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Reviewed by: Ren
Date Added: 10-13-03
Jewelry bought: 14 gauge titanium micro-labret

When I first decided to get my tragi (both of them) pierced, I opted for rings to make cleaning easier. I figured that healing cartilage piercings on both sides of my head was going to be hard enough without having extra problems because of jewelry. Once they were healed, I started saving for a pair of cute little jeweled micro-labrets that I had seen at With a new job and money in the bank, I finally was able to place my order. I purchased a pair of 14 gauge titanium micro-labrets (dark blue with an amber colored jewel), 7mm in length. They were around $20usd each, which I consider to be pretty decent, and on top of that, shipping was free. Since the order was coming to the US from England, I was expecting to have to wait several weeks, but I was pleased to receive my order in 10 days. I was not pleased to find only one labret stud in the envelope even though my credit card had been charged for two. I quickly shot an email to their customer service department explaining the problem and politely asking if the remainder of the order was possibly still in transit. I had a problem previously with a different body jewelry company who never sent the item that I ordered and paid for, and when I complained, they accused me of lying. I was afraid that something like that was going to happen again, but the next day I received a reply from Europierce apologizing for the mistake. They said that although they usually require the partial order to be returned before the complete order is shipped, because of the distance, they would send the remainder of my order right away, and would even include an extra labret stud as compensation for my inconvenience. I was absolutely delighted. Sure enough, 10 days later, two more micro-labrets showed up on my doorstep.

Not only is their customer service excellent, their jewelry is of very high quality. The labret studs that I received are internally threaded, with no gaps between the post and the ends, and although I have been wearing them constantly, the color shows no sign of fading. I will definitely be ordering from this company again, and I recommend them highly to anyone looking for great jewelry and a great price.

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