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Reviewed by: Kat Gannon
Date Added: 12-11-05
Jewelry bought: Varied

I wasn't even aware this site existed; I found it quite by accident. However, since I did find it, I would like to put in my review of Metal Mafia. I cannot say enough good things about this company. I found them through an ad in Pain Magazine. I was a little hesitant at first...their prices were SO low, I wasn't sure what sort of quality I would receive. I was very pleasantly surprised. Not only do they have absolutely excellent prices, but also the quality of the items is first rate.

They have a very nice selection particularly of navel and labret pieces, many of which they design themselves (so it's not the same-old, same-old). Metal Mafia's prices allow us to retail pieces (such as the extreme labrets) at prices that the target market for such items can easily afford.

I would certainly be remiss if I didn't mention Metal Mafia's outstanding customer service. I personally deal with Jose. He is polite and efficient. If I send him an e-mail, I often have a response the same day. I have never had any problems with orders (these folks actually have in stock what they advertise). One particular labret style did have a manufacturing flaw. When I called Jose and told him, he apologized profusely, and said that they had had another person with the same problem, and were pulling the item out of stock until the problem could be remedied. He credited the amount to my next order, no hassles, no problems.

Metal Mafia brings something to this industry it has needed for a long time - a jewelry supplier with a high standard of ethics and customer service, along with prices that are MORE than reasonable. (With many suppliers, you would have to buy a dozen of the same style/color to get a price even CLOSE to Metal Mafia's - and the stuff isn't even as cool!)

My partner and I have been in this industry for 25+ years, and we've seen suppliers come and go. I do the ordering for our shop and I have heard all the pitches, hard sells, promises, etc., none of which are backed up with the saying goes, talk is cheap. I very much dislike calling companies where the person manning the phones either doesn't have a clue about the business, acts like I'm interrupting something more important, or has a cavalier, "young punk" attitude. In fact I have dropped suppliers for these reasons. Metal Mafia is certainly the antithesis of these things. They truly make you feel as though they value your business, and that making you happy is their first priority.

As regards receiving orders, Metal Mafia is located in Manhattan, and we are in Southern Maine, so we are in close proximity. I generally have my order within 48 -72 hours of placing it, and that is regular ground, UPS.

I would highly recommend Metal Mafia. If you are starting up - or even if you are an established shop looking to expand your retail without spending an arm and a leg, these guys are for you. Long live Nostra Familia!! Kat - Ron's Piercing Experience & Tattoo - Brunswick Maine

Reviewed by: Kecia
Date Added: 9-18-05
Jewelry bought: All jewelry

We were opening a new shop and I needed some good quality and great priced jewelry fast. I was looking in Pain mag. and there was an ad for Metal Mafia . I looked their website over and decided to give them a try. My jewelry arrived two days later. The quality was exceptional and my customers love it as much as I do. I have had a hard time keeping it in stock. Metal Mafia is by far the best jewelry company (Dale, Jeff, Vanessa, Jose, Blanca, Emily, Bugsy, and Nebraska) I have ever dealt with. I highly recommend you give them a try you will not be disappointed.

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