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Reviewed by: mike mcbike
Date Added: 2-21-05
Jewelry bought: 2ga single flare ss, 2ga kaos silicone white

I put my order in a week ago, and my stuff came today, pretty quick considering it's from Canada and I'm in Texas. Each piece of jewelry was individually wrapped in a Ziploc bag.

The stainless single flares from ANATOMETAL are AWESOME. They look better than any jewelry I've ever seen, the grooves in the back are awesome for keeping the o-ring on, and the clear silicone o-rings are really nice, they look good, and they are easier to handle than the black ones I've used before.

The Kaos plugs are nice, they are REALLY soft, a lot softer than some other silicone plugs I've used before. They are really long though, which I don't really like because they don't sit down in the hole right they kind of push out a little. I wish they were shorter.

Date Added: 2-14-04
Jewelry bought: scalpels, stop bleed

I placed my first order with They had a few things that are pretty difficult to acquire here in the states. I ordered six scalpels and two bottles of stop bleed. There was something wrong with my computer so I was unable to place my order through the internet. So I sent BME shop an email containing my order. The following morning when I checked my email there was a confirmation with a grand total. Shipping was a little more than what I expected, but hey, it's coming from Canada. So I can't really complain about shipping cost. I received my order about a week and a half later. It was exactly what I ordered. The scalpels looked and performed excellently. I was amazed with the stop bleed. It really did the trick. Overall I am very satisfied with the quality of these products, the customer service, and the all around feeling of assurance that my business is important to them.

Reviewed by: Robert
Date Added: 12-9-02
Jewelry bought: 10ga 3/4" CBR, 8ga 3/4" CBR, 6ga 3/4" CBR, 4ga 3/4" CBR, 6ga 3/4" curved barbell

What can I say about BMEShop? Well, it's inexpensive, carries excellent quality products, has extremely helpful and knowledgeable people working there, and shipment takes less time than they state for the most part (I've only had one order take the full two weeks to get to me).

I've placed several orders with BMEShop and each time I've gotten a confirmation e-mail within two business days and I've received my goods within the two weeks shipment time, not bad for having to go through customs to the U.S. and whatnot. This last order I got my shipping confirmation on Monday morning and my jewelry was here on Wednesday afternoon. Just lovely!

The CBRs I've ordered have had nice deep indentations on them, great for a secure fit. The rings have been polished to a mirror shine, no nicks, no cuts, no scratches, PERFECT. The curved barbell I ordered was internally threaded, countersunk, threaded on both ends, with good-sized balls on either end, and the ends of the barbell itself were rounded off a bit which made of extremely easy insertion.

I'll gladly order from BMEShop again in the future, and I've told my friends about it as well. It has some of the best in quality, price, and size selection around.

Reviewed by: Graham Thomas
Date Added: 9-17-02
Jewelry bought: First Order - Hegar Sounds, Xylocaine Gel, 12g 5/8" CBB, Wartenberg Pinwheel; Second Order - 2x 6mm Dermal Punches, 1x 4mm Dermal Punch

I sent my order in to BMEShop and immediately after called in my credit card information for the order. That night I received the order conformation and within two days received an email saying my order had been shipped. I used ground shipping, because it was a bit cheaper, even though it said it could take up to a month to arrive. Well, 8 days after having placed the order, the jewelry had arrived at my door. The sounds and the pinwheel are great quality and great fun. I highly recommend them to anyone, and BMEShop only carries high quality, well constructed products. The CBB was for a friend of mine and, while it was a little long for what he wanted it for, the quality of the jewelry was great. The CBB was internally threaded, with the threads tapering down to make it easier to get them inside the bar and screw the ball on easier. I highly recommend ordering from this company, as they only carry the highest quality products.

The second order was placed using air mail shipping. It was placed right before the weekend, so I did not receive a shipping conformation until early the next week. This, again, only took a week to ship to my house (showing not much difference between the time in ground or air shipping, so I will stick to ground shipping from now on). The quality of these dermal punches looks to be great. I cannot attest for how well they work, as I have not opened the packages to use them yet, but from an outside view they look to be very good quality, which is what I have come to expect from BMEShop.

Email me if you want a more detailed explanation of anything, or if you want further information on how well the dermal punches work. All in all, the service/quality of this company is great and the shipping is even faster.

