickly and I was given in store credit for them. They responded quickly, and hopefully the hematite plugs I get as a replacement won't be so horrible.

Reviewed by: sally
Date Added: 5-29-05
Jewelry bought: amethyst double flared plugs 5/8", I. S. grooved acrylic plugs

I had seen the prices offered on BodyArtForms and always thought they were a case of too good to be true, but after seeing the great reviews on Modified Mind I decided to give them a go. I placed an order for some amethyst plugs that I needed for a friend's wedding, and some Industrial Strength plugs as you can't get I.S. for love or money in Australia.

I paid for global priority mail and my jewellery arrived in 8 days, which is pretty good to Australia I think.

The quality of the pieces are fantastic. The amethyst plugs are smooth and have no flaws, which is more than I can say for a pair I paid $90 for over here... The Industrial Strength pieces are brilliant (as you would expect). I also found the length of both sets of plugs was very good - I was worried they might be on the short side as I have had this problem with other pieces I have ordered off the internet.

Whilst waiting for my order, I also made an enquiry about some Borneo Joe pieces. About 12 styles... It was a massive list and I was contacted straight away and told it may take a while to get my quotes. Within 2 days the quotes arrived. So far this is the only company which has said they will source Borneo Joe's jewellery for me and ship it to Australia.

I will definitely place more orders with BodyArtForms as I have been extremely impressed with their service and their quality.

Reviewed by: maddie
Date Added: 5-29-05
Jewelry bought: lots and lots of jewelry

Hello well to begin I really like this site for jewelry I haven't really had any problems with them only two but one wasn't their fault it was the postal service. The post office lost my money order but then they found it and I got my order. The second problem was one of the balls broke right after I took it out of its packaging.

I have ordered 3 times now. To date I have ordered 12 and 10 gauge steel plugs and tapers, 8 and 6 gauge cats eye plugs with two acrylic tapers one in each gauge. Then I have ordered the poor persons stretching kit in 4 and 2 gauges. Also I bought a 4 gauge stone plug set (it is absolutely beautiful), a green marbled 2 gauge plug set, and a 2 gauge tunnel set ( which I am wearing right now). Also I ordered the 10 eyebrow rings for 8 dollars, the 5 flexible 14 gauge barbells for 10, numerous loose ends some loose shafts, flexible 14 gauge horseshoe, a slip on star, and lots of other things I don't remember.... oh and who can forget all the free things I've gotten I have spent no less then 30 on each order my biggest was 60... I use money orders for personal reasons but still I receive my jewelry quickly. I love the free sticker and now the size card that fits in a wallet. I tell everyone to order form the site because it's cheap and pretty good quality. Also here the only places that sell Body jewelry is a rip off tattoo shop where the same jewelry is sold but for like 10 15 times as much and Claires! Oh and I can't forget Wal-Mart, shopko and k marts Body jewelry too lol well what can I say but other than to order form here!!! They take money orders concealed cash Credit cards etc. They are friendly, Have photos good customer service plus it doesn't cost much which as we all know that some places really rip you off so go here for all your piercing needs.

Reviewed by: rumpusparable
Date Added: 5-29-05
Jewelry bought: multiple items and orders

I've placed multiple orders with this site and been very pleased.

The website is very easy to order from with clear photos of the items, necessary info (length, internal or externally threaded, etc) given, drop-down boxes for selection (gauges, colors, lengths, and price per), and a simple click-through purchasing form.

Through setting up an account for your information, important info is saved and next purchase even easier than the first.

Very quickly after ordering invoices are available for viewing in one's account page and shipping so far has occurred within 2-3 days on my orders. When an item was backordered I received an email within a day of placing the order to find choose how to have it handled and was given the credit towards my account I selected that same day.

I also have had quick and friendly help from them on my mistakenly choosing the wrong method of shipment. I emailed them about the issue, explaining, and heard back the next day with an email stating that my shipping method had been corrected and the difference in cost credited to my account (viewable on my account page for my info).

Items received have all lived up to the site descriptions and photos and some have far surpassed the quality I expected.

Reviewed by: Cristina
Date Added: 4-24-05
Jewelry bought: Industrial Strength 5/8" acrylic spirals, Industrial Strength 5/8" glass plugs

I live in the Bay Area so I usually just drive up to Industrial Strength to buy my jewelry right from the source. However, the selection is sort of "meh" sometimes. Not that they don't have lots of stuff, but they don't necessarily have everything at any given time. So, not being able to get any clear, single-flared Pyrex plugs or any acrylic spirals last time I was there, I turned to the internet. BAF had exactly what I was looking for...some of it was on clearance, no less! And it all was, I do believe, cheaper than if I'd bought it at IS in person. I ordered on a Thursday at 1am-ish. My order was shipped on Friday. I received my stuff on Monday (with free shipping). This was my first order with BAF and I'll definitely be back.

Reviewed by: Sam
Date Added: 3-13-05
Jewelry bought: 14g SSS septum curl, 14g labret spike, assorted CBR's and navel jewelry

There just isn't enough positive words in the dictionary to describe dealing with BODYARTFORMS. I came across them while surfing, and the first thing that caught my attention was the excellent user-friendly design of the site. My grandma could navigate this site with no problem!

