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Reviewed by: Robert
Date Added: 11-23-03
Jewelry bought: 2 Gauge Machine Flared Tunnel, 0 Gauge Machine Flared Tunnel

I have pretty much all good things to say about Lawless Scarab. The jewelry quality is excellent, the site is well designed, the selection is fantastic, and the ability to make custom jewelry is always a plus for any company to have.

That said, and before I go into more detail about the aforementioned, I'd have to say that they should probably get another person in the shop to speed the production of their jewelry. As I type this their online store (only store they have) is offline for the rest of the month of October due to the amount of orders they have. While it's certainly a sign of their quality that they have so many orders, it can be rather frustrating as they don't keep much stock on hand (stated on their site) and make their jewelry to order. This is great for keeping costs down, but it's not so good on the time side of things. My jewelry arrived one day past five weeks after the money for the jewelry was deducted from my account.

But due to the price and the sheer quality of the jewelry I plan on ordering two or three more pieces from them when they do open up for business again in a couple of weeks. The tunnels I ordered are a heavy gauge metal and machined out of a solid piece of stainless. This gives a good heavy flare which won't run any risk of cutting or irritating your piercings. I ordered these pieces for a septum piercing, and the difference that flare makes for such a sensitive area is just fantastic. Not only that, but the finish is utter perfection and they had grooves for the included o-rings (which I wasn't expecting, a nice bonus).

But aside from getting excellent jewelry at rock bottom prices (even if it's a bit slow in getting to you) is that they aren't just some nameless company out there. When I received my jewelry it came in a small baggie with my first name hand printed on at the top. I think that alone could be reason enough to order from them again.

Reviewed by: Rick Gilmour
Date Added: 9-14-03
Jewelry bought: atomic bombs, cherry bombs, machine flare eyelets, circular barbell bracelets, septum pinchers

Many years ago I discovered the joy of really BIG stainless jewelry and Lawless Scarab is the ultimate source for those who desire major adornments. Our company recently received an order from them consisting of about 14 pieces and we are extremely happy with their products. The polish on their jewelry is beautiful, the threading is clean and the designs are very innovative. I just love my new 1 1/4 double rolled stainless eyelets, the tubing is twice as thick as most companies (which I think looks better) and they even made sure to make the rear flare smaller than the front for better comfort. Lawless Scarab manufactures to order so expect your order to take some time, ours took about 5 weeks or so, but the wait is totally worth it. The customer service was good, especially when it came to fulfilling our shipping requirements. Lawless Scarab is a great company and deserves your business. We plan on ordering a lot more jewelry from them soon!

Reviewed by: SavageSachs
Date Added: 5-26-03
Jewelry bought: 2ga barbell w/M&M beads, 1ga barbell w/M&M beads, 0ga barbell w/M&M beads

All three of these barbells were custom made for a tongue piercing. While delivery took a few weeks for each piece, the quality of the jewelry more than made up for that. The jewelry's beads all fit flush and seamlessly against the barbell, and were cut to a super low profile, just as I requested. The polish was of exceptional quality, and withstood much abuse without sustaining any damage. Lawless Scarab also offers implants and suspension hooks, and I would recommend them to anyone looking for custom made large gauge jewelry. The only downside is that they don't make anything smaller than 8 gauge.

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