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United States (Pennsylvania)

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Large Gauge

Reviewed by: Becca Sucks
Date Added: 11-13-04
Jewelry bought: 1/2" double flared plugs

The following is an Email I received from Fat Matt who works with customers at

For the complete and utter assholery on our part I will send you 2 pairs of whatever size and style plugs you want. No questions asked. So, one is p194 in 5/8 steel, you tell me what the other is. I would like to whole heartedly apologize for the hold up. Get back to me and we'll get them out ASAP. Seriously this time."

I was psyched because I had originally ordered a pair in 1/2" but I'm at 9/16" and ready to wear 5/8" ha. It's taken a long time for them to get back to me. First they said they lost my order during the move (they just moved the location of their business, so it's fair to give them some time), and then they said they'd send me my pair for the wholesale price of the 1/2" plugs. But I told them how the plugs are too small for me now and look what I just got! Anyway, I recommend the site because they have beautiful, good quality jewelry.

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