I don't usually buy off the web, but they had a lot of cool stuff at great prices, so I figured I'd try a small order (which, for me, is between $30-$40.) I liked the idea that orders over $25 had a free basic mail shipping option. I figured I could wait 7-10 days. I placed my order late on a Monday evening, and to my surprise, my order is in my mailbox on Friday of the same week!

The quality of the jewelry was great! Good threads, no scratches, and everything I ordered was there. With that type of service, I figured I'd place a second order.

My second order was larger, around $120. But when you have 17 piercings from the neck up, plans for more, and a wife with a few piercings, you tend to make larger orders! I decided to get a custom piece, and that shipping for those is an average of 2-3 weeks. 2 weeks and 2 days later, my entire order arrived. Once again, top quality stuff well worth the wait.

While waiting on my order, I had a question about some jewelry, so I sent them an email. I received a friendly, right to the point response. The email was nice enough, but the fact that I got it within 30 minutes of emailing them blew my mind! I swear that these folks don't sleep, and have ESP! It seems like they have your order packaged and in the mail before you even turn on your computer!

To top it all off, they give you FREE STUFF!! The more you buy, the more you get. If I went to a shop to buy the stuff they sent me for free, it would have cost me around $40! BODYARTFORMS exceeded all of my expectations. I couldn't get service like this if I OWNED a piercing studio, so I never dreamed of getting it on the internet!

Let's see...Fast shipping. Great prices. Top quality jewelry. Excellent customer service. Would I recommend checking out BODYARTFORMS? Gee...That's a no-brainer.

Reviewed by: Jasmine
Date Added: 3-13-05
Jewelry bought: 12g, 10g, 6g, 4g Tapers, 4g Acrylic Plugs, 2g Dichro Plugs, 00g Pyrex Spirals(from Glasswear studios), 14g Stainless Steel Barbell

After ordering 6g and 8g plugs and an 8g taper from another company and wanting a cheaper alternative, I stumbled upon Bodyartforms. It was a great site, very high quality pieces and easy to browse.

My first order was a few tapers to start off my stretching addiction and within a few weeks they arrived. Things take longer because I pay with money orders. The tapers were smooth but with a bit of a point at the end in the smaller gauges (12g and 10g were steel). That wasn't a problem though and they were economy tapers...2$ or something like that. I then ordered a pair of 4g Acrylic Plugs and a 4g Taper. When they arrived I stretched up and when I put in the plugs, they were a bit uncomfortable because the groove was a bit sharp but, again these were economy plugs.

My next order was a pair of Pyrex Spirals from Glasswear Studio. I probably would've ordered them from there but they don't accept money orders. So I contacted Amanda and she ordered them without a problem. They ended up being a bit cheaper as well :). I got a free barbell as a result of my order being over $30.

My last order (until now) was a pair of 2g Dichro plugs for my friend. They arrived within about 10 days or so. They're very nice, so nice I think I might have to order a pair for myself :).

All in all, customer service is extremely quick and friendly, shipping is very affordable (I'm in Mtl, Canada) and every experience I've had so far has been an enjoyable one.

I highly recommend this site and will obviously continue to get my jewelry through them.

Reviewed by: Heath
Date Added: 1-17-05
Jewelry bought: SS Twist, 2 Industrial Strength 14ga gem plugs

Body Art Forms has a great selection of products. There is a product in every price range for almost everything. They have the basics, like 316L Stainless Steel, then the better products in Titanium, Niobium, 316LVM SSS, and Acrylic. Anything you can think of they've probably got it. Even Gold! Everything I got was a great piece of work. There were no nicks or scratches. I was very impressed. Plus I got some free gifts for my girlfriend while I was at it. Shipping was very quick. I got my stuff exactly when I was expecting. It was an awesome purchase, and a great deal for some very high quality jewelry.

Reviewed by: Heather
Date Added: 11-13-04
Jewelry bought: Nose screw, some cbrs, and a pair of 6g pyrex eyelets

I had been looking around the BodyArtForms' site for quite some time before actually placing an order. I finally decided on a custom ordered dark blue titanium disk nose screw. This is the most beautiful piece of jewelry I've seen! I can SEE myself in disk it because of it's so extremely smooth and shiny. The tail end of the screw is rounded, unlike the one I had in previously, and that makes it not so painful to put in. I love it!! I also ordered some 14g green titanium cbrs, they are absolutely gorgeous!! And a pair of plain SS 12g cbrs, nothing extravagant, but great quality none the less. The Pyrex eyelets were my sister's, she is happy with them, but a little disappointed because they seem a little closer to 8g than 6g, but they ARE glass, and it's rarely perfect from what I've heard. The ordering was VERY simple and took about 5 minutes to complete, as I had already decided on what I was going to order. I expected to have to wait 3 weeks for everything to arrive in the mail, as I had ordered a custom screw, and the fact that I went with the free shipping on orders over $25. Exactly 2 weeks after my order had been processed, I received all my jewelry. I was very impressed. Everything went more than smooth with my order, so I never had a reason to contact their customer service. I will order from them again when I am need of some new jewelry. I also received some free items with my order, a 16g cbr, some o rings, and a pair of ss 4g plugs that are beautiful!! ESPECIALLY since they were free. ;) This is an awesome place to buy your jewelry.

