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Reviewed by: Joe Polsonetti
Date Added: 7-3-06
Jewelry bought: 7/8" Gaboon Ebony Plugs

I have bean buying jewelry from Maelstrom for a while now. But after about a year of not ordering any jewelry online I decided I needed a pair of nice custom wood plugs. Maelstrom had them and they were priced well. So I went ahead and placed my order the very next day I got a personal email from the girl who owns the sight saying my plugs had just been made :) and were just shipped out :) Amazing 4 days later I got my plugs and they are amazing if anyone is looking into buying nice wood plugs at a good price and fast shipping go through Maelstrom.

Reviewed by: elizabeth
Date Added: 3-14-04
Jewelry bought: 10g crescent

I just have to say that ordering from Maelstrom has been one of the best experiences for me when ordering online. The communication is wonderful, prompt, and they make sure you know exactly what you're buying with detailed product descriptions, even on Ebay. The shipping is very fast - I received my purchase in only a few days. The quality of the piece I received was very impressive and well worth the cost. It was absolutely perfect - no tiny scratches or dings, and polished to perfection. If it was any shinier I probably would've blinded myself. :) The ends are perfectly pointed but not too sharp. I bought this for my best friend for Christmas and she hasn't taken it out of her nose since then. I plan on buying from Maelstrom again with complete confidence.

Reviewed by: Nicole Bressler
Date Added: 5-26-03
Jewelry bought: 3/4" Industrial Strength black acrylic plugs

Maelstrom Studio Lab...what a lovely business!! Adrienne is so awesome. All of my emails were answered very quickly and all of my questions were answered as well. They have great prices and they ship very fast. I think anyone would have a good experience dealing with these guys. They really can be trusted. I know their on eBay and have several positive feedback points, and they have their own website. I know they do lots of business but, they still find the time to help you out with any questions or concerns that you may have about their products. They made me very happy! Adrienne is such a big help!!

Reviewed by: Scott Southard (IAM Chicks Dig Scars)
Date Added: 3-16-03
Jewelry bought: 6ga flesh tube, 6ga CBB, 6ga "vampire" CBR, and a 6ga 11mm pincher

First off, I've got to say that this company has the friendliest, most personal customer support I've EVER found. Adrienne (owner) is an extremely friendly, down to earth person to deal with. She even threw in plenty of o-rings, and some special clear ones too! The jewelry, when it arrived, was in EXCELLENT condition, it was polished to a mirror shine and the packaging was great. The thing I like about Maelstrom is that they ship using USPS instead of UPS, which means that you can get your stuff at a P.O. Box and the shipping is cheap, they don't charge you out the ass for it. (my advice, though, is to get insurance!! since USPS is slower, I was worried for a day or two.) As far as recommending any one company for quality, price and support ratio, Maelstrom definitely gets my vote. Thanks Adrienne, the jewelry is mint!

Reviewed by: Christina Petrone
Date Added: 3-16-03
Jewelry bought: 6g Custom Tribal CBRs, 8g talons, spare O-rings, etc.

I have ordered from this site numerous times for both myself and my friends and I have not ONE complaint!

Always keeps good e-mail contact, very swift when it comes to responding to their customers. Their jewelry is gorgeous & their custom work is even better! Adrienne was patient and very helpful as I was trying to decide what style tribal CBR's to get made as well as trying to get the right color, ball size, etc. The price I paid for them was well worth it, they're gorgeous. Just the right tone of blue, I have not one complaint about these or any other piece I bought from them.

Seriously, if you order from Maelstroms you'll be VERY pleased!

Reviewed by: ink_freak101
Date Added: 7-1-02
Jewelry bought: 4 gauge amber plugs, cateye beads

I just got finished making an order from this site. First of all their site is easy to navigate and they give details about all of their products. It was as easy as making a few clicks and there you go, jewelry ordered. You have to have a paypal acount, which isn't a problem because I already had one. I placed my order about a week ago and today I finally got my jewelry. The jewelry is great quality and they gave me some extras. I ordered 2ea. amber 4 gauge plugs and to my suprise I got 10 o-rings with the order! I also ordered 2ea. 6mm orange cateye beads and 2ea. 4mm orange cateye beads and I ended up getting 5 4mm beads and 3 6mm beads. This shop is good about their jewelry and they answer your e-mails quick. I had a question about my jewelry as far as where it was and they responded quick. I would recommend this site to anyone. I will be ordering from Maelstrom again.

