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Reviewed by: Christy
Date Added: 7-7-05
Jewelry bought: Custom "Pimp Daddy" Plugs

The pieces are perfect to say the least!! Their website provided all the info I needed to get in contact with them. After a brief conversation on the telephone, I proceeded to email them with what I had in mind. It was all too easy. They returned all my emails in a very timely manner and answered all my questions to put me at ease. They were very nice and very professional. The whole process from order to delivery was very smooth. The craftsmanship of the pieces was outstanding! Exactly what I wanted! I would recommend Custom Steel to anyone!

Reviewed by: Jennifer Thompson
Date Added: 7-7-05
Jewelry bought: A Pair of Axiom Tribal Earrings

Alright, this my first time writing a review of anything, let alone about body jewelry. I recently ordered a pair of earrings for my boyfriend from Custom Steel. Because my boyfriend speaks little English, I had to do the talking. Pat was very patient with me, as I know little about piercing terms and math. After much deliberation as to the appropriate size, we placed our order. However upon receipt it was obvious that the earrings were too large. With a little apprehension, I called Pat back up and he immediately told us to send the earrings back and that he would send us another pair. True to his word, a week or so later, we received the new pair and my boyfriend was delighted... We were very pleased with the service we got at Custom Steel. Thanks Pat!!!

Date Added: 10-13-03
Jewelry bought: large ball ends for 14G jewelry

I recently e-mailed Pat at Custom Steel my custom order for stainless balls up to 5/8 of an inch. I have tried all local shops and a number of web sites. No one had any larger ends than 5/16 and I did find one but the quality was not very good, so I let Pat and his crew know what I was looking for. We sent several e-mails back and forth once we had it all worked out Pat sent me a secure link. I ordered the ends and some rods due to I shape them into my own shapes. I got my order a week later and all items were perfect. I can't be happier with their outfit. Custom Steel gets a 10 in my book.

Reviewed by: vjmantor
Date Added: 1-8-03
Jewelry bought: 5/8" gauge special curved barbell, 20mm balls

I have almost all good things to say about Pat and his company Custom Steel. Custom work has its own set of problems because the buyer is trying to say what he wants and the seller is trying to figure out what the buyer is saying. It's not easy, especially making three-dimensional pieces in steel. However, Pat is really good at staying with you until you get what you want. I applaud him for that. We corresponded for several weeks before we settled on the design I wanted. (5/8" gauge special curved barbell with 20 mm balls for my PA)

Sometimes some of the details slip through the cracks and that's an area he could improve upon; write more down, trust the memory less, speed the work a smidgeon.

Overall, I'm very satisfied with the work Pat has done for me and I will continue to work with him on other pieces.

Reviewed by: Jesse S.
Date Added: 9-17-02
Jewelry bought: (x2) 14ga Labret spikes with 3/4" long spikes, (x2) 10ga Streamline Labrets (one neo-tribal and one plain), (x2) 6ga Pinchers (one neo-tribal and one custom made), (x2) 12ga custom made earrings similar to the dayak, (x2) 12ga custom made earrings that look like a spiral

When I placed my order, I needed help in designing some custom made jewelry. Pat was very helpful in giving ideas. Not only did he have a lot of jewelry ideas, but he made me feel very comfortable talking to him on the phone.

My package was at my door in less than one week and it was packed good.

I am very pleased with every piece of jewelry. There were no mistakes with my order - all of the sizes and gauges were perfect (especially since they were handmade and I ordered a lot of matching pieces).

Of all the companies I have ordered jewelry from, this is the best quality I have seen. I will definitely order jewelry from Custom Steel again!

Reviewed by: Jimmy Wooldridge
Date Added: 8-14-02
Jewelry bought: 10g Unguis Pincher, 8g Circular Taper, 6g Circular Taper, 6g Unguis Pincher, 6g Pincher

I love all of these earrings. They're great. The shine on all of them is outstanding, and I can't be more satisfied. The service was great. I ordered them on a Thursday or Friday, and then they were on my doorstep in a week. It was great. I even bought a T shirt, and, Pat has a good T shirt thing going for his company too! It's cool. So now I can wear my kickass earrings and a cool T shirt. I know Pat, the owner of Custom Steel, and he's a great guy. I talked to him about what earrings I should get, and he helped me out alot. He always says something to make me crack up laughing too. I am sooo happy with my Jewelry from them. If I ever need/want Jewelry again, I'm going to Custom Steel. Pat has me hooked, and it's great. Now I have the most Unique earrings around and everybody's expression on thier face when they see the earrings makes it worth every penny. THANKS PAT!!

Reviewed by: Corey Zubek
Jewelry bought: 3/8" 8g tribal pinchers

Well it started when I was looking for exotic body jewelry. So I looked in search engines, it took a little bit of searching but I finally found Custom Steel. I was amazed at the beauty of their jewelry. I had never seen anything like it and yet it was also affordable. After looking through their web site and customers' testimonials, I decided to get a 3/8" 8g tribal pincher ring for $30.00 + $5.00 shipping for my eyebrow because I wanted something I've never before seen, so an 8g brow fit the bill, and getting this custom jewelry would make it perfect. So about 5 or 6 days after I ordered, I got my jewelry. I was amazed!!! I was expecting something chinsy and sharp (the picture looked like it), but I got a very durable, smooth as a baby's ass piece of incredible jewelry. I would highly suggest this retailer to anybody compared to any other online store I have ever seen.

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