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Reviewed by: E Haan
Date Added: 4-24-05
Jewelry bought: 2 20 gauge nose screws

Unfortunately I have had a massive amount of trouble receiving my jewelry. First, they lost my invoice so they had no record of what I had ordered, only that I had paid. This problem was addressed quickly, I simply had to e-mail my original order back to them. After 6 days, I finally received confirmation that my order would be processed and shipped and that I could expect my jewelry in 2 weeks. Two weeks came and went and I still have no jewelry and no explanation after contacting Body Boy. I hope that I finally do receive my order and that the quality is as good as advertised.

Reviewed by: Kyle Hall
Date Added: 11-8-02
Jewelry bought: 2,4 & 6 guage circular barbell pairs

I placed my initial order at the beginning of summer, and I had many problems. I had to cancel and reorder to change my mailing address, then he canceled my second order for some reason without letting me know. I placed my third order and it got lost in the mail, but he sent out a replacement package which I did get. But one of the pairs of rings wasn't correct. Though they were the same gauge, the length of the bar and the bead size were different. I've sent them back and he is sending me another pair, but I haven't received them yet.

I've had a lot of problems, but I can't blame them all on Body Boy. He was pretty good with communication. The one really big problem I have with Body Boy is that they will not accept returns unless the rings are damaged, then it's exchange only.

I purchased a pair of 2 gauge rings, only to find they were so heavy they would have stretched my piercings, and I am stuck with them.

Update: This is a follow up to my review, I just wanted to let everyone know that I *did* get all my rings as ordered. BodyBoy was very communicative and I plan on placing more orders with him in the future.

Reviewed by: CyberTammy
Jewelry bought: 2: 7/16" 14 g. Microball barbells, 2: 3/8" 14 g. Microball bent barbells

When I came upon Body Boy I found the perfect balance between selection, price and quality. The prices are much better than at most retail stores and the quality of the jewelry is very very good. The items I received were nicely polished and the threads were high quality. I received the items on time without any glitches in service, best of all the items were in stock (unlike other places I have tried). I hope to order more in the future as they have great selection and very resonable prices.

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