Reviewed by: Krystal
Date Added: 11-13-04
Jewelry bought: Everything from CBRs to Ticklers, BBs, and loose parts

Customer service is THE best, Jewelry is good quality, shipping is SUPER fast, Prices are great, selection is really good, and the site is easy to navigate.

Now, to go into a little more detail about my points...

Customer service: They are QUICK to reply and in the sweetest manor, they have my vote for best customer service. They are very interested in the customer's satisfaction. They will even make custom orders. I was sent a wrong size (not their fault, they don't even carry the size, it was just mixed into the shipment they received) and they sent me a new one with no questions asked, and I made a second order for them to ship with it. :)

Jewelry quality: I am happy with the jewelry I received, no lose fitting gems, no scratches, no dull finishes, everything was to my satisfaction.

Shipping: Although I made a mistake and the package was sent back to them, once it got in the mail, it was here (from Texas to Michigan) in 2 days. Second order was also 2 days.

Prices: For the quality and selection they have, I find their prices to be more than reasonable.

Selection: They have a GREAT selection and although I saw a couple pieces I wish they had more sizes in, I think they have one of THE best selections I have yet to see. They also confirmed that the piece I wanted that they did not carry, they COULD get custom ordered for me if I would like. So I think they are top of the line on selection.

Easy site to navigate: You can shop by gauge, material, type of jewelry, it is all very easy to navigate and understand.

My experience with BAF was the best net transaction I have had yet. I will ONLY do business with them from now on unless in extreme cases.

I STRONGLY suggest doing business with them and recommend them to anyone.

Reviewed by: porcelina
Date Added: 11-7-04
Jewelry bought: pair 0ga pink acrylic captives, 1/2" kaos eyelets, 2ga Industrial Strength acrylic curved barbell

Bodyartforms is without a doubt the best company I have ever ordered jewelry from. This was my third order from them and once again I was not disappointed.

The jewelry was all great quality and the customer service is exceptional. Many places online will either not ship internationally at all or if they do will charge terribly high prices. Bodyartforms offer great shipping rates and I've never had a problem with the speed (every time it's been about 8 days to Australia) or any packages getting lost.

Being able to log into my account on Bodyartforms and see the status of my order is also a huge plus - I tend to check 4 or 5 times a day just in case something has changed!

I've only ever used international money orders with this store so it takes a little longer but as soon as it's received the package usually ships quickly. Next time I order from here I'm going to use my credit card and I'm sure it'll be a great experience as always. :)

Definitely order from Bodyartforms, they're fabulous!

Reviewed by: Haley
Date Added: 11-7-04
Jewelry bought: 0g acrylic plugs, barbells, 0g red jasper creek plugs, cats eye plugs, etc.

In my town (Halifax, Nova Scotia) there are a few piercing shops and a few stores that sell good jewelry. But in all the places the jewelry is the same, everyone has the same stuff, and not to mention it is 30$ per plug usually.

Then I found BodyArtForms, they have an incredible selection. I have found everything I could have ever wanted! The prices are really good, at first I didn't understand why everything was so inexpensive, but then I looked in to it and they get it so they can sell it for the inexpensive prices. Everything I have ordered from them has been great, everything has a perfect quality.

When you order from BodyArtForms, you're ordering from a great company, you pay your 5$ for shipping and it comes 10-14 days, but usually 10 days. Also when you order you get free o-rings of your choice in size, and you also get a free BodyArtForms sticker, every time.

I ordered the wrong size jewelry and the items usually ship out in about 2 days or less so I did not know what to do since my order was wrong, so I emailed the company and without any trouble they changed it for me. The people at BodyArtForms are so helpful, if you ever have any questions just check out the message boards and you will be pleasantly surprised at how many people are jumping to help you.

I don't order/buy my jewelry from anywhere else. Body Art Forms has everything I need.

Reviewed by: Kathy
Date Added: 11-7-04
Jewelry bought: 00g Blue Cat's Eye Plugs, 2 Acrylic Watermelon threaded balls (6mm), 1-1/2" Steel Industrial Barbell

Body Art Forms rocks, plain and simple. There's no denying that. I ordered on the 25th and received my order on the 29th. This was with the $1.99 shipping, too! I emailed Amanda a few times and received a response within half an hour every time! She is very friendly and helpful. The cat's eye (fiber optic) plugs are beautiful. I am in love, and I'm so proud to finally be at 00g! And it was only $7.99 for the pair. I loooooove these plugs and once my poor butt gets more money, I'm going to buy some more colors. The industrial barbell is shiny and flawless. The threaded balls are great, the threads fit onto my tongue barbell. I have already placed another order for some CBRs. I don't think I could do any better than Body Art Forms -- The prices are great, the customer service is great, the shipping is cheap and very fast. 5 million stars!