Reviewed by: oedipa
Date Added: 8-14-02
Jewelry bought: 2 16ga 3/8" CBRs

I've heard a lot of good things about BME Shop, so I decided to order two CBRs for my upcoming tragus piercings.

First I emailed the shop and asked if the jewelry would come sterilized (my parlor charges an autoclave fee, and I needed to know whether to factor that into cost). I received an email back very quickly, explaining that the jewelry was not sterilized, but that most piercing parlor would sterilize it for a small fee. A really helpful piece of imformation, had I not already known.

The price of jewelry is excellent ($8.99 per CBR) - a good $7-$10 dollars *less* per CBR than what I buy at my local piercing parlor, and I was just hoping the quality would be as good.

I ordered them on 07/31/02, and they were shipped 08/02/02. All good so far. I went to Oklahoma for a family reunion, and when I came back on the 7th, there they were! Imagine my surprise - I had been warned Airmail shipping would take about 2 weeks to the US, and it had only been 5 days!

Excited, I tore open the package and looked at my new CBRs. Nice polish, no scratches or nicks, and the balls have nice, deep divots. Not *too* easy to remove, which I like (I hate having balls fall out of a CBR).

All in all, a great jewelry experience. Good customer service, excellent quality, great prices, and lightning-fast shipping. I plan to do business with BME Shop again and again!

Reviewed by: becca
Date Added: 7-31-02
Jewelry bought: 2 8ga SSS CBRs, various 1ga acrylic claws, piercing needles, various shirts, etc.

Let me start off by talking about the CBR's I ordered. They were spectacular! By far the nicest ones I've seen [albeit I shop for prices before quality, usually. But I wanted some nice ones, and they were super nice.] Anyway, the bead had HUGE divots in it, which made it super duper easy to get in and out, but they were very snug and didn't move once they were in. All my other cbr beads [purchased from local shops] have tiny tiny dimples in them and are almost impossible to get in. The polish was great, and I had absolutely no problems with this jewelry and am planning on getting some 4ga SSS jewelry soon.

As for the acrylic claws, they are super duper cheap! The color selection is small now, but they're quite nice to wear in 2ga stretched ears. I like wearing them without o-rings, because as people mentioned in other reviews, the o-rings aren't the tightest fit. The colors weren't always right on [the green looks a little too yellow to me] but that's just because the jewelry looks different in a piercing than it does on a piece of white paper.

As for shipping, they take kind of a long time to ship to the States [3-4 weeks standard shipping] but they tell you that outright, and you can pay more to get it express. But that being said, my orders always showed up early [after about 2 weeks] and were always exactly what I ordered. Their selection is kind of small, but they carry very quality stuff. Even the piercing needles, which were very cheap, were high quality and came individually packaged and sterilized. Just so you know, all the jewelry comes in a plastic baggy and should be sterilized in some way before wearing.

In conclusion, BME shop is awesome!

Reviewed by: Megan
Date Added: 3-2-02
Jewelry bought: One 12g SS CBR, Two 10g blue acrylic CBRs, One 4g blue acrylic plug, Two 1g black acrylic claws

Everyone knows the service is good, everyone knows Ryan is great, and I thought the jewellery would be freaking fantastic. But it wasn't really. I mean don't get me wrong, I was impressed, but not as much as I thought I'd be.

When I got the jewellery in the mail, it was in a cute little package, everything was dandy. But when I put on the black claws, I noticed there was no little notch for the they didn't stay on very well, and they were pretty loose to begin with. But they still looked neat and lucky for me I guess my ear holes are tight so they stayed in.

The CBRs were pretty, but small. I have 0g SS tunnels and thought it'd look nice to put them inside the tunnels...but the diameter of the ring wasn't big enough to get through. So I was then stuck with 2 rings I can't use, but I'd use them for stretching I decided.

The 12g SS CBR was also tiny. I didn't buy it for the intention of anything fabulous, just in assisting in stretching piercings. But it is cute.

I haven't tried the 4g plug yet but I'm just hoping those o-rings will stay put when I do use it. I think I'll just make some notches myself.

All in all, BME is a very nice shop. I had no way of knowing the actual size until I saw them, and although I'm a little sad about the acrylic 10g CBRs, the jewellery is still very nice. Ryan is one cool cat. I say give it a try.

