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Captive Circular Barbells

Price ranges from $29.99 for 16 gauge to $209.99 for 1/2"

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Reviewed by: Alex Broadhead
Date Added: 5-2-09
Jewelry bought: circular barbell - titanium

Update to review published 1-19-09 (received by Modified Mind on 1-21-09)

I threw in the towel by returning everything - replacement ball, original ring, documentation - along with a letter documenting my perspective on each step of the transaction.

To my surprise, I soon got email (from a new customer support person) indicating that they had received my return, and that now that they had the original ring in their possession they could see that _it_ was somehow non-standard, so of course there was a problem replacing it with standard parts, and they were sorry it'd been such an issue and would get it all back to me with the proper replacement ASAP.

And then they did it. So, uh, all's well that ends well? I'm certainly glad to have my favorite piece back and in working order, even if it was kind of a saga...

Reviewed by: Alex Broadhead
Date Added: 1-19-09
Jewelry bought: circular barbell - titanium

I've ordered a few items from The Chain Gang, and generally been impressed with their quality. When they sent me a discount coupon for my birthday, I took advantage of it to order a titanium circular barbell in high polish. It looks great and is well made, though I must say that even with the discount it was kind of expensive.

Unfortunately, a few weeks after I got it, I lost one of the beads. I checked the site and they didn't list a replacement, so I emailed, and was told, sure, they could replace the ball - they'd set up a special order. Well, the replacement bead was very expensive - almost $20 with the shipping - but I really like the ring, so I paid it.

And that's when my experience with The Chain Gang went bad. When the ball arrived, it was the wrong size - obviously smaller than the original. I didn't open the package, and emailed them to say that the ball was the wrong size, figuring I might have to pay a bit more postage, but we'd get it right the next time, right? Nope. Their response? "We're sorry you're unhappy with your order, but we don't do returns on custom items." WTF? I asked for a replacement ball for an item you originally made, you send me the wrong thing, and it's my fault?!? And you expect me to pay more money to you to try again?

Anyway, I went back and forth with their truly rude customer service guy, Russ, for several emails in which they absolutely refused to admit either that they'd made a mistake, or that their policy of not guaranteeing 'custom' work was a bad idea. (Note that they only guarantee non-custom work - and anything that they make themselves is 'custom'. So they only guarantee work that they don't do themselves!)

They insisted that when I clicked on the order link - that they'd created for a 1/4" ball - I was agreeing that I needed a 1/4" ball, and, since that was what they'd shipped me, it was all my fault and I should pay for it, even though I hadn't opened it, and had asked them for a replacement ball for a ring of a specific size, not a specific size of ball. I don't even know what size the silly ball is - when I tried to measure it (with a ruler, not so easy for a tiny sphere), it looked to me like the old ball was 1/4", and the new one 3/16", but when I sent it back on that basis, they just returned it to me and said, no, it was 1/4", 'just like I ordered'. Maybe these things are like 2x4's (which are 1.5x3.5 if you measure)? If they needed a more specific description, they really should've asked, but I thought 'replacement' was very precise!

Anyway, I'm giving up - if they can't replace the parts for their own jewelry, who can? $60+ down the drain, but at least I know better now...

Reviewed by: Julia
Date Added: 2-14-04
Jewelry bought: opal nose screw

My sister is getting married this year, and I had decided to try to find an opal nose ring for the occasion (opal is my birth stone). Opal--real opal, not the "opalescent" stones--is not the most common jewel you see advertised in body jewelry, and I had a bit of difficulty locating any sites that would sell jewelry of this type. Luckily, I stumbled upon the Chain Gang web site. They were able to accept an order with my specifications and were very friendly and professional throughout the entire transaction. My emails were responded to promptly and courteously. Since mine was a custom order, I was told that it would take about 2.5 weeks to make the item I wanted and another 3-5 days for shipping. My nose ring was delivered in twelve days, and the beauty of the piece exceeded my expectations. I was a little worried about the quality of the opal, but the colors in the stone are so brilliant (even at 2 mm).

I couldn't be more delighted with my experience with the Chain Gang. Particularly if you have a custom order, they're wonderful to work with. Exceptional quality at reasonable prices--that's what will make me a return customer.

Reviewed by: matt "broken" carrington
Date Added: 7-1-02
Jewelry bought: 0g 5/8" screw-ball ring

Well, after previously making several orders with Chaingang, I decided I needed new jewelry for a piercing and the most appropriate type was a "ring" in some form or another. However, having past experience with 0g/00g rings, I knew getting the bead in could easily prove to be a complete nightmare. After shopping around, the quote at Chaingang was significantly less than most places for this type of jewelry, so I promptly ordered it and within about a week, the jewelry arrived here. The jewelry itself looks great with a very high polish and no visible imperfections (that I'm aware of). Naturally, the bead is internally threaded and looks rather nice. At any rate, I'm pretty pleased with the jewelry I ordered from this company and I would definitely recommend them to others for stainless steel jewelry. Although the price is a bit above some of their competitors, there is no doubt about the quality of their jewelry.

Reviewed by: kat
Jewelry bought: Jewelry opening pliers

I bought some opening pliers for CBR's when they were on sale. They were pretty cheap and I couldn't beat the price. The shipping didn't take too long. The pliers are of a really good caliber and work wonderfully. Well worth the money.

Reviewed by: broken
Jewelry bought: 2g 5/8" CBR and 6g 1/2" CBB

After much contemplation, I decided to order from Chain Gang because of their good prices and reputation for quality jewelry. Overall, the experience itself went quite well, the ordering process went quite smoothly and my jewelry came quickly. The actual jewelry was immaculate quality, definitely suitable for wearing in my piercings. The cbr has smooth, rounded edges and the bead fits very well. A definite sign of quality jewelry. The CBB followed the same suite, excellent drop-down threading (internally threaded jewelry btw) that came together perfectly. The polish on the jewelry is also excellent. Overall, this company comes highly recommended, the prices are slightly more expensive than a few places but still affordable. The best midpoint between quality and price for sure.

Reviewed by: Chris Astier
Jewelry bought: Taper set, larger gauge circular barbells

I must say first off that this company is darn good. Their jewelry might not be the highest quality, but for the price, when combined with their service it's unbeatable. All items I ordered from them came really quickly and packaged so I knew what each item was.

This company actually makes sure they let you know everything about your order by e-mail. They have a toll number to call, but I guess that helps keep the prices down.

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