Reviewed by: Cris
Date Added: 11-7-04
Jewelry bought: 14g continuous ring

My most recent order from BodyArtForms was a 14g continuous ring. When looking for an easy to open/close CBR replacement I emailed BAF directly for help. Amanda was quick to reply and we soon began trading emails to figure out what would suit my needs. Not having anything specifically suited on site Amanda suggested a continuous ring from IS and offered to special order it for me. The customer service was amazing, and the price was still a low $8 even for a special item. I was told I would have to wait about 3 weeks to get the order since it was a special order. However, in less than 2 weeks I got my jewelry in the mail. It came neatly packaged in a padded envelope and in its own small baggy, as usual. The jewelry was beautiful and perfectly suited to my needs. Amanda did a great job at finding exactly what I wanted even when I didn't know myself! The great prices and wonderful customer service combine to make an ideal body jewelry store. I refuse to buy jewelry anywhere else.

Reviewed by: Lauren
Date Added: 11-7-04
Jewelry bought: 2 16g CBRs, 2 14g CBRs, 2 12g CBRs, 12g taper, 2 bananabell navel rings

I've never ordered jewelry online before, so this was a new experience for me. I looked at several other sites before deciding to order from BodyArtForms. The setup of the site is very user-friendly and the checkout process is fast and easy. I especially liked how they listed the out-of stock items rather than telling you an item was out of stock after you placed an order.

My order was processed the same night I placed it (October 19) and was shipped out the next day via UPS. Since I also ordered a pair of ring opening pliers, I had to have my order shipped UPS. The site gave me a tracking number for my package and estimated 7 days for the shipping. I did receive my order in exactly 7 days, not bad for shipping from Texas to southern Rhode Island.

I wasn't expecting fantastic quality as I just bought the least expensive steel CBRs to use for stretching my ears, but I was still impressed with the quality for the small amount I paid. The steel balls have incredibly shallow dimples but they haven't fallen out yet. The metal appears to be decent quality and the only complaint I have is with the little balls. Being a cheap college student, it's nice to find a place where I can find inexpensive jewelry that is still decent quality.

Overall, I was very impressed. I will definitely be ordering from them again in the future.

Reviewed by: quinnn
Date Added: 8-1-04
Jewelry bought: 3/4" Kaos plugs, 4g pyrex labret

I placed my order with BodyArtForms on July 13. The order was marked as shipped less than 40 hours later (following with their 24-48 hour statement). July 17 I received the shipment just before 1pm. This was with the free shipping (for orders over $25). Zoinks!

The Kaos plugs were fabulous as always. The instructions for their care was an easily seen day-glo orange so it was not missed. The Pyrex labret was from Glasswear Studios. The edges were smooth and the clear glass was clear like BodyArtForms stated (the picture on the website showed background cloudiness). The labret came with a clear o-ring.

As always, I am highly satisfied with BodyArtForms products and the speed at which the jewelry gets to me. Amanda and Ellen are a great team who keep their customers apprised of new arrivals and specials on their easy to navigate message boards.

Reviewed by: Jenn Mosiuk
Date Added: 8-1-04
Jewelry bought: 6g plugs, 12g plugs, acrylic barbell end, button, etc.

Well I am usually very wary of ordering from websites I don't know/ trust, but I had read a few reviews of BodyArtForms and decided to try them out. My order was quite a large one for a first try at a new place, but even so the order didn't cost much at all. It came to $25 and I live in Canada, so that was after exchange rate and shipping. I was very happy with their selection, they had something for everyone and at every price range. I placed my order, which was very easy to do with their simple shopping cart setup and easy sign out, and within minutes I received an email confirming it and giving me an invoice number to track my order's progress. This was very handy and within the next couple of days my order was sent out with a note saying it should be here within 10-14 days. Well, exactly 10 days to the date, it was here! I think that's pretty good shipping time from Texas to Canada. But anyways, everything was nicely packaged in a bubble mailer, with each pair of plugs and the acrylic end in a separate bag, as well as my receipt and care for acrylic jewelry sheet. They even threw in a free sticker! The quality was very good, even for the low price, I could find no flaws in my new jewelry. I would highly recommend BodyArtForms for all your internet body jewelry needs. I was very impressed and have already placed a second order!

Reviewed by: Tom
Date Added: 6-5-04
Jewelry bought: Kaos silicone eyelets, stainless plugs, 6g captives, titanium screw, acrylic tapers, glass plugs, etc.