Reviewed by: Nikki
Jewelry bought: 6g circular barbells, 4g and 6g acrylic CBRs, 8g acrylic plugs, 5 or 6 t-shirts

I think I could condense my review into three words: I love BMEshop. I've placed eight or so orders from them over the past year. I've always received excellent customer service from Ryan, he's great about solving what few problems I've encountered ordering from them. Today, I received a pair of circular barbells, and they're fantastic. They seriously have the best finish I've ever seen on a steel piece, and the threading is sturdy. The acrylic jewelry is nice, too, with uniform coloring and smooth edges, unlike acrylic jewelry I've found from some other suppliers. I've always been pleased with their t-shirts, too, they look great and they're comfortable. Really, what more could you want from a company? I plan on ordering from BMEshop as long as they're around.

Reviewed by: troy
Jewelry bought: 3mm acrylic spikes & claw rings, 4, 5 & 6mm acrylic spikes, 6mm acrylic plugs

I've found BME/Shop to be an excellent supplier of body jewellery. I've emailed them with questions numerous times and received fast and helpful replies from both Ryan and Corrie. I found the service very personal. I've paid once by credit card and once by money order, and both times the payment was confirmed and the order shipped very quickly, and took only two days to get to my house, as I am also in Ontario. I'm very pleased with the customer service and the quality of jewellery. The only thing is the shipping charge, which the same for one acrylic ring or 3 pairs of spikes and one pair of plugs, so it is a good idea to order with friends or a lot of jewellery at once to get the most from the shipping charge. And it would be nice if they priced the items in CDN$ since they are in Canada, but I suppose most of their business would come from the States, so this is understandable. Over all, a very good supplier.

Reviewed by: Flux
Jewelry bought: Three 8ga Acrylic Claws; Pair of 1ga Acrylic CBRs; Pair of 0ga Acrylic Curved Spikes; Pair of 00ga Acrylic Plugs; Pair of 10mm Acrylic Plugs; Pair of 1.2" Acrylic Plugs; Various Sized Needles and Piercing Supplies

I've ordered quite a few things from BMEshop, and have always received exactly what I ordered. Their prices are amazing and rival everyone as far as quality, who cares if you can get a barbell for half the price somewhere else if it's a piece of shit?

I've had no problems with their acrylic jewelry fading, and the colors are always precise and vibrant. The beads for 1ga CBRs don't sit as snuggly as I would like them to, but I've had no problems with them falling out. No seams, no rough spots, perfectly smooth... truly the best acrylics I've seen. You're going to need to buy o-rings for the jewelry that need them because the ones they supply simply don't fit well enough, esp. on tapering jewelry. But what's twenty nine cents, eh?

Their heavy gauge metal jewelry is amazing, the internal threading is superb.

Their piercing supplies are top notch, needles are perfect and their bevels are choice, no catching or snagging. As far as a range of supplies to meet most modification needs they have it, dermal punches, EMLA, etc. Not to mention those wonderful medical toys (hegar sounds are beautiful things and at BMEshop's prices you can't go wrong, most sex shops sell them for at least twice as much) :)

Shipping and customer service is first class, I received my last order in eight days, which for such a heavy business is pretty good.

I'll continue to buy from them as long as they're in business. ;)

Reviewed by: Lauren
Jewelry bought: two 10ga stainless steel cbrs, two 6ga blue acrylic cbrs, BMEGirl4 shirt

My first order with BMEshop was the acrylic cbr's. When they arrived, I was very pleased. The color was vibrant, and the jewelry was in excellent condition. I had no problems wearing them, and no discoloration of the jewelry. The BMEgirl4 shirt was awesome, although some of the orange dye leaked out when I jumped (fell) into a swimming pool with it on, but I guess that's my fault. My 10ga cbr's are amazing too, they were exceptionally shiny and polished. BMEshop got all my orders delivered promptly, within a few days. The prices are a little steep but the quality is worth it.

