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Reviewed by: L.W.
Date Added: 9-17-02
Jewelry bought: ordered from many times

I have bought jewelry through Fifth Avenue a few times (my boss has been ordering through them for the past 7+ years).

The first few years my boss would give nothing but compliments about Fifth Avenue. The only complaint was about 5 - 7 years ago, they were giving away free jewelry when you ordered a certain number of jewelry pieces (like for every 10 barbells you order, they will give you a free one - that is just an example though, I don't remember the actual numbers). We have yet to see that free jewelry.

About two years ago is when ordering jewelry from them became a hassle. In the first incorrect order, they sent some wrong cbr diameters.

The second incorrect order, when I ordered nothing but dark blue and purple titanium jewelry and received varying colors, including GREEN and PINK. Also, two of the titanium CBR didn't look good. I called and talked to them, they corrected the order with no problems.

Another time, when I ordered a lot of jeweled labrets (two of each color jewels), I had a few different problems. First, the sizes of the jewel in the balls varied (like maybe they switched the company that they buy their jewels from, and I received both the OLD-style jewel and the NEW-style jewel). Also, I ordered all 6mm balls, and they sent 2mm balls. Last, some of the colors of the jewels didn't match (I ordered two light blue jewels received one light blue and one bluish-green). Again, with a call to the company they sent out the correct jewelry.

Even with all of the problems, I must say that when they DO get the correct jewelry mailed out, I am impressed. The wholesale prices are wonderful (and will keep me ordering). When ordering from them, they are nice (not overly friendly though). They are easy to fix their mistakes.

Recently they have special monthly offers, where if you buy over a certain amount in jewelry, they will sell you binoculars, watches, bracelets (April 2002 monthly special), and now you can get an Uncirculated Benjamin Franklin Half Dollar or bracelet (Sept 2002 monthly special).

Is it just me, or are their catalogs getting fatter with nothing but new navel curved barbells?

Reviewed by: pete
Date Added: 4-29-02
Jewelry bought: ass. bb's,navel jewelry,cbr's,nostril screws,acrylic plugs

I started ordering from this company last week after I became irate with another company that I dealt with alot. I just picked this catalog up at random out of the many that always come in the mail, saw they had a good review on here and I wasn't dissapointed at all. My first order last week took a little longer than I expected to show up, but they're in Utah and I'm here in Jersey, so I'll stop being cheap and spring for air frieght from now on. I ordered about $120.00 worth of stuff, which might not seem like much, but it actually was. All the prices were good, as was the general quality of the jewelry, except for a little polishing compund left over on the cbrs I ordered, which was fixed with a run through the ultrasonic, so no big deal. The only thing was instead of the 0g. plugs I ordered for myself I got 8g. ones, which was the problem I had with another co. So I called and talked to the extra nice salesgirl Jen on the phone, she apologized right off the bat when I told her the problem and said she'd send the right ones off right away with a return mailer for the 8's. Excellent, I couldn't have been happier with the way that went. I call, problem solved in 2 mins. Another good deal they got going is $20 off with every order over $100, package deals, I bought navel barbells one of every color jewel they had and paid $15.99 for 7 of them, a good deal for good quality jewelry. I definitely wasn't dissapointed with anything, I've already made another order with them and would give these people a 5 star rating for everything.

Reviewed by: Rev. Muppetchuck
Jewelry bought: custom beads, large circular barbells, and surface bars

5th avenue is one of my favorite companies to deal with. I've been dealing with Angel and her crew for about 7 years now, and never fail, if I need something made, especially for my oddball clientele, Angel has always been on top of it... before Industrial Strength had placed surface bars in their catalogues, I had began discussion with the crew at 5th Avenue about designing some for me. They rock...

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