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Reviewed by: Elizabeth Vongvisith
Date Added: 1-19-09
Jewelry bought: 18 gauge steel captive bead rings

I placed an online order and paid extra for UPS 3 Day Select shipping. When the e-invoice came to my inbox, it said the package had been shipped via US post instead, but they'd charged me for the UPS shipping anyway. I called and spoke with someone who told me that if the package didn't come within 3 days they'd refund the difference, but not unless that happened. That wasn't the point; the point was that they charged me extra for a service they didn't use.

When I received the package, the paper invoice clearly said "UPS 3 Day Select" with a charge of $14.99 despite the fact that it arrived in a flat rate Priority Mail envelope which costs something like $4 to send. I called back and they still refused to refund me since the package had arrived in 3 days time.

The jewelry was about what I expected -- basic no-frills surgical steel which I didn't pay a whole lot for, so I have no real complaints about the product itself. However, I will never order anything from these people again.

Reviewed by: elizabeth
Date Added: 3-14-04
Jewelry bought: 14g labrets/monroes, 14g barbells, 14g circular barbell, barbell ends

I ordered from this company about a year ago and was not very impressed overall. I should have known better due to the prices, but sometimes you just can't resist a bargain. Anyway, I ordered online with my credit card. The next day I received a confirmation email. I didn't actually receive the package in the mail until a few weeks later, so needless to say the shipping was pretty slow. When I finally did receive the items I could tell right away from looking at them that the quality was not there. The backs of the labrets were almost sharp, not smooth like they should be I should say; not something I'd want to put in my mouth. I did try them anyway and I'll just say it didn't feel good. On a couple of the pieces the threads weren't exactly perfect. The barbells were okay; not the greatest but do-able. The moral of the story is what you pay for is what you get. I hope your experiences with this company are better than mine.

Reviewed by: Michael Pagano
Date Added: 4-23-02
Jewelry bought: 14 Gauge Tongue Rings

I ordered jewelry from in March of 2002. I received a confirmation of my order right after I placed it then the very next day I received an email from a girl named Natalie thanking me for my order and letting me know that my order was shipped already and she gave me a tracking number for UPS and information including a phone number where I could reach them if I had any troubles. That is what I was most impressed with along with the fact that I received my order in only 3 days and I selected regular ground. The quality of jewelry was good too, and the prices were reasonable and they also included a free sampling of other jewelry they carry which was nice. I would order from them again and I think I will around the summer time.

Reviewed by: Jonny
Jewelry bought: 8g barbell

I had a really bad experience with this jewelry supplier.. I was wanting to get an 8g barbell for a while. I came across this page and thought it was a reasonable price so I ordered one. I ordered with my credit card. After ordering I couldn't wait till I got it. After ordering it maybe a week or so later I ordered some jewelry from other sites. I ended up getting my jewelry from both of the OTHER sites that I ordered from after I ordered from bodyjewelry. I e-mailed bodyjewelry and asked them why it is taking so long. It ends up they ran out of 8g bb's and decided not to tell me. They said they would send it to me with no shipping charge. Finally my 8g bb came in the mail.. The thing is it didn't come from bodyjewelry. It came from a girl who had gotten it instead of her jewelry. It had a letter that asked me to send her jewelry to her if I get it. I thought this was a really nice act on her part. I was quite upset though at bodyjewelry. With the package came a bill of sale which had my credit card number and expiry date right on it.. This means that my credit could have been used at any time by the person that got my package.. When I received a package from bodyjewelry I didn't even accept it.. I got them to send it back to the sender. When I opened my package I wasn't very impressed.. It wasn't a very good piece of jewelry. The threads were slightly damaged and very poorly made. Afterwards I wrote them an e-mail asking about the wrong shipping and all and I haven't gotten a reply since. I wouldn't recommend this company to anyone.

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