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Reviewed by: Calandra
Date Added: 1-19-09
Jewelry bought: Several

I have loved quality of the few pieces of jewelry we ordered for our shop from BCD. My problem was custom ordering - Gale was very short and bothered by my questions. I tried to be very polite and patient but her attitude was and has been rude when I have called. So much so that I felt it was an intrusion on her time.

The quality of the jewelry was fantastic, but her attitude was horrible. I actually had the shop manager call to place an order and he came away with the same impression. After the last time, we mentioned to her if she was having a bad day we could call back later. She only got more angry. We cancelled the order and never bothered with them again. Itís a shame, but her attitude was bitchy and customers shouldn't have to put up with that type of negativity when spending their money to support a business.

Reviewed by: Michelle
Date Added: 4-13-03
Jewelry bought: Various

I highly recommend The Body Circle Jewelry. Their web site is easy to maneuver about and they are very personable. I have bought numerous pieces of jewelry from them and find their quality to be exceptional and consistent. I was surprised when I ordered some jewelry from them after I had not ordered any for a little while and with my order confirmation Gale notes it was good to see me again. That's the type of service that is unequaled. I like going places where they "Know my name". I would also like to note that I get stared at a lot when I wear their jewelry and get a lot of compliments and an occasional apology for someone's staring. I would however like to see on their website pictures of their custom work. Also their shipping is the most reasonable I have EVER seen, but they usually use Airborne Express who in my experience will leave your package anywhere with anyone so kindly request they use someone else. You can't go wrong with The Body Circle.

Reviewed by: Ren
Date Added: 4-13-03
Jewelry bought: teardrop CBR with tapered ends

My very first piece of body jewelry was purchased from Body Circle Designs several years ago, and even then, without any experiences against which to compare, I was very impressed with both the quality of the jewelry and the customer service. I purchased a teardrop shaped CBR with tapered ends and a jade bead. I received the item in just a few days, which was impressive since it had to travel all the way across the country from Seattle to Baltimore. The ring came with an extra bead -- definitely a good thing. There was also a business card, a handwritten note of thanks, and a full color brochure of their products, all of which I thought was a nice touch. The jewelry itself was of excellent quality, but unfortunately I hadn't ordered the right size. I called the customer service phone number and was informed that if I sent the original back, they would replace the piece, which they did without complaint. They were truly a pleasure to deal with. Their website is very easy to navigate, and their selection of stainless steel is extensive and of high quality. Unfortunately, sss is pretty much all they carry. I love that many of the items come with the option of genuine stone beads and even stone threaded ends, but I also love colored titanium / niobium and acrylic, which they don't carry at all. I have purchased from Body Circle Designs on one other occasion with equally impressive results. I highly recommend the company.

Reviewed by: manda
Date Added: 3-16-03
Jewelry bought: 12 gauge stainless curved spikes

Selection: gold and stainless in everything. Huge selection of bead choices: faceted stones set-in metal beads in every color, as well as cat eye type in all colors. Plenty of barbell and circular styles, but no plug or tunnel styles.

Prices: reasonable, not cheap, but the quality is worth the price.

Shipping: sooner than you think. They are in Washington and got the order to me in Massachusetts in only a couple of days. They send USPS which makes it cheaper too. Also if you place an order of $50 the shipping fee is waived (easy to do)

The Company: Made in the U.S of A!!!! I was generally impressed with the quality and workmanship of the pieces that I received as well as the pieces shown in the full color catalog that came with my shipment. I keep looking at the catalog at work and wanting to order more stuff!

Reviewed by: Megan
Date Added: 3-12-02
Jewelry bought: six 1/4" 18g SS CBRs

Body Circle Designs, is, by far THE best company I have EVER had the pleasure to order from. I cannot stress that enough. First let's start with the jewellery, shall we? It is the shiniest, most beautiful I've ever seen in my life. I've always loved their jewellery whenever I saw it in my regular piercing place, so I decided to order straight from the jewellery company itself since I don't get down to the piercing place often. It really is the best quality jewellery I've laid eyes on. SO pretty. Plus I got an extra bead with every single CBR, which was nice.

Next, let's talk about the service. I go online, go to the jewellery I want, add it to the basket, do the credit card jazz, all done! I immediately got a confirmation e-mail, then some other nice little messages. I expected it to take the regular week to get to my house, but it took TWO days! MY GOD! (Most likely it had to do with the fact I'm in Vancouver, BC and the company is in Seattle, so it may vary from place to place.) PLUS, the jewellery came with a BIG colour catalogue and other little pamphlets, plus a little hand written "Thank you" addressed to me, which was nice. And when I had a question, despite it being a really simple silly question, it was answered ASAP. Although the people are pretty "all business" with their answers and whatnot, the questions are still answered, and answered quickly.

For some jewellery the prices are quite high. And I'm not one to usually say this cause I'm pretty cheap but the prices are worth it, the jewellery is simply gorgeous. I highly recommend this company, no complaints. No complaints at all.

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