I just received my fourth order from Bodyartforms, and I must say they are probably the best company I've ever done internet or mail order business from. Their website is super easy to use, they list everything that is out of stock and will notify you when it's back in, and they have just about every kind of jewelry you could want. I really like the fact that they sell a complete range of qualities, and actually tell you which pieces are good and which ones aren't so good so you can make the decision yourself. All of the jewelry I've gotten has been exactly what I expected. Some of it was definitely better quality than others, but I knew that when I ordered so I'm ok with that. The Kaos silicone eyelets are nice, but not as nice as I'd hoped. Still, they seem to be very comfortable although I've only been wearing them a few hours. The glass jewelry I've gotten has been perfectly acceptable; no complaints at all. The steel jewelry I knew when I bought it wasn't going to be very great, but I wasn't disappointed at all. It's definitely not jewelry I would put into a fresh piercing, simply because the finish isn't perfect, but it's definitely good enough to wear in a healed piercing or through a tunnel and have it look good. Also, the large gauge captives were made so the balls are easy to get in and out.

I would recommend Bodyartforms to anyone. Their products are great, the service is perfect, prices are very competitive, and the shipping is the fastest I've seen yet. I've gotten all my orders in three or four days, sent through the free U.S. mail option they offer on orders over 25 dollars.

Reviewed by: Teresa
Date Added: 6-5-04
Jewelry bought: 5/8" silcone tunnels, 2 14ga cbr, 6ga 5/8" custom barbell

I've been looking at Body Art Form's jewelry for quite awhile. Mostly just browsing until I needed some stuff. I asked a few questions before I was ready to place my order. I was planning on spending a lot of money and wanted everything to run smooth. Those questions were answered very prompt.

I placed my order on the 16th of April, and expected to wait 2 to 3 weeks before it was shipped due to the custom barbell that I ordered. Since my order was more than $50, I got the 2 14ga cbrs chosen from a list of items for free. And on top of that, I received free shipping.

I received my order today, 13 days after placing the order. All the jewelry came in bags within an envelope. Everything is of top quality. The prices were really good, the service was great, and the products were awesome, as most people have this type of experience with Body Art Forms. The metal jewelry was 100% free of nicks and scratches, and the silicone plugs look perfectly formed. I was given full instructions to care for my jewelry.

I will probably at least look at this company first for when I'm buying a product, and will probably buy.

Reviewed by: Tia
Date Added: 4-25-04
Jewelry bought: 4g flesh tunnels, 12g SS CBRs, 14g SS captives, 4g black acrylic curved talons, 14g loose SS balls

I came across the site a couple weeks ago, linked from No matter which other online stores I go to, I always ended up back on Body Art Forms. The site is well organized and wonderfully designed, unlike most shops I've stumbled upon. Probably not the most important factor, but still IS a valid opinion! Not only do they have a wide variety of jewelry as far as style, material, size, etc., but their prices on standard jewelry are couple dollars cheaper compared to other online shops. One of the highlights about this store is that ear plugs come in pairs. This just makes ordering a lot easier. I also love the fact that, despite the additional waiting time, they have a custom jewelry section. Just another added bonus to this store.

Customer Service:Without a doubt, one of the best I've dealt with. After I had placed an order, I placed another one that same day. I wrote an email asking if they can combine the 2 before shipment. Amanda Farr, the site owner, updated my order... No hassle, no questions asked. A quick, friendly response is all a customer can ask for.

My Order:This is my second time ordering from them. Previously, I had ordered the Satin piercing cleanser (which I couldn't find elsewhere) and that order came within 4 days. I've yet to receive my recent order, which I'm expecting by the end of this week. My order totaled at about $38 and it came with free shipping, 4 free o-rings (4g), and free jewelry (2g acrylic taper)! I had spent almost $40 on 4 pairs of ear jewelry and 4 loose balls, not just 2-3 expensive loose items.

Overall:By far the best body jewelry store. I'm very impressed and 110% satisfied with Body Art Forms. Great selection (jewelry and manufacturer), low prices, friendly customer service, fast shipping, and appealing website!

Reviewed by: Natalie
Date Added: 4-3-04
Jewelry bought: 12g SSS CBR's, 14g Blue Acrylic Plugs, 12g Red-coated Captives, 12g tapers, mini-jewelry box

I ran across Body Art Forms quite a while ago, but I just recently ordered. I was really amazed at their prices for what you get. It's not the cheapest I have seen, but definitely great quality stuff. I am not really impressed with the red-coated captives because I had some trouble getting them on, and when I used my captive closers, the red came off!!! So now I am really upset with the fact that I have red captives with a giant silver spot in the middle. So that was kind of a waste. But I am really pleased with the rest of my order. I had a small problem because the 12g Stainless Steel captives were the free gift I received, and they accidentally sent me one 12g and one 10g. I notified them of this, and they immediately sent me a 12g, free of charge. Their customer service is outstanding, and overall, I am very very impressed with Body Art Forms, and will definitely make more orders with them in the future.

Reviewed by: Lauren
Date Added: 3-14-04
Jewelry bought: 6g 1/2" SS Septum Pincher

The ordering process: I found what I needed quickly and easily on their website. I placed the order with my credit card and received verification via email.

Customer Service: I had no reason to contact them because the website answered all my questions.

Delivery: I received my jewelry in about a week. It was packaged nicely and I even got a sticker too.

Jewelry Quality: Very good considering the price. I feel that I definitely got a good deal.

Other: They have a forum where you can ask questions about piercings and you get a fast response. I thought that was a nice touch.