Reviewed by: Caitlin
Jewelry bought: 2 1 guage acrylic cbr's, tons of shirts, Mod Con book, trading cards, and the book "The Gentil Swastika"

I've only just started shopping at BME shop in the past 6 months, and it's amazing! I love the variety of items, they have everything from clothing to piercing supplies, and it's a reliable place to find large guage jewelry! I've always recieved exactly what I've ordered, and Ryan takes customer service to the next level! Just last month I placed an order and my credit card was rejected. Instead of selling the limited edition shirts, Ryan held them for me for the two weeks it took me to fix the problem with my card! I've never gotten service like that in person, let alone from the other side of my montior!

Reviewed by: avaia
Jewelry bought: 2 3ga purple plugs

I was so thrilled when I finally found some place to buy purple acrylic plugs, so I immediately ordered a pair. I can't complain about shipping, it was fast and the service was great. But the plugs themselves...were not so great. To start with, they were not perfectly cylindrical. The edges were sort of sloping and not-round, and one flat face had this weird little plastic bit sticking out, as if it were cast in a mould and that was the bit sticking out the top. But that's nothing compared to what happened next -- I wore them for about a week and a half, and the COLOUR FADED! They're now this odd blue-y indigo tone which I don't care for very much. The o-rings also irritated my ears and seemed slightly loose around the plugs. All in all, I'm rather disappointed.

Reviewed by: Josh a.k.a. youthlymodded
Jewelry bought: 1 gauge spike, bme " boy piercing is not a crime", bme "kids club t shirt" 2 10 gauge acrylic cbr's and 2 6 gauge acrylic cbr's 1 set of BME trading cards

The BMEshop is amazing. I recommend everyone buy from them. I got my stuff a week and a half after they got my money orders. Even once I had to change around my order and Ryan was extremely helpful and willing to help me. They have so many different and unusual "things" to buy also. Everything was perfect and quite fast for being shipped from Canada to Massachusetts. They are definately a great company to buy from.

Reviewed by: Skye
Jewelry bought: 3 ga bullet plugs (plus some needles and other fun items)

I couldn't agree more heartily with the endorsement of BMEshop. I sometimes feel a little "off the beaten track" here in England, but every time (4 or 5 so far) I've ordered from BMEshop, the service has been flawless - orders shipped perfectly and completely - and the postage incredibly fast. I also had o-ring loss problems from the BMEshop claws I ordered a while back, but talking to other friends who have worn claws, this seems to be a universal problem with the shape of the jewellery. There was, however, no problem with the bullets. I'm eagerly waiting a greater stainless steel collection, and my dream would be more Fractal Creations pieces. Let's hope...

Reviewed by: Raven
Jewelry bought: 2-0ga red acrylic claws, 2-1ga blue acrylic cbr's, 2-3ga red acrylic claw rings,and of course 1 bme girl 4 tank top

What can I say? Everything was really well done. The quality of the products was perfect, the service was great, and the prices are the best anywhere, online or not. The only thing I noticed that could possibly be fixed in the future was once the 0ga claws were in my ear, the o-rings didn't fit tightly enough on the back of my ear to hold them in. Other than that, I couldn't recommend them enough!!!:) I suggest everyone shops at BMEshop, because aside from them not carrying labret studs (not yet) and various colors of ss, titanium, and niobium (not yet as well), they are really nice to buy from. My orders shipped in less then a week and a half!:)

Reviewed by: broken
Jewelry bought: several black acrylic plugs (varying sizes) and a 1g acrylic CBR

As usual, the overall service from the BME shop was excellent. Despite BME Shop's busy nature, the company always has time to keep the buyer updated on any pertinent information. The actual shipping took approximately 1 week, which was decent, considering I'm located in the midwest of the United States. As far as quality is concerned, the jewelry is most impressive, especially the 1g CBR. No nicks or seams and the cbr fits together very well while still being openable. From a price standpoint, the BME shop is reasonably affordable. My only complaint with this supplier in general is their lack in selection of jewelry, although what they do offer is definitely "good stuff". Overall, I'd recommend their business if you are in the market for SSS/acrylic jewelry, good service and high quality jewelry. Besides, you are supporting BME, which is a good cause in itself.

Reviewed by: jubz
Jewelry bought: Acrylic Jewelry and various supplies

BMEShop has many hard to find items, excellent customer service and great prices on a lot of their jewelry. I have dealt with them several times and was always pleased. Their acrylic jewelry is extremely cheap. The money also goes to a good cause (supporting BME). My one complaint is that shipping is a bit pricy and slow, as they are in Canada.

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