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Reviewed by: Rich Wood
Date Added: 12-24-07
Jewelry bought: 7/16" Stone Plugs

I ordered five different double flare stone eyelets from them and they arrived today. That is about one week from date of ordering. I bought through Amazon who lists a number of their stone plugs at very reasonable prices. Depending on the stone prices varied from under $5 to $13.99 per plug. Amazon was offering a special promotion of free shipping from the vendor for any purchase over $9.99.

All of the plugs are made from attractive stones and are quite well finished in my opinion. The prices are hard to beat for quite attractive plugs IMO.

The flares are substantial on all of them so you need to be at full gauge diameter or a bit over for reasonable insertion ease. Should make for good security in wearing.

In summary take a look at this vendor if you want very reasonably priced stone plugs of reasonable quality up to 1" in diameter. Amazon did not list any larger sizes from them than 1".

Reviewed by: Chelsea
Date Added: 8-27-06
Jewelry bought: Belly Rings, Nose Rings, Tongue Rings

I love I order from them all the time. I've never had a problem with them and they give really good deals. You can find belly button rings for just $1.99 and they are great quality. It's been a while since I've had the money to spend on body jewelry, but I don't remember having to wait long for my products to ship. The website setup is pretty impressive and easy to navigate. I hear about them from an advertisement in a magazine and when I checked it out I was impressed. They have simple jewelry as well as fancy styles if that's what you're looking for. The only one negative part about is that the jewelry is mainly girly, so it sucks when my boyfriend is looking for liprings or rings for his ears. I love the site though! I would definitely recommend them to everyone.

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