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Reviewed by: cheryl
Date Added: 2-19-06
Jewelry bought: 3 seamless rings, 2 short flat back studs

I was quite suspicious at first when I saw how low the prices were, but I figured I would go out on a limb and order anyway, as it would not be a great loss if the jewelry was not to my liking. Overall, I was not impressed by their site, and I didn't find it that appealing or helpful, like some other sites I have seen. But we don't necessarily need to judge a book by its cover, right?

I placed my order and received a confirmation email promptly, and then a verification email saying everything went through okay. I waited a couple of weeks. I sent an email to ask if there was a way I might find out about when the order was shipped, if there was a tracking number, etc. No reply in a few days. I sent another email, just as polite as the first. Still no reply. I hoped I would get my jewelry, but I didn't place that much confidence in it, and like I said, with such low prices, I didn't feel it was that big of a loss.

A month passed after placing my order, and I got the jewelry in. Not terribly long, but certainly longer than it needed to take. I know the post office can take awhile, but the package was post marked 27 days after I had made my order. Okay, not awful or anything, just annoying.

When I pulled the jewelry out, it was all sealed up in its sterile packaging, nice. But I got a bit skeptical when I looked at the jewelry before opening the package. Everything I ordered was in 12g. Twice before I have ordered very cheaply priced jewelry over the internet for 12g and when I received it, it was just a bit thicker than a 12g, but not thick enough to be a 10g. That was really annoying, since all of the jewelry I had ever previously purchased through my local piercer was fine. But I figured, that's what I get for seeking out something cheaper. Well, it appears that this jewelry has the same issue: a bit thicker than a real 12g, but certainly not thick enough to be a 10g. Some of the jewelry I was hoping would go into my lip, but it was too thick to get through.

What makes it worse is that none of the jewelry has nice rounded tips. Unscrew the balls from the studs, and the threaded tips are completely flat, making them a bit sharp. I was going to try to push them through my lip, but with that sharp edge, there was no way. Taking a closer look at the balls screwed on, it appears that the threading on the stud is slightly too long, not very noticeably, but a bit, but it means that there is a slight gap between the edge of the ball and the shaft of the stud. It just doesn't look as nice as it could. The tips on the seamless rings were also very flat instead of being slightly rounded, making them a little sharp, too.

So I have to admit that I will not be purchasing from Crazy Chameleon in the future. I think altogether I might stop letting super cheap prices lure me in. I just have never seen the kind of quality I am looking for yet in a cheaply priced piece.

Reviewed by: Helen
Date Added: 8-1-04
Jewelry bought: Small jewelled flower navel barbell and two bars of their own piercing soap

I've ordered from this company twice, although I've amalgamated the two experiences. At first I couldn't order, because I couldn't access the "view order" page. However, I emailed customer service, and found them to be very polite and helpful, even over the course of several emails exchanged, as I also asked about the possibility of a custom order. However, I shall go into more detail regarding this matter later in my review. This didn't help with the problem, which I assume was due to my temperamental PC, not the site.* Instead, I posted my order with a cheque. My order was for a custom nickel free 14k white gold navel barbell. On the site they're available to order in nickel free white gold and 316LVM Surgical Steel, in 3 gauges (16, 14 12) and four lengths. However, as I'm allergic to nickel, I asked if it would be possible to have it made entirely in gold. This requirement was met with little extra cost (I forget the exact amount, but I remember it seemed very reasonable), and it reached me in, I think, three weeks, which I consider very good as I'm in England and it was a custom piece. Plus, shipping was only $3, and it came in its autoclaved safety pouch to prove that it was sterile. I have found it to be very good quality jewellery that lies smoothly with my body and causes no complaints.

My second order was for two bars of their piercing soap. As I only received this package today, I have yet to use it, but I have heard great things about this product. I can tell you that I received it in 5 working days; again, this is worldwide shipping, and I was stunned when the parcel came through the door today. However, maybe I shouldn't have been surprised; Crazy Chameleon are an excellent company and I shall continue to take my jewellery requirements to them, as they are the best company I have dealt with, and have polite, friendly service. Have I mentioned this before? It's for a reason, I've read a lot of negative company reviews, and wanted to impress upon you the level of service one receives from them.

*I later replaced my geriatric old PC and all aspects of the site work perfectly on my new PC, confirming that the problem was indeed at my end of the line, not theirs.

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