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Reviewed by: Michael Wojciechowicz
Date Added: 11-7-04
Jewelry bought: 0G gold earlets

I purchased a pair of 0g gold earlets from Body Gems during the Tampa Tattoo Expo. Their jewelry is really great! I have not seen a company with better quality on their gold jewelry. The price of the earlets was very competitive. I like the jewelry a lot my earlets are really thick. Thicker than most surgical steel earlets. There were no seams or nicks or scratches. The pieces were nicely polished. I highly recommend this company to anyone who really cares about the quality and look of their jewelry. I am currently waiting on an order from them now and as soon I get it I will let you guys know how these pieces turned out.

Reviewed by: Aimee
Date Added: 11-23-03
Jewelry bought: nostril screws,cbr's,cbb

I was first introduced to Body Gems at the "Marked For Life" convention in Orlando, Florida, where I was given a copy of their catalog. To be honest, I wasn't expecting too much, since they are a "fine jewelry" company. However, I was pleasantly surprised at the variety; Body Gems offers all nickel-free gold, white gold, and platinum with the choice of precious (diamond, emerald, etc) semi-precious or CZ stones. Body Gems doesn't just carry navel rings either; they have cbb's, cbr's, bb's, labrets, spirals, seamless rings, nostril screws, etc. The jewelry is highly polished and available with internal threading, and the balls fit nicely against the rings; no gaps with threaded or tension varieties. The staff is great; they take the time to answer all questions, and the jewelry has always arrived quickly and without incident. I highly recommend Body Gems!!!

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