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Reviewed by: Loran
Date Added: 5-2-09
Jewelry bought: 1000's of pieces of various jewelry!

I have always used BMS for my externally threaded/internal initial piercing jewelry! The step down threads are just absolutely great for keeping threads from coming into contact with your customers’ fresh piercings! Their internally threaded line is just as great and I am quite impressed with the needle for every piece of jewelry! Also shipping is great I usually see my wholesale orders at my door within 3 days!! And I cannot say enough about the exceptional service you receive when you call this company! Bradde is a very knowledgeable fun to talk to individual who will not hesitate to give you his true opinion on anything! I myself have been piercing many years now and still feel like I learn so much from my chats with Bradde who has quickly become one of my best friends!

Incredible jewelry!

The best service you could ever ask for!

Reviewed by: Tiffany Cox
Date Added: 12-24-07
Jewelry bought: lots of different stuff (gemmed nostril screws, double-gem navel curves, internally and extrernally threaded barbells, internally and externally threaded labrets, cbrs 18g-8g, seamless rings 18g-14g)

Blue Mountain Steel is one of my favorite body jewelry companies to order from. The actual ordering experience is always pleasant- Bradde, the sales rep, is very personable and knowledgeable (and fun to talk to)! He's quick to let me know if something is not currently available and always passes along any input I have regarding jewelry design or quality. Damaged or broken jewelry is never a hassle to get replaced, orders and invoices are very accurate and detailed, and service and shipping is above average (I usually wait about a week to receive an order but almost always have a total on my voicemail the day after I place the order).

Considering the several thousands of pieces of jewelry I have ordered from this company, the rate of defects and damages has been very low. I have had very few issues with gems (all very sparkly Swarovski crystals- my clients love them) falling out or becoming loose, and a couple of nicked or improperly threaded pieces, but 99% of every order is top-notch and problem jewelry is quickly replaced (sometimes I don't even have to send it back). Some of the nicest machine-polished jewelry I've ever seen has come from this company, but a few pieces have come in underpolished; however, if you have a buffing wheel (or even a Dremel tool) it's nothing that can't be fixed in a few minutes. I have seen a few more problems with the internal rather than the external jewelry (they manufacture both), but it is still above average. I do not like the way the nostril screws are designed so I haven't re-ordered them, but that may change now that they are offering a flat-bottomed bezel set crystals. Also, I find the design of the 10g and 8g captive rings to be somewhat unwieldy with oversized beads. However, the double-annealed captives from 18g to 12g are very nice and I generally don't need tools to manipulate them. I also like the very comfortable, slightly rounded disk backs on their labrets (16 and 14g).

The best thing about this company is that they offer "EZ-Pierce" (step-down external) threading in 316LVM ASTM F-138 stainless steel. The external threads fit very neatly in the back of a same-gauge needle so that my clients' fresh piercings never come into contact with them, eliminating many of the problems of standard external threading. It also greatly speeds up and simplifies jewelry exchanges. Using a step-down taper during jewelry changes totally eliminates contact with the threads. As far as I can tell this product is unique to Blue Mountain Steel.

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