Overall: I will definitely be ordering from BodyArtForms again in the future. They have nice jewelry with fair prices and the delivery time is fast.

Reviewed by: Maria
Date Added: 3-14-04
Jewelry bought: half-inch single flare steel eyelets

I ordered a pair of the less expensive "economy eyelets," which were a mere $15 for the pair. They arrived in about a week & I'm very pleased with them. I can't see any difference in metal quality (no scratches or anything) between these eyelets and my 2-gauge eyelets which I purchased at the Industrial Strength shop in Berkeley. The big difference is that the IS eyelets have a wearable area between groove and flare of about 5/16" and the BodyArtForms eyelets have a wearable area of about 3/16" (and the IS eyelets were three times more expensive). I actually prefer the shorter length because it holds snugly to my ear, but I imagine that this could be uncomfortable for thicker lobes. While I was quite satisfied with what I ordered, I was unexpectedly pleased to discover inside my package an extra baggie with 4 half-inch o-rings, AND a free pair of half-inch acrylic tunnels (which also came with o-rings, so I got a total of 10 o-rings, which is great, given my propensity for losing them). I was very pleased with BodyArtForms, and am currently debating what else I should pierce, just so I can order more jewelry from them.

Reviewed by: Hollie
Date Added: 12-22-03
Jewelry bought: 8ga slave barbell, 16ga acrylic barbell

I must say that I am very impressed with the items that I received. I have been searching all over for an 8ga slave barbell for my tongue. I was so excited to see that BodyArtForms had it in the size I needed, and at a great price.

The customer service was pleasant as well! I had a problem with my order, it did not go through correctly, and I received a reply e-mail within a few hours! Everything was fixed for me. I got my order within 6 days of the date that I purchased it, so it was right on time. Needless to say, I will be shopping there again.

When I received the products, I was pretty happy. The slave barbell was the blackcoat steel, and it has a really nice smooth finish. Plus, it was only 13 dollars. Very nice for only a small amount spent.

Reviewed by: Brian
Date Added: 12-22-03
Jewelry bought: 0g 5/8" clear acrylic barbell

I was blown away by how great my experience with this company was. I forget exactly how I came upon it, but I was immediately impressed with their selection and prices. Also, I was optimistic right away because I saw that they sell pieces from companies like Industrial Strength and LeRoi.

I came upon a barbell I was looking for for my tongue, which I have seen for about 20 - 25 dollars most places, for only 9.49. I had pretty much decided to order it, but I didn't know what size the balls were, so I emailed the company. Later that day I got a VERY friendly reply from the owner answering my question. So I went ahead and ordered and went with the standard shipping (7-10 days), and the package came within four days!

I'm totally pleased with the quality of the piece as well, and I would definitely recommend BodyArtForms. They get a ten in my book for selection, prices and customer service. Oh and also quick shipping!

Reviewed by: Kate B.
Date Added: 12-22-03
Jewelry bought: 1 8g 316L SS pincher/crescent, O-rings

I found BodyArtForms to be an excellent supplier. I decided to order from them because of the positive reviews here and because of their low prices. As soon as I placed the order (within minutes) I received two different confirmation emails. I placed my order on a Friday, selected the 3-7 day delivery option, and received it the following Monday.

The website is extremely easy to use, as well as customer-service oriented. It is easy to find their contact page and send email from it. I used it to request that they increase their organic selection and I received a friendly reply asking what types of organic jewelry I would like to see, as well as a second email inquiring more specifically as to my interests in order to improve their stock. Replies came immediately.

I also used the contact page to complain about a mix-up in my order. The O-ring order page had FOR A PAIR: above the menu bar, but as I found when I opened my package, they are actually sold in singles. Everything else was as I expected with my order. I used the contact page to write to the site owner, Amanda Farr, and within minutes, I received an apologetic email stating that she was sorry for the confusion and that they would send me the other rings right away (assumedly free of charge).

The quality of the pieces appears high. I have not used the O-rings yet. The pincher is shiny, white (as opposed to gray) and free of nicks or scratches. The ends are pointy without being overly sharp.

I am quite pleased with the low prices, quality of the jewelry, speed of delivery and the responsible and polite customer service, as well as the overall ease of navigation I experienced with the website. I expect to make future orders from BodyArtForms.

Reviewed by: Jon Pawson
Date Added: 12-22-03
Jewelry bought: custom 8g 3/8" CBR, 4g plugs, ring opener, 10g & 8g septum retainers

Amanda Farr is an extremely prompt and proficient person to deal with, she replied to all of my emails very quickly, and cheerfully modified a couple of my orders when I wanted extra things put into an order, or even had an order split into two.

I haven't received my third order yet, as the CBR is still being made by Industrial Strength, but I have received my ring openers and they were wicked, much easier than trying to open CBRs by hand.

The thing I like about BodyArtForms is it is fast and easy to navigate, and Amanda is extremely polite and helpful with your questions. And the fact they do custom jewelry orders is wicked. AND you get freebies if your order totals more than $30 or $50 (you get free plugs when you're over this). Plus you get free o-rings with your jewelry.

