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Large Gauge

Reviewed by: Dennis
Date Added: 6-14-02
Jewelry bought: 3.2mm CiBB, 4mm CiBB, 3.2mm BB, 4mm BB, 3.2mm acrylic plugs, 3.2mm eyelets, 4mm eyeletes, 5mm eyeletes, 2.6mm septum keeper, 3.2mm septum keeper

Cold Steel has a decent selection of body jewelry, I find that the price is good for what you get. Overall, I find that the circular barbells and regualr barbells have a sub-standard thread to them. They are very small and very flimsy. The ones on the circular barbells tend to loosen themselves up and need to be tightened on a regular basis. The ones on the barbells are not that great either, as one of the threads on the balls have actually come out of the ball and have been left inside one of my 3.2mm barbell shafts. I find that the balls on their jewlery are somewhat oversized (the 3.2mm circular barbells came with 7mm balls, etc.) The eyeletes are of decent quality, but have a poor finish on the insides/see-thru part of them.

As far as shipping goes, it takes awhile to get to the US from the UK, approximely 3 or 4 weeks -- when you're in need of jewelry, this is not a good thing. No other form of shipping is available either.

As far a service goes, the service is good. E-mails were always answered promptly. When I messed up on my order and I asked if I could send it back to them, they said no, but agreed later on when I opted to get the jewlery auto-claved and left in the auto-clave bag and ship it to them.

Order accuracy is decent. I ordered 4 times from Cold Steel and they only messed up on my order once (They sent me the wrong length of a barbell) and had no problem sending me the correct one once I mailed them the old one back to them).

Cold Steel is good for someone who needs off-size gauge jewelry, someone who doesn't need the jewelry in a hurry (outside of the UK), and/or is willing to sacrifice quality for price (I.E: for stretching purposes, like what I used them for).

I, personally, will not buy from them again due to the fact that I am now willing to spend more money for better quality, American made jewlery.

Out of 10? I give Cold Steel a solid 8 for service, 5 for quality, and 9 for price.

Reviewed by: Andrew R
Date Added: 5-13-02
Jewelry bought: Barbells & CBRs

Cold Steel has an excellent website and the customer service is excellent. When I entered some questions about the jewelry, someone replied within hours.

I had my tongue pierced at their Camden Town studio (which is quite good) so I have a soft spot for these folks.

Overall the jewelry quality is mid level. Compared to Anatometal, Goodart or SM316 it is not as good. But everything I have purchased through Cold Steel has been decent quality. Ends are well rounded, polish is uniform. However, I have found their sizing to inconsistent. Some 10 ga jewelry I bought was not actually 10 ga. I did not know that until I stretched to 8 ga. Ouch.

Cold Steel is a very good mainstream producer, but not in the top tier.

Reviewed by: Cristina
Date Added: 4-16-02
Jewelry bought: 4ga eyelets, 14ga curved barbell, 14ga septum plug thingies (that I'm using for my ears)

Overall my experience with Cold Steel was very good. The web site is straightforward and easy to navigate. I received a confirmation the next day. Even though I entered a separate shipping address, I was informed that for security purposes they would only ship to the billing address (might have been nice to know that in the first place). I confirmed this was OK and received a confirmation when my order shipped. However, what I was not told was that because of insurance limits on packages, my order shipped in two separate packages. I received the one on one day and not the other. I sent them a message via their website and received a response the next day. They also have delivery confirmation so I had to sign for my packages (sort of inconvenient because I had to have them delivered to my house (my billing address) and not my work as I had originally requested, but... Anyway, the quality of the jewelry was fine when I did get it. The processing took a little long (not the shipping, even though I'm in the US and they're in the UK) but overall a good experience.

Reviewed by: Mike
Date Added: 3-2-02
Jewelry bought: Labret Stud/Barbells/CBR

I go to the UK regularly to visit my bro who lives there, I'm from Orlando FL - as far as I am aware, they are among the very top piercers in the country so I trust them explicitly with my piercings, they did my snakebites and have offered me good advice on piercings done by other piercers. I bought a labret stud from them about 2.5 years ago, as well as a few CBR's - arrived the next day (small country, everything arrives the next day! lol), also ordered 12 and 10ga barbells (I ordered a 6, 4 and 2 from Gen-X, see my other review) which were again, perfect, and they sold me a 3/4" 4ga barbell when I had my snakebites done which was good quality, but the balls were so huge! Bigger than the balls on my current 2ga! The 3/4" internally threaded barbells with 3/16" balls they pierced me with were the best 14ga internal threaded I've seen yet, they lock nice and tight too so I don't wake up with balls coming loose.

So to all you guys out there who're in the UK, order away! The only place that I know domestically who comes close to the price is Gen-X!

Reviewed by: Rebecca
Jewelry bought: 2 10mm green UV acrylic plugs

Although my first order from Coldsteel was processed and delivered extremely quickly - and the sticker was a nice touch - it was only after wondering why my ears hadn't stretched from the assumed 10mm to 11mm as readily as expected and I measured my plugs that I discovered they were actually 9mm. As Coldsteel doesn't even offer 9mm acrylic plugs on its site I was at something of a loss as to how this had happened, but it had, and I was conned out of a millimetre. Damnit. Apart from this - and it is a pretty major "this" - Coldsteel is marvellous. I love their tiny O rings, and their service is great.

Buggered my ears up a bit, though.

Reviewed by: Smeg
Jewelry bought: loads of stuff

I've never had a problem with ordering from Coldsteel, being UK based myself the stuff has always arrived quickly. If there has ever been a problem, twice now I have input my details wrong, they have always emailed me within 24 hours letting me know, also when stuff is out of stock they offer the nearest thing or an option to cancel. The jewelry is good quality, probably about as good as you are going to get in the UK, nothing like Anatometal, but much better than Wildcat and most alternatives in the UK.

Reviewed by: Lee
Jewelry bought: Non-jewelry (book and magazine)

This is just to update the review as I previously couldn't comment on their mail order policy and promptness. After leafing through a copy of Eye of the Needle I really wanted a copy and ordered both that and the latest issue of Piercing World. They were both ordered just before my return to univrsitey life and I was pleasantly surprised to find an email a week later apologizing for the Christmas/New Year delay and that my order had been dispatched. Two days later I arrived home from work to find my parcel waiting for me! The whole experience was very quick and well thought out and some nice extras were included in the packaging such as hardcopy Vince Ray and Sailor Jerry catalouges and a very useful Cold Steel credit card calender for my wallet! I was as impressed with the service as I have been with their jewelery, unlike some firms that I'm still waiting for their catalouge more than a year later!!

Reviewed by: Lee
Jewelry bought: assorted

I used to wear a lot of Cold Steel as this was where the stock jewelry that my piercer used came from. Their stuff is always really good quality especially the internally threaded titanium stuff which sadly outlasted my frenum piercing and now resides happily in my girlfriends hood piercing! I also have one of their one piece septum spikes which is also excellent, as all their stuff appears to be, and no, I'm not sponsered by them! Feel free to email me about them, I have just placed an order for a book from them and should be able to comment better on their mail order skills soon.

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