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Reviewed by: dwala
Date Added: 6-3-07
Jewelry bought: multiple orders

I'm positively delighted with the service I've received from I think this is my third or fourth order with them in 3 weeks, just small things--barbells, needles, microdermal... whatever, but no orders much more than $50. I am very pleased with how well they've treated me as a new and small customer: they man their online chat help desk system often and responded to my late night email within 12 hours. They communicate honestly and clearly about lead times, too... I don't like to wait. They charge less than $6 for Priority Mail shipping, and they consistently get orders out same day or next day.

Reviewed by: Mercedes
Date Added: 9-17-02
Jewelry bought: ring opening pliers

So I ordered these pliers. I was skeptical because I didn't think I could get a pair of ring opening pliers that would open a 2ga 5/8" BCR for 20$. Well, I was right, but that's not the point (because for 20$, you get what you pay for, when you consider the Anatometal ones are 78$)... The point is their customer service. These guys are amazing! I called instead of e-mailing because I was worried that, being an internet company, e-mailing would just give me the runaround.

I explained that the ring openers didn't work, and he seemed very sorry to hear that. When I said that there was nothing else on their site that I wanted instead, he said that he would refund my money *and* the shipping. I was floored. Granted, this was because the product didn't live up to its claim, but still. They could easily have just said, "well, you're stuck with them. Now you know for next time..." or something.

Later, I was looking at their website and I actually found something else I wanted from there, so I called back and asked if I could exchange it instead. The item I wanted was a little bit more than what I was returning, but since I was returning the product because it didn't work as it was supposed to, they reluctantly agreed to give me the jewelry I wanted for the same price (it was only a couple dollars difference).

Provided that the replacement jewelry is good quality and they follow my instructions for the invoice (it has to say 0$ difference and that it's an exchange in order for me to not pay duties and taxes when the item crosses the boarder to my home in Canada), I'm going to say that this is the best jewelry site I've ever ordered from... Mind you, I haven't ordered much jewelry online, but I'm still impressed with their service.

Reviewed by: Justice
Jewelry bought: all kinds, barbells, labrets, captives

Steel Navel has been one of the best on-line retailers that I have dealt with. I have bought jewelry from other sites which has been ok but now I always go to Steel Navel. They have a really wide selection and their site is really easy to use. I have ordered several different times and my order has always gotten to me within a week. Everything has always been exactly what I ordered and is always high quality. They have a lot of unique jewelry and I always find something else I want when I get on their site. I would encourage people to give them a try, it's worth it.

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