Overall I don't think I'll ever order from another company because BodyArtForms is just too wicked. I live in New Zealand, so freight can be expensive, but not with It's cheaper buying from them than it is buying from places in my own country (I was quoted NZ$70 for a ring opener, but it only cost NZ$25 from this site).

Reviewed by: Amber
Date Added: 7-27-03
Jewelry bought: 14ga CBRs, 14ga & 12ga SS tapers, 14ga acrylic plugs, 12ga titanium plugs, 16ga curved barbells, glass captive beads

I've received two orders from BodyArtForms now, and my third order shipped out this morning, so needless to say, I'm very satisfied with their website, service, and jewelry. Not to mention prices: all the stuff I listed above (my first two orders) totaled about US$60, INCLUDING shipping, and they threw in a free 14ga CBR with my first order. Very very cool.

Both my orders were received within a week of being placed. My bank card number didn't process correctly with my second order, but I received a friendly personal e-mail right away, corrected the problem, and the next day, my package was on its way. My third order was placed at 1:00AM on a Sunday, and was confirmed within 24 hours, and ready to ship!

As for the jewelry, some of the stuff I bought was on the lower end of their price scale, but still just right. By far the nicest of the lot were my 12ga titanium plugs. They were about $9 for the pair, and I love them. They have a smooth finish, look great, and fit just right. My package included directions to BodyArtForms message board for advice on inserting my new jewelry and using the tapers. The only bummer were the crackled glass captive beads. I bought three of them, and one broke in half, the colored coating on one peeled off, and the other one is still sitting in the package all by itself. No big loss, though; they were $0.75 each. Other than that, everything was fine. Eventually, I'll be checking out their big selection of larger gauge and custom-ordered items too.

So overall, BodyArtForms is definitely a legit supplier of good jewelry.

Reviewed by: Cristina
Date Added: 7-27-03
Jewelry bought: 6g flesh tubes, 6g acrylic taper, 4 6g O-rings, 14g red acrylic plugs, 4 14g O-rings

I must say that this is the best body jewelery site I have ever seen. Not only are the pieces of great quality but the prices are so cheap and they have such a wide selection to choose from, so you can basically get whatever you need from there. I especially recommend this site for plugs - they are amazing. Ordering was easy - there are so many methods of payment. After registering, my address is saved, so ordering is basically nothing more than a few clicks. I was beyond satisfied with the quality of my purchase: the flesh tubes were polished nicely, no dents or scratches in the jewelery and all the jewelery came in their own separate bags. I was also impressed with how quickly the package came - 5 business days to Canada. I had questions about some jewelery I had bought from a local store and my e-mail was answered within a half an hour of it being sent. They were polite and very helpful. I especially love the fact that you can track your order from the day it was shipped and the resources they offer - gauge charts, material guides, piercing/stretching tips and a message board for questions. They treat you as a valued customer, not just an invoice number. I am definetly ordering from this site in the very near future.

Reviewed by: Nicole Bressler
Date Added: 5-26-03
Jewelry bought: 1 pair of 3/4" (19mm) red acrylic plugs (Industrial Strength)

Just last week I ordered a pair of 3/4" red translucent acrylic plugs from BodyArtForms. I had known about Amanda Farr's body jewelry website from BME's IAM community, and I have done business with her before. I really enjoy shopping on her site. The site is VERY neatly put together, everything is easy to navigate (which is VERY important!). They have a huge selection of jewelry in all different sizes! It's pretty hard to find jewelry that's over 0 gauge! They have jewelry from 14g to 2"! All of my emails were responded to very quickly, all of my questions were answered. They make me feel like my business really matters. Most businesses don't even get back to you and most of them are too busy to answer all of your questions. Delivery was super fast, and the site says when the item was shipped. I really couldn't ask for more from this girl's site! I was very pleased with my jewelry. Anything made by Industrial Strength is going to be awesome. Not to mention the prices!!! I know most of us are on a tight budget, so their site has awesome prices! I highly recommend that you shop there!

Reviewed by: Dale
Date Added: 5-26-03
Jewelry bought: 35mm black niobium barbell, 2 8 gauge black niobium flesh tunnels, 1 2 gauge clear acrylic plug, & 1 0 gauge clear acrylic plug is a very small company, and I was quite pleased to learn that they were going to be willing to send me a sampling of their jewelry to review. Amanda Farr was quite helpful throughout the entire process and was a pleasure to deal with.

The jewelry that I received was: 1 14 gauge 35mm black niobium barbell with acrylic balls, 2 8 gauge black niobium flesh tunnels, 1 2 gauge clear acrylic plug, & 1 0 gauge clear acrylic plug.

Amanda reminded me in one of our conversations that they are a small company and I should not expect the same kind of perfection that I would see from any of the larger body jewelry manufacturers. I must say that overall I must disagree - the products that I received from were all within .05mm of the specified gauges (perfect) and were beautiful. The clear plugs were polished to a gloss on the outside, and the clarity through them was near perfection. I was only able to detect one small scratch on the outside of the 2 gauge plug, and it is unclear whether that was from my caliper... The flesh tunnels were even better still - pure perfection. I was thrilled to note that there was not one mark on either of them, and the pair matched perfectly (same length, wall thickness, coloration, etc.) No matter how hard I tried, I could not discover a single flaw with these pieces.

