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Reviewed by: Joe
Date Added: 4-24-05
Jewelry bought: 5/8 Water Pebble Plugs, 00g Fire Pebble Plugs

Glasswear Studios is my favorite place to buy jewelry. It really does stand the test of time. When I placed my order with them I paid with Paypal. I got a email two days later saying my plugs had been shipped :) Great they came in a priority envelope four days later. The plugs I got from them are the most unique plugs I have. I will definitely be doing business with this company again. I will be purchasing some more of their awesome pebble plugs. Their prices are great I paid under 30 dollars for my 5/8 plugs I got from them. Also their shipping is four dollars and ninety five cents and they will ship other item together. Glasswear is the place to shop for the best glass plugs!

Reviewed by: Mary
Date Added: 6-5-04
Jewelry bought: 2g double flared "new peach" pyrex plugs

I keep coming back to these people for plugs! Their jewelry is far more interesting and superior to all the crap you see on eBay. This is the third pair I've bought from them between 2003 and 2004, and as always, I've been absolutely amazed. On their site it says to expect the wait to be 1-4 days for them to make the plugs plus 2-3 more days for them to come in the mail. I thought it'd surely be over a week since they're having to ship all the way from Oregon to Georgia, plus they were making these in a custom length for me (I have really flat earlobes). Well, 4 days after ordering my plugs, they were already in my ears! I've seen a lot of Pyrex jewelry being sold other places but they're not that much better than Glasswear, and Glasswear is the only supplier I can afford. The whole total for my plugs, shipping and all was roughly $20.

Reviewed by: Cristina
Date Added: 4-25-04
Jewelry bought: 1/2" single-flared, Pyrex plugs with white fronts

I saw my tattoo artist wearing white Pyrex plugs the other day and was quite taken with them. The shop I was at prices their plugs a bit higher than I'm willing to pay so I decided to look around online a bit. I'd never seen white-front glass plugs before (I typically head up to Berkeley to buy my glass jewelry from Industrial Strength and have never seen white) so I did a little digging. Glasswear Studios had the white and they, as far as I can tell, seem to be the manufacturer of the plugs carried at my tattoo studio. And, online, they are priced a bit cheaper than at the studio. So, I placed my order for some white Pyrex plugs on 4/13. On 4/15 I received an e-mail from the USPS Shipping Services that my package was shipping that day. I received the plugs a few days later. The white on one of the plugs isn't quite as opaque and uniform as the other, but with glass you can't expect a 100% match. And the inconsistencies aren't noticeable enough to bother me. So, overall, my experience with Glasswear Studios was very good. No complaints.

Reviewed by: Christyn
Date Added: 7-31-02
Jewelry bought: 2 gauge Single Flare Pink Dichroic Glass Plugs

After searching the internet for a supplier of dichroic (foil) glass plugs, I found a link to Glasswear Studios on BME. They seemed to have exactly what I was looking for (single flare pink dichroic plugs in 2 gauge) and the price ($17 each) seemed reasonable. On July 5, 2002, I placed the order via their website and received an email confirmation shortly thereafter.

A week later, I hadn't received any further information regarding my order, so I decided to phone them. After a few minutes on the phone, I asked with whom I was speaking and discovered I was speaking with the owner, Ryan. I felt badly for Ryan, as he'd just discovered there had been some sort of software problem and my order hadn't actually been passed on and filled. He was extremely professional and apologetic. While I don't know if he figured out the cause of the problem, he remedied it immediately. My jewelry was sent out via UPS that day (July 12, 2002.)

I was pretty eager (and in dire need of the new jewelry) so when I hadn't gotten the delivery by the end of the day on Friday, July 19, I emailed Glasswear Studios to ask for a delivery confirmation number. It was after the close of the business day, but Ryan emailed me first thing Monday morning with the information. Even with the mix up of my order, it still took only seventeen days total to complete; that's pretty good turn around. Had I not checked back after my initial order, I could easily be writing about a negative experience. It is my belief that consumers need to take some responsibility rather than waiting a month before checking into what went wrong.

I opened the package and immediately inspected the jewelry. The finish of each piece was smooth, with no scratches or dings. They appeared identical, 7/16" long and measured 6.3mm. I feel that is easily within acceptable range since glass jewelry manufacturing doesn't lend itself to the perfection of metal or acrylic. With other pairs of dichroic glass plugs I've owned the foil was backed immediately with colored glass and the stem of the plug was clear. Glasswear Studios' plugs have the foil in the head and the colored glass on the bottom end of the plug. While it's a matter of personal preference, I think the colors of the jewelry show more strongly with the color immediately behind the foil.

Overall, my experience with Glasswear Studios was positive and I have no reason not to recommend doing business with them.

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