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Reviewed by: Cave
Date Added: 5-26-03
Jewelry bought: Numerous BCRs, 2 bananabells, three microbells, Blackline labret stud

Overall, my experience with the Body Jewellery Shop has been extremely positive. I was initially impressed by their EXTREMELY user friendly website, the prices are (mostly) very reasonable, and the delivery speed has, on all but one occasion, been within 48 hours.

The only problems I have had with the quality of the jewellery is a very loosely threaded titanium bananabell and a fast-fading titanium microbell. Everything I have ordered from them was externally threaded.

Another problem I have encountered with this store is their tendency to send the wrong guage/diameter of jewellery. I have been sent jewellery of the wrong size of three separate occasions, which I think is a little careless for a company that puts so much effort into it's online business.

I can advise that anyone looking for fluoro jewellery should look elsewhere - considering Body Jewellery Shop's prices on metal, I was amazed to see how much they charge for fluoro BCRs/claws. I could find these exact products in other online stores for literally less than half the price.

I seem to have managed to put a lot of negative comments into this review.. so I'll repeat that overall I have been very satisfied with Body Jewellery Shop's service.

Reviewed by: Brooke
Date Added: 11-8-02
Jewelry bought: SSS circular barbell and microbells

I first ordered from this site about 2 months ago, a pair of micro bells. I didn't receive my package for a while, so I emailed them about it and received a very quick reply saying it had been sent out 2 weeks prior (a day or two after my order was placed); apparently it was lost in the mail. I was sort of annoyed when I realized this, figuring they'd just give me an "Oh well, not our fault" and that'd be it. But no ... they told me they'd send another package out, and did so without question...I received it around 5 days later (from the UK to the US!) The stuff is high quality as far as I can tell (I can't say I've bought a fair amount of things from a lot of places, but it seems quite good to me), and they have great prices.

I just ordered the circular barbell slightly under a week ago, and it would have come yesterday if I had been here to sign for it, so I can't yet comment on the quality of it obviously...but very fast shipping once again.

So, bottom line... If you're looking for great prices on high quality stainless steel jewelry, very prompt and polite customer service, and fast shipping...I can only say I've been very happy with my experiences, and highly recommend the Body Jewellery Shop.

Reviewed by: Ell
Date Added: 9-17-02
Jewelry bought: TI and PTFE barbells, acrylic and bone plugs, SSS flesh tunnels and tubes

Of all the UK suppliers I've used, this is the best. The website and ordering system is problem free (if your browser can use Flash) - it's easy to use the shopping basket and the checkout system is fast and secure. If you don't want to use your credit card, you can go through the ordering process normally and call them with your order number to give your details over the phone instead.

Shipping costs are also low - free to the UK if your order is over £10, and only £3.50 international no matter how big your order is. If you order before 3pm in the UK, you should get your order the next working day - realistically it's been within the next two days in my experience but that's still pretty damn fast :)

Customer service is good, they'll call you if there's any problem and replies to emails are usually within a couple of days. I've not had many problems with returns but when I did have to send a defective threaded ball back they covered all postage costs and sent a replacement within a couple of days.

Quality of jewellery is also high and prices are pretty cheap - PTFE barbells for £3.50 (£10 in my local piercing shops) and SSS flesh tubes for £3.50. Not all items are as good value and for some things you can get them cheaper elsewhere on the net (acrylic plugs are half the price on Wildcat for example), but in general the prices are better than most internet retailers and a lot better than piercing studios.

I've had bad experiences with a lot of UK suppliers who sent the wrong items and took weeks to reply to emails, but I can only recommend this site - if, like me, you've had many problems with other sites, you'll appreciate that the fast delivery and reliable customer service are worth it on their own.

Reviewed by: Lili Finn
Date Added: 7-15-02
Jewelry bought: titanium and SSS BCRs, ti flesh tunnels, ti mini labrets, SSS tapers, bone and amber plugs

Website is based on Flash software, is easy to use if you have a browser that can handle it. Secure Java ordering.

Customer service very helpful, will ring you if they have a question about your order. Delivery is usually quick- 3 or 4 days from UK to Ireland. Prices are low, especially on tapers and larger gauge jewellery. Quality is USUALLY high, especially on metal pieces.

BUT: be careful ordering organic plugs- on one order, I got the wrong plug design entirely (I ordered stars and got om-s) Also ordered 2 amber plugs and got a pair that were very obviously mismatched in colour and of lower quality than I expected (LOTS of inclusions).

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