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Reviewed by: Brooke
Jewelry bought: 2 gauge plugs

So, I wanted to stretch my lobes to a 0 gauge. I use tape to stretch them and the plugs that were in my ears were a 4 gauge with lots of tape already on them. So I decided to buy 2 gauge plugs and put the tape on those. I went to and they had a neat pair of acrylic ones that I liked. I ordered them with 2 day shipping. They weren't to be shipped to the credit card billing address (my office), but instead my home. About an hour after the order was placed someone called me to confirm my order and the shipping address. At this point in time I was very impressed and couldn't wait to get them. A week later my plugs still hadn't arrived and so I emailed Exotic Body. I waited 2 days and received no response so I emailed them again. After another 2 days, still with no response, I emailed them again. After 2 and 1/2 weeks I got impatient and just finished stretching my ears to a 0 gauge with the plugs I had in. I emailed them again and said to cancel my order. The next day I received my plugs. I emailed them asking if they could be exchanged for a 0 gauge or a 00 and saying that I was willing to pay a fee. No response. I sent the plugs back to them with a letter saying that they were shipped to the wrong address, I no longer wanted them, and that I paid for 2 day shipping and had to wait 3 weeks. I included my email address and phone number. Still no response.

Reviewed by: Chris Astier
Jewelry bought: Circular barbells, septum spike, taper

It's hard to write a review when you figure it'll negatively affect someone's business. However, if in the end, someone who might've gotten ripped off or screwed around winds up not being in those positions, this review will have served its intended purpose.

I first ordered from The Exotic Body a while back, roughly April of 2000, and the jewelry I ordered pleased me to no end. It took a little longer than they said for it to arrive, but when it did I was happy with the quality of the jewelry I purchased. It was well polished, well packaged, and I was happy with the price. Overall, I was happy to have done business with them, and planned to do more in the future with them!

From the previous encounter with them, I placed another order some months later. I placed the order well in advance of a trip I was taking to Amarillo, Texas. I wanted to wear a 4 ga spike in my septum for the "Unity In Diversity Festival" honoring Brian Deneke. (Brian was a punk in the Amarillo area who touched many lives there, but was sadly slain in cold blood. Check out this site for more info people!) I placed this order a full month in advance. I figured with 2 weeks lead time, two weeks to have had the septum stretched, I would be proudly wearing a large piece in my nose for the festival.

Boy was I wrong on that lead time... After more than two months after I placed my order (Oh, they were happy to charge my credit card right away!) I finally got my jewelry. I recieved excuses left and right. While I try to be a fair person, ready to give the benefit of the doubt, my patience was tried to the limit. I went ahead and believed the "motorcycle accident" excuse. I ride myself, and figured it was valid. Well, after a while, the excuse became, "it's already been shipped, give it a few days". Fine enough, it then went to, "we shipped a second order to your address". Finally after waiting way too long, I sent them an e-mail saying I was ready to go to the Jewelry Forum on BME (the people they sold their jewelry through) and would let anyone and everyone know that The Exotic Body was really squirrely, and they might well get ripped off. Problem solved, I finally got my jewelry.

I will say in their defense, IF I LIVED NEAR THEIR STORE I WOULD BUY FROM THEM! Why do I say this? Because their jewelry is priced well, and of good quality. I figure they can't screw you around if you're buying directly from them, in their store.

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