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Reviewed by: Tom Bremer
Date Added: 12-24-07
Jewelry bought: Steel Tunnels, Silicone, Clothing, Messenger Bag

I had ordered several times from BodyPunks before this had happened and the worst thing about them (up until this point) was slow shipping.

This particular order though I had purchased 1 pair of 2ga steel tunnels, 1 pair of 0ga silicones, a t-shirt, and a Dickies messenger bag. All of which their site said was in stock. Within a week I had received my Steel Tunnels. I was pretty happy about that, but really confused as to why all of my other items weren't in the package. Naturally, I emailed BodyPunks and I don't feel as if I was rude. A couple of days go by, no response, I email again. A couple of more days go by, no response, no package. I send them another email asking for some information or my money back.

I finally hear back! They said they had misplaced my order and everything was being shipped today... Almost two weeks after that day I receive my silicone plugs. Awesome.. Where's the rest of my purchase though?

I email them... They respond saying the messenger bag was shipped and the shirt was on back order... Okay, I get the bag finally. Aaand I wait some more. At this point I have had enough, so I email them, they're "really sorry for all the confusion," but, no refund...

Almost two months later, HEY! my shirt comes.

That was the last time I used BodyPunks, and I feel like was being pulled along after using other online retailers for my jewelry.

Reviewed by: Brett
Date Added: 7-27-03
Jewelry bought: 10ga 5/8" barbell & 8ga 3/4" barbell

I had read about other people not getting the correct items from Bodypunks but I ordered from them anyway. Bad idea.

I ordered both barbells with 8mm balls on them. The 10ga barbell I received had 6mm balls on it. I emailed Bodypunks customer service twice but they never responded. Bodypunks policy on returns is "If you return items without a RMA number you just gave us free stuff". Since they won't respond to their customers there is no way to get a RMA number. Their jewelry isn't as highly polished and therefore doesn't look as good as some others like BME Shop's. Their jewelry is not internally threaded like BME Shop's either.

Reviewed by: Rachel
Date Added: 5-26-03
Jewelry bought: Three Powerpuff Girls bananabells

Last summer I'd just gotten my navel pierced and I was jazzed about the prospect of adorning it with all sorts of jewelry. I found the BodyPUNKS site and proceeded to stumble upon three Powerpuff Girls bananabells. Since I dig the PPG, naturally I ordered the jewelry.

Don't remember how long it took me to get the stuff (this WAS last year), but it seemed to be intact and wearable. I showed my husband the rings, and when he picked one of them up, it fell apart in his hands. The other rings were subject to the same fate. If just picking the rings up off of a counter was enough to destroy them, how was I supposed to apply enough pressure to twist the things apart so I could wear them?

So I called up what is laughably referred to as the customer service department. A man with an Asian accent answered. He wasn't too sympathetic to my plight--I basically had to bully him into agreeing to exchange the rings. A refund was apparently out of the question.

This time it took two weeks for me to get my new rings back after I'd sent the broken ones in. This time, they only gave me two rings and left out my favorite PPG--Bubbles. I mean, the HUMANITY!

This time I emailed them. Several times. I never got a response, so I'm out seven bucks and some change because of these jackasses. I've since turned my loyalty to a different website.

Reviewed by: William Young
Date Added: 12-9-02
Jewelry bought: (2) 00 ga. single flared SS eyelets

Nov. 4th - Ordered jewelry in the evening, so I didn't expect it to ship that same day. It said "Ships in 2 hours" next to the jewelry I ordered, so I assumed it would go out early the next morning. I used PayPal to pay. I also asked for FedEx Express Saver.

Nov. 5th - The site reported that my PayPal was received, but the jewelry was not sent yet. Two hours, huh? hmmmm...

Nov. 6th - The site reports that my jewelry was sent. A day late, but nothing to have a heart attack over I suppose. I just think that they should provide the super-fast shipping they promise on the site. Also, it was sent USPS when I paid for FedEx. I e-mailed them and they told me it was because there was some confusion about my address. They informed me that they sent it Priority Mail instead, so it would still get here in 2-3 days.

Nov. 7th-11th - No Jewelry, a few ignored e-mails to customer service, USPS site has no record of my tracking number. Started to worry.

Nov. 12th - Jewelry arrives, package totally smushed. (Not the fault of BodyPunks) USPS sucks. The jewelry was undamaged. And I got some stickers, too. No sheet with my order on it or anything, though.

The Jewelry quality is so-so. Could be polished more, and had plenty of tiny nicks and scratches. Perfect size for my ears, though. The groove placement was excellent.

Overall, I was happy but not ecstatic with BodyPunks. I got exactly what I ordered in a decent amount of time, albeit longer than promised. Customer service could respond quicker / respond at all. They were OK.