Reviewed by: Josh
Date Added: 6-14-02
Jewelry bought: (1) 9/16" double flared eyelet and (1) 9/16" single flared eyelet

Maelstrom Studio Lab is by FAR the best jewelry company/manufacturer I have ever dealt with! Their jewelry is amazing, if you have any questions or problems and you email them they always respond the day or day after you email them. Their prices are perfectly fair and their jewelry is perfect, I received my eyelets with no problems at all, no scratches, dings, or mis-colorations. Also, I have never ordered anything custom from them but their website has magnificant custom jewelry. Lastly, they emailed me the next day after my order was placed that it was shipped and it came semi-across country in 3 days. I really don't have enough nice things to say about them, they are the BEST jewelry company out their!

Reviewed by: Cristina
Date Added: 6-14-02
Jewelry bought: 2ga tunnels

I have heard good things about Maelstrom Studio Lab both on Modified Mind and from IAM members so when it came time to stretch my lobes I decided to go there and order some tunnels. I especially like the fact that they have nitrile o-rings since I cannot seem to wear latex ones and I hate to have to buy silicone ones from another vendor since o-rings are cheap and shipping them costs about a thousand times more. Anywho...The site is easy enough to navigate and the descriptions of the items are really well done. I appreciated that very much. They e-mailed me with confirmation of my PayPal payment within a few hours of my sending it and told me that my order would ship ASAP. I received it within the week. I would recommend Maelstrom Studio Lab to anyone looking for jewelry. I plan on ordering some amber and turquoise plugs from them soon.

Reviewed by: kitty
Date Added: 5-7-02
Jewelry bought: pair of 8g tusks

I ran across Maelstrom Studios on eBay so I went to their web site. I was very impressed by the available selections and Adrienne replied to my emails very promptly and with great courtesy.

My tusks arrived a mere TWO days after I ordered! I think we're not that far from each other, but I've ordered things from a few hundred miles away that took a week to get here. Between the great service I received, the selections they have and the quality of the jewelry, I have them at the top of my bookmarks list for future purchases. Their prices are comparable for hand-made in the USA items and definitely are NOT cheap imports!

Through our emails, I found out that they also do custom work, which is a big plus to me. I mentioned that in the future I'd like to buy some of their extra-long talons (theirs are very sweet looking!) as well as some pinchers (talons that curve about 180 degrees & sometimes called other than pinchers). Adrienne said that they will start making some and put them up on the web site.

I very highly recommend Malestrom Studio to anyone looking for unique, quality body jewelry at a fair price.

THANKS, Adrienne! You're a real doll!

Reviewed by: Zorbs
Date Added: 4-3-02
Jewelry bought: custom 14ga, double slave, fire opal navel barbell

The best service I've seen from a jewelry dealer so far! I emailed Adrienne for price info late one night and by around 8am the next morning I had a reply.

What I like about Maelstrom's collection is that they have really badass pieces in small gauges (I'm not into stretching) at VERY reasonable prices. Check out the sale section, there are 12ga 1" curved talons for less than $20.

The barbell I bought is by far my favourite of all that I own, the curve of the barbell is a bit more than your average barbell, so I feel that it sits in the navel better and looks more flattering.

The prices are a bit steep ($35-55 US + $4 S&H) for the custom barbells, but if you're looking for something beautiful and really unique, you won't be disappointed with Maelstrom. Order was placed on a Thursday, jewelry received by Monday. Wow, talk about fast!!!

Reviewed by: Amber
Jewelry bought: circular tusk, talons

Well, I was browsing around for some interesting jewelry for my septum and ears and came across Maelstrom. They are fairly new and only have an on demand page right now, but should be totally up and running soon. I purchased my jewelry and was pleasantly surprised to find out that they use the USPS as opposed to UPS, making delivery cheaper and easier, as I live in an apartment building. Well, Adrienne was right in touch with me to let me know that my order was sent out, and when I got it, I was not disappointed! The shine was great, the jewelry was well proportioned, and it looks great! Adrienne is just starting out, and from the looks of it does some great custom stuff too! You can find them at I highly recommend it!

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