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Reviewed by: beck
Date Added: 5-2-09
Jewelry bought: 1/2 inch bloodwood plugs

I LOVE my new bloodwood plugs! It canít get any better than Omerica. They're totally custom made and beautiful. They even include an extra pair of o-rings! I've ordered from other organic companies but had bad luck with the finished product not being the right size and pieces not matching. These were spot on. The only thing I didnít like was the packaging it came in. It was in a standard yellow bubble wrap envelope. They are an eco friendly company so I was surprised with the bubble wrap. But I will most definitely be ordering again soon.

Reviewed by: Rich Wood
Date Added: 12-24-07
Jewelry bought: 1.25" Plugs

So far I have received two pairs of 1.25" plugs with a third one on order.

One pair straight Ebony and the other Ebony with Zebrawood inserts. The pair in the mail is Olivewood with CZ gems and Pink Ivory wood gem surrounds. Looking forward to receiving them this week.

Omerica seems to have very fast service considering that all of the items I ordered have been custom plugs. Turn around from placing the order to shipment notice has been within 5 work days. For orders placed in December I consider this to be outstanding.

Finish quality is quite good with no ear irritation or wearing problems noted so far. Size is just a bit over the nominal diameter by about .5mm or so on both pairs. I consider that good work as I read that typical tolerance on wood plugs is about + or - 1mm of nominal.

In the first order there was an error in that they also shipped a pair of 7/8" wood tunnels, not ordered or charged for. When I phoned the answer was an apology for the error and I was told to keep them for a friend who could use that size.

All in all very fast and friendly service with a wide range of styles available. I will definitely do my wood plugs buying from them in the future.

Reviewed by: mathias
Date Added: 2-19-06
Jewelry bought: custom wood granadillo with face design

This company rocks! Very friendly customer services! I've ordered my plugs and they shipped it next day out to Switzerland, the American Post haven't shipped it to Switzerland because of the name of the company which contains "organic". So I emailed the guys and they remake my plugs and shipped it over in 3 days! That's fuckin fast! And they give me a extra free pair of plugs, cause of the waiting time :)

The plugs are so beautiful. I can't stop staring at them! Good work, good pricing, good shipping. I only can recommend this company to everyone who likes custom goods!!!

Reviewed by: Laura
Date Added: 3-13-05
Jewelry bought: 1" Tulip wood single flare plugs

I heard about Omerica through the livejournal community biglobedbitches. I was looking for some great wood jewelry for cheap. Omerica seemed like the best place to go. I had to call and place my order because the biglobedbitches coupon code doesn't work on the website. The guy on the phone was so friendly and polite and I ordered. He said he would be making them that night and sending them out the very next day! This made me happy. I hate waiting for plugs. Especially when they're going to be SO pretty.

Their selection of woods are absolutely outstandingly beautiful. Within 4 DAYS I had my beautiful 1 inch plugs. They were even more great than I had expected with grooves in the back for the o-rings. O-rings are always a pain and grooves increase their ease. Ordering for them was a GREAT thing. It's doubtful I'll go anywhere else for my wood plugs.

Reviewed by: Joe
Date Added: 2-21-05
Jewelry bought: 7/16 Chechen wood, 1/2 Eboney Plug's, 9/16 Tulip wood Ear Plugs

I stumbled upon Omerica on EBay, they caught my eye with their custom made hardwood plugs. On every pair of plugs I purchased from them I designed the wood. The style you can pick top hat with grooves for o-rings. Or Double Flared or just solid with flares for o-rings. They also take special requests on making the plugs if that was not enough. I never paid over 20 dollars for a pair of plugs from them and their shipping is very cheap and fast, they use USPS Priority so you get your stuff fast. I would recommend this company to anyone interested in large gauge hardwood plugs. They can make all the styles I just listed all the way up to 2 inches. I'm definitely a repeat customer.

Reviewed by: Joe
Date Added: 2-21-05
Jewelry bought: 9/16 Tulip wood and 5/8 Pink Ivory Wood Plugs

I ordered from Omerica because they had a web site with nice presence and their wood plugs were all made by hand. I have ordered two pairs of plugs in total from them the 5/8 Pink Ivory Top hat style plugs I got from them are one of a kind custom plugs. This company has great friendly customer service and is very, very quick to respond to emails. Ships same day payment is received both orders I placed with them got to me 3 to 4 Days after I placed it. Very fast especially for hand made wood plugs. I will definitely be doing business with this company again and again. I plan on getting some custom work done by them on a pair of plugs I have in mind in the near future.

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