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Reviewed by: Rich
Date Added: 7-7-05
Jewelry bought: 5/8 "zebra wood" double flared plugs

I've ordered some stone conch plugs from them in the past and they were very nice. But these plugs I am not very happy with. They don't have a smooth finish. Plus I know organics can vary in pattern a lot but these had a single stripe on them. The picture showed a plug with very dense stripes, this one had anything but that. Maybe they were showing a picture of a bigger one but it didn't say anything about that. If it were possible I would return them. I'm pretty sure I'd be better off making my own than wasting $60 on these. I don't think I'll be placing any more orders with them.

Reviewed by: Raf
Date Added: 10-13-03
Jewelry bought: 8g Ebony Wood Plugs, 8g Pyrex Glass Plugs

I was looking over the Internet for organic plugs. I live in San Diego and there are not many shops here that sell Organics in small sizes except for Inr Energy under Alvalon Tattoo. So I finally found a shop that sold 8g organics and was pleased to see that they had double saddled wood plugs ebony and blood wood (there also are a lot of other organics but I was looking specifically for wood ones). Their site has a lot of intricate pieces in a variety of sizes. I had placed an order but found out that there was something wrong with the order that I placed. So I called up the shop after three days because I had sent an email to them but there was no reply. So when I called them up the owner answered and I explained what had happened. He was very apologetic and explained that their online store had only been up for 2 months. He fixed the order and I got the plugs in 4 or 5 days. These people are great to deal with, they are very polite. I am sure by now the website is running great. Solid place to purchase Organics or any other material body jewelry. Great service!

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