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Reviewed by: Annonymous
Date Added: 9-14-03
Jewelry bought: 14g & 16g stone labret end and ball

Editor's Note: James Green of Clayton Limited Editions has replied to this review with the following: "Just goes to show ya, you can't please everyone all the time. We at Clayton Limited went to extraordinary lengths to please this young lady. We shipped as many as 4 different items to try to get her what she wanted and took back what she didn't want, (how many suppliers do that?) When mommy called we had no problem refunding her money and politely asked that she not order any more jewelry. We always put the customer first and I think in this case we went beyond what is expected. Just wanted to set the record straight, James."

I read rave reviews on Clayton Limited from many piercing websites. So I decided to order a 14 gauge prong set/diamond labret. (Keep in mind that when I purchased jewelry from Clayton, I had to buy everything separate, the labret, end, and post do not sell together). When it arrived it was in excellent condition, great quality but 14 gauge was too large and I needed 16 gauge. So I called Clayton and asked if I could exchange the jewelry for a smaller size. The girl I talked to (I wish I could remember her name), was very, very rude to me. I told her I was sorry for being an inconvenience. She got her boss on the phone and he said I could exchange it. When I received the 16 gauge post and end I knew it would fit and would look great. Except the 3mm diamond ball would not fit into the 16 gauge post. It was too large. I called up Clayton and the same girl answered the phone and knew exactly who I was. It was very strange. This time she was so angry and rude to me I almost hung the phone up on her. I got my mom on the phone to talk to her because she acted as though she took it personal that I kept exchanging the jewelry. And she didn't seem to understand that the diamond ball would not fit onto the 16 gauge post as it did on the previous post I ordered. After the whole ordeal, I sent my jewelry back and plan on never purchasing from Clayton again. I still have yet to report them to the Better Business Bureau.

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