The barbell was also quite nice, the bar was uniform, with no scratches across it, and the balls were clean and polished. Unfortunately, the barbell turned out to be a 36mm barbell because there was approximately 1.2mm of threading still exposed on one of the ends. I even attempted to screw the acrylic ball on further to remedy the situation, but to no avail. This does not mean that the quality was terrible, just that you want to be careful when ordering barbells - if you need your barbell to be exactly precise, contact the staff in advance to ensure that it will not be a problem.

Besides the small issue with the threading on the barbell, I think that the jewelry I received from was top rate - quality at least on par with many of the larger manufacturers. I would certainly recommend this company to anyone looking to purchase quality metal or acrylic jewelry - especially plugs and flesh tunnels. They offer a wide range of products at a reasonable price and their staff is truly a pleasure to deal with.

Reviewed by: Asta
Date Added: 5-26-03
Jewelry bought: 14g, 12g, 10, and 8g Plugs, steel tapers, acrylic tapers

I was definately impressed by BodyArtForms! First of all the customer service is very friendly, and reply quickly. It's easy to order, just 'add to cart' and then pay with your credit card, money order etc, and a confirmation e-mail is sent instantly to you! I live in Canada so I thought the order would take a least a week to ship, but it was sent out on a Friday (order placed on Wednesday night) and I got it on the following Tuesday! I was impressed with the quality, it was excellent -no scratches, dents or wrong sizes. Each pair of plugs were packaged individually. I also received free tapers, because if you send a certain amount of money you get free stuff! I would recommend anyone to buy from these guys, and i definately will order from them again!

Reviewed by: Monica
Date Added: 9-17-02
Jewelry bought: 3/4" acrylic plugs, 7/8" Borneo Joe plugs, 1" spike plugs, 5/8" Borneo Joe plugs

BodyArtForms has, in my opinion, a much better selection of plugs than 98% of the billions of other online stores out there. They have a great selection of other jewelry too, but I spend most of my time looking for plugs. Anyway, a while back, a friend of mine bought me a pair of 3/4" blue acrylic plugs from BodyArtForms on eBay, and they were absolutely beautiful. Top-notch stuff. Then, several months ago, I ordered a pair of 7/8" Borneo Joe plugs from them off of the site (for less than $25 including shipping), and I received them about 3 days later. These, again, were just beautiful, and much better than I was expecting. I have ordered from BodyArtForms several times more since then, and I have yet to be anything less than 110% satisfied. E-mails are very promptly answered, and Amanda is an extremely nice person to deal with. Confirmation emails are always sent after an order, and they have a wide variety of payment options. Whenever I need new jewelry, BodyArtForms is the very first place I look (and I usually have to look no further).

Reviewed by: Isabel
Date Added: 7-31-02
Jewelry bought: 3/4" Plugs

I LOVE Body Art Forms!!! That's it. Simple as that. Not only was I satisfied with their service, I was DAZZLED by it. I ordered a pair of plugs at 11:30 on Friday night. They were the most inexpensive pair that I found at $16.99 for the two of them. I paid for standard shipping at $2.25 which is supposed to take about 7-14 business days. Well, I received my plugs on Wednesday (THREE business days later!) and they were in perfect condition. I've seen identical pairs sold in tattoo shops for $15 a piece.

Reviewed by: jon
Date Added: 6-14-02
Jewelry bought: 00g plugs Og acrylic CBRs 14g Acrylic CBRs 14g Acrylic barbells

After ordering from BodyArtForms, I had a few questions that I e-mailed to them. My questions were followed by pretty prompt responses, and were mostly straight to the point. The jewelry I received was of good quality, but the o-rings were the worst I have ever had. After about two days I was down to a whole 1 remaining, original, o-ring. The selection is pretty good, but I'd really like to see some more SS pieces. For anyone looking for quality without the big price tag, I'd whole hearted suggest this company. I think I might order soon again, if they pick up a few more organic pieces, because they have virutally none, besides a few bone or amber plugs.

Reviewed by: David
Date Added: 3-2-02
Jewelry bought: 8g Plugs has the best prices and best shipping costs I have seen online! The plugs I ordered are the same high quality as any other place. At the time of this review, they do not accept charge cards, but say charge cards will be accepted in the very near future. The shipping price is what I consider one of the best at only $2.00 for standard, and $3.95 for priority. The item I ordered was received in 5 days. This was my first order from them, and I did not have any problems. I am going to stick with these guys! I have never contacted the customer service because I have never needed to, but email links make it easy to do. You can track your order online, and find some of their items on Ebay. The ordering process is a form that directs your browser to PayPal, or an address to send a money order. I did not receive any confirmation emails after my order was placed. If you are looking for some of the best prices on Body Jewelry, and still want quality you better check this place!

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