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Reviewed by: Mike wojciechowicz
Date Added: 2-14-04
Jewelry bought: glass plugs

I was in search of some unique plugs so I was combing the web for something new. I came across and the jewelry looked really good. You can order online with a credit card. I don't like using my card over the net with unfamiliar companies. So I gave them a call to ask them a few questions. They were extremely helpful answering all of my questions and they were very nice. They also assured me that it was completely safe to order on there website. I placed my order on a Monday night. I purchased two black double flared plugs and two clear double flared plugs. The order was shipped postal. Thursday afternoon I checked my mail and there was a box from I opened it up. It was exactly what I expected. One of the flares on the clear plugs was a bit crooked but that was ok. I know that they were hand made. Other than that the plugs kick ass. They are my favorite out of my whole collection. I highly recommend this company to anyone who is looking for quality glass body jewelry.

Reviewed by: Raffy
Date Added: 11-23-03
Jewelry bought: 2g Eyelets and 2g Double flared plugs

I stumbled on the Liquid Glass website after reading the review of Dale, the guy who reviewed Liquid Glass before me.

After reading his wonderful review I decided to take a chance and purchase from Liquid. At first I was apprehensive because I have ordered from ANOTHER company who also manufactures wholesale glass body jewelry, whose name I will not mention in this review for they are good people but unfortunately their glass jewelry art of manufacturing method is a bit flawed.

But I took a chance and ordered from Liquid. Nathan the owner was very polite with my inquiries through email, because I was unable to call by phone because of time differences. Anyway I placed the order and it arrived a week after order had been placed, because all orders are custom handmade by Nathan.

When the jewelry arrived I was happy to see it arrived in a large box. When I opened the box each piece of jewelry was in a nice small zip lock bag wrapped in bubble wrap, one bag for each pair with a nice calling card of Liquid in it. As I opened it everything that the review on Modified Mind was right! It was flawless! It was as if it was crafted from steel or any other material that can be molded with no flaws at all. Both pairs were perfect! Perfectly matched! No flaws at all. If you want or are thinking about ordering glass jewelry look no further because I believe Liquid Glass is probably the best manufacturer of glass jewelry available, after trying out other competitors.

Reviewed by: Dale Hedrick
Date Added: 9-14-03
Jewelry bought: 6 assorted large gauge pieces

With the plethora of body jewelry vendors that have sprung up to accommodate the recent boom in the body piercing industry, I have been very fortunate to find a few manufacturers that have not jumped on the bandwagon and are still working as artists to produce the highest quality pieces possible. If you have followed my previous reviews, you know that I have a passion for hand-crafted and artistic pieces of jewelry.

There are a few different materials that have a great amount to offer to the body modification community -- one of these materials is glass. Glass has many different benefits, but three of the most notable are its ultra-smooth finish, its hypoallergenic properties and, of course, its beauty. Unfortunately, as manufacturing has become more automated, there has been an upsurge in body jewelry production in materials that can be worked with some of this new technology -- often leading to lower quality pieces. Recently, I am seeing an upturn in the number of hand-crafted jewelry manufacturers, and one of them is Liquid Glass.

Not only does owner Nathan Maez provide high quality hand crafted glass body jewelry, he provides some amazingly unique and artful pieces -- and at an extremely affordable price. Most body modification aficionados have become accustomed to the high prices that come along with the purchase of quality body jewelry. I am pleased to say that Nathan has not allowed this to infiltrate his business.

On my initial visit to the Liquid Glass website, I was not overly impressed, as there are not many different styles of jewelry to choose from -- but when I delved deeper, I discovered that each of the styles offered are offered in many different variations, and all of them looked exquisite. I knew that I just had to see this jewelry for myself! When I contacted Liquid Glass about writing a review, the owner, Nathan Maez, was very quick to reply and happy to do anything he could to be of assistance to me. We agreed on a time to send the jewelry out, and suffered a stroke of bad luck when the jewelry was lost in the mail. Not set back at all, Nathan recompiled his selections for me and mailed them out again -- this time they arrived with no problem, and in only two days.

When I opened the box, I was in awe -- six gorgeous pieces of glass body jewelry were awaiting me. Inside was one of each of the following: a crystal head hunter spiral, a cobalt double flare plug, an onyx twisted tusk, a garnet earlet, a blue vertigo claw, and a white/purple nerve twist. The first piece that caught my attention was the blue vertigo claw -- it is absolutely flawless! I am generally not a big fan of claws, but with this claw, the spirals around the exterior give an amazing depth -- as you gaze into the claw, you almost feel like you could fall in. I would purchase this piece even if I would never wear it, just to see this terrific effect. The eyelet and the double flared plug are both fairly standard - I found both of them to be extremely comfortable to wear and a great value for the price. The headhunter spiral is a nice piece -- it demonstrates some flawless glasswork, as you will often see kinks in the glass if it is bent too far by someone with too little experience. Both of the twisted tusks -- the onyx and the nerve, are nice pieces that can be functional in a variety of piercings -- I found slight kinks in both of them at the peak of the twist, and I do not personally like the finish on the nerve twist, as it is not as smooth a finish as I like -- but in a healed piercing it would look fantastic.

All of the pieces had relatively flawless finishes and were true to their sizes, demonstrating the high quality of craftsmanship that Liquid Glass has to offer the body modification community. Nathan has been extremely helpful throughout this entire process, and is a true pleasure to work with -- I recommend Liquid Glass to anyone who is looking for high quality glass body jewelry at very affordable prices.

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