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Reviewed by: Dustin Schild
Date Added: 3-10-07
Jewelry bought: Tons!!! Ring openers/closers forceps and a ton of more stuff

I've been ordering tattoo needles from Cam for years, so when it came time to ordering some piercing supplies, I looked to them. I order somewhere around 50 sets of forceps (25 slotted, 25 not), a gauge wheel, calipers, receiving tubes, needles, ring openers, ring closers, surgical scissors, tapers, hemostats, and about 250 pieces of jewelry(cbr's, barbells, cbb's). It never takes them long to get the order to you. The prices are cheap, and as I found out, so is the product. The forceps, receiving tubes, gauge wheel, openers, closers, and scissors were all fine. Not bad at all. However, the needles and jewelry were horrible. First of all, the sharps are anything but. The bevels are shit, and a pain in the ass to pierce with. Not sharp enough!!!!!! Second, I thought the tapers would have been much better. I've heard from a couple of friends in the field that they were good quality at an affordable price. The finish was horrible!!! Scratches and nicks all over. I wouldn't stretch a piercing with these even if I hated the owner. Third, the jewelry came all mixed up. I found that a lot of the cbr's weren't the same size (I ordered 1/2 inch) and all of them were either unpolished and/or scratched to hell. The barbells just the same. CRAP!!!!!!!!!! No way is this going in my customers. I returned all of the jewelry and a few other key items listed above for a full refund. At least the customer service is up to par. I will admit though, after being in this business for around 4 years, you get what you pay for. If the deal looks too good to be true, it probably is. Spend a little more with a good manufacturer, and I will guarantee your happiness, as well as your clients. After all, quality is a virtue we all should strive for!!!!!

Reviewed by: Jessica
Date Added: 11-8-02
Jewelry bought: 2 orders: various cbr's and bb's, labret studs

I am not sure why I ordered from this company twice. Both times I had problems ordering from them. I would not suggest using their online ordering system unless you want your order shipped COD. Call it in with a credit card instead. The second time I ordered from them, I called, and they had problems with my credit card. The staff seemed rude with me because I didn't know what was wrong. Luckily, the problem was worked out. The first time I ordered about $15 of product and my order was perfect -- I received all the right items although the quality of some of the jewelry was second rate -- some unpolished pieces and scratches on almost everything. The second time I ordered about $25 worth of product, and they got some of my order wrong. Since the items were only worth a few dollars, I didn't pursue it. The quality of the products in this shipment were worse than the first time I ordered from them -- almost all the pieces were unpolished, scratched, and I even received a broken hematite ball on one of the cbr's. Also, one of the labret balls didn't screw flush to the stud. I didn't bother sending any of it back since I didn't feel it was really worth my time and I didn't want to deal with the company anymore. Overall, I am very disappointed. I will give them this though, the product is cheap if you really aren't worried about high quality, and they ship the product fast and package it well.

Reviewed by: ChasM
Date Added: 5-13-02
Jewelry bought: Taper set (16ga-00ga)

What 1st got my order was the price. $28 for a full taper set is quite a deal.

So I ordered, and carefully filled out the forms, everything seemed good to go.

The next morning I receive a phone call from them saying that they're having trouble clearing my credit card, and need to ship it to the billing address. I ok this, and she informs me that it will ship out the next day.

Later that same day, my brother informs me that she had called again. I go online and get the number, return her call, and she says she's still having trouble clearing the credit card. I give her the info, and she asks to speak to my mom (it was her credit card). After speaking with my mom she informed her of further troubles with given information, my mom respelled everything, and she was put on hold again. I end up talking to her again because my mom had to leave, but she tells me again that it's good to go. Yay.

A few days later, my mom hears from her again, as the card still didn't match completely. She ends up calling the credit card company, and I don't hear from her for a few days.

So yesterday I gave her a call, and she told me it had shipped out. And today it arrived. They didn't charge me anything (not even their normal $.01 charge...) for shipping. I noticed my mom's name was mispelled and they had the completely incorrect last name on the box itself.

The tapers themselves were nice, especially the pointed ends for easier insertion. I've already used one in my lip...

Overall, I was pleased. The whole process lasted under a week, and shipping was incredibly fast once it left them. And, the woman from CamSupply was very kind.

Reviewed by: Derek
Date Added: 4-16-02
Jewelry bought: assortment of cbr's, circular barbells, and banna bells

The Tattoo and Piercing shop I work for purchased around three hundred pieces of jewlery, I had to go through and inspect every piece with a magnifier. We ended up sending back over one hundred pieces of jewelry because of huge dings, nicks, and burrs. The rest of the jewelry is curently being sold for $5 to $10 per piece, because it is not polished enough, the metal is dull, visibly has an uneven surface, and to top it off most of the jewlery still had polishing compound on it. The only good thing was that CAM refunded our money. Don't wast your time or money pay a little more and get better quality jewlery.

Reviewed by: Myc0
Jewelry bought: 16-00ga taper set

I got the full set of 2" SSS taper pins (16-00ga) in the mail today. The tapers look good and were easy on the wallet coming out to $28. They sent me a confirmation e-mail immediately after my order and shipped it out to me fast. I hear their jewelry sux but the tapers are a great deal. I can't wait to try them out.

Reviewed by: broken
Jewelry bought: ring opening pliars, various tapers, large quantity of CBRS (16-10g; varying diameters)

CamSupply is one of the many companies on the net that offers body jewelry/piercing supplies/etc. for budget rates but the question is, how is the quality? The overall quality of the jewelry was half-way decent, although in the large amount of rings I ordered (40+), 1 or 2 rings appeared to have a nick or two on them. The upside is the jewelry was pretty cheap and I don't see how a business can afford to sell useable jewelry for much cheaper on a retail-level. However, the affordability of the jewelry is really second to none and is an excellent option. The downside is this company does not offer jewelry larger than 10g. The tapers were excellent quality and definitely usable. At $20-something a set (18g-0g), it's a must-have deal. Finally, the ring opening pliars worked well and were affordable. Another problem with many cheap piercing/tattoo suppliers is service but in this case, the company didn't disappoint me. Not only are questions answered promptly via e-mail, but the company often sends out cards/flyers with constant deals and sales. Overall, this company was a pleasure to deal with.

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