If price is your only concern, I'd say give 'em a go. Me, I'll most likely be shopping around for higher quality and really good customer service. I don't like to have to worry about whether my jewelry is coming or not. Anyway, I'd say BodyPunks gets a 5 out of 10 in my book.

Reviewed by: Matt
Date Added: 11-8-02
Jewelry bought: plugs

I ordered a bunch of steel, bone, and stone tunnels and plugs for me and my friends valued at over $300 dollars worth at other stores and sites and I got them for only a little over $100. The stuff in this site is at an exceptional value and is some of the highest quality that I have ever seen. I was very satisfied with my purchase and the fact that I had it at my house in 3 days from order. The best part is that if you don't see it on their website you can call them and have it specially ordered, even stone and bone items, for no extra cost because they have their own factory. I will definitely order from them again they are better than any one that I have ever dealt with. GO BODYPUNKS!!!!!

Reviewed by: Sonya Hagler
Date Added: 4-16-02
Jewelry bought: 0 gauge pyrex tunnels

I placed my order for a pair of 0 gauge pyrex tunnels ($15.95 including shipping) on 4/5/2002. I received a quick response, and the order shipped the next business day: 4/8/2002. At that point, I was impressed.

I received my order in the mail on 4/12/2002. They sent the wrong size -- a pair of 2 gauge pyrex tunnels. I called the number for customer service. The person I spoke to, David Coffman, was disinterested as I told him about the mix-up. Apparently, they were out of 0 gauge pyrex, and wouldn't get any in stock for a couple weeks. Since I needed the jewelry immediately, he did offer to send me the proper gauge jewelry in another style, free of charge. For this, I requested a pair of 0 gauge steel tunnels. At this point, I was still prepared to be impressed with the company's service.

Once again, the shipping was quick. I received this shipment on 4/15/2002. This time, I got 00 gauge steel tunnels instead of the 0 gauge, and this is after I confirmed the size on the phone with the company's OWNER. I called their customer service number again, and left a message that I'd received the wrong gauge jewelry again.

David Coffman returned my call, and basically accused me of lying about the size problems. (Check here to see the size differences.) He told me to send back all the jewelry because they didn't want to do business with me. I offered to send back the steel tunnels in exchange for the proper gauge since he had said the replacements for the original mix-up were free. At this point, I just wanted my jewelry, not a refund. My request, however, was denied.

Since he reneged on his initial offer to send jewelry in the proper size at no charge, I am very suspicious about sending back both pairs of tunnels because I have doubts that I will get my refund. Two mistakes and an accusation later, I have very little confidence that, when this jewelry is returned, I will see that $15.95 again.

The shipment time was the only good thing about this company. I am highly disappointed with all other aspects of the experience. The jewelry quality is mediocre, the customer service is atrocious, and, in my experience, it's doubtful you'll even receive what you pay for. Also, the shipping charge is much more than the actual cost of shipping ($.45 stamp and a small padded envelope). For anyone considering an online jewelry purchase, I definitely recommend going elsewhere.

Reviewed by: Stephanie Johnson
Date Added: 4-3-02
Jewelry bought: Britney Spears Dangle Star Navel Ring

Man, this website ROCKS!! I got my stuff in DAYS. EXACTLY what I ordered down to the size and color. Very happy customer. More people need to know about these guys. You even get a bunch of cool BodyPUNKS! stickers in your order. They have an awesome selection of belly navel rings and plenty of barbells. Last week I actually visited the BodyPUNKS office in Santa Monica, CA, they are located like 2 streets from the BEACH. The guys down there were so COOL. Even though going to the office requires an appointment and min. order of $100.00 but it was well worth it since I came back home with like $150 worth of jewelry and it's much better to see the jewelry in person then on the website. It was well worth the 2 hour drive to check this company out. This is probably the most coolest company I have ever seen, since there office is like a penthouse, with awesome furniture and computers.

Reviewed by: velouria
Date Added: 3-2-02
Jewelry bought: 6ga & 3ga cat's eye plugs, 4ga & 3ga single-flared eyelets

I would highly recommend ordering from They have a pretty thorough and interesting selection of plugs and earlets at very good prices. I was most impressed that they carry some of their plugs in odd gauges (especially between 6 and 2) which has really helped with the stretching process. Unfortunately, much of their jewelry is only available in certain sizes, skipping around here and there. For instance, they do not currently have sfe's in 2 ga, but they do in every other size. The quality is great. Many of the ss eyelets have grooved to prevent o-ring losses and those that don't come with eyelets that fit snugly. I have received my orders very quickly, and they come with tons of extras (postcards, stickers, fun stuff). Also, you can use PayPal to pay for your jewelry and they have one-click access to their PayPal site, so it couldn't be easier. I plan on ordering all of my basic plugs from BodyPunks...if they come in the size I'm looking for.

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