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Reviewed by: Michael
Date Added: 7-2-10
Jewelry bought: 32-38mm plugs

Onetribe has the best quality organic jewelry on the net, in my opinion. Of course, it's always nice to get something of great craftsmanship, what's better is their customer service is outstanding. Every person I have talked to at Onetribe whether it's email or over the phone has been outstanding. If something goes wrong during your transaction EVEN IF IT'S NOT THEIR FAULT they are quick to make it right. Case and point: A couple years ago I bought a pair of plugs from them over the holiday season. It took an unusually long period of time to get my plugs and they gave me a 20% coupon for the next set I bought. Just recently I saw a pair of rad plugs on their Facebook page that I wanted and there were only 2 pair of them made. I emailed them and within hours someone called me about them. I never buy plugs from anywhere but them anymore. Great quality, good prices (for handmade jewelry, made in the US), and amazing customer service.

Reviewed by: Michelle
Date Added: 7-2-10
Jewelry bought: Custom Antler & Amber Plugs

I have been ordering plugs for about two years now and love every set I have received. Recently I decided to have some custom plugs made. OneTribe's staff has always been kind, knowledgeable, and extremely helpful, and when it can time to work with me to come up with a design they did not disappoint at all. They were very quick to respond to my inquires and helped me come up with a unique custom design for my plugs. Once I received my plugs I couldn't believe how beautiful they came out. They were much more amazing than I expected. They were rich creamy antler Mayan flare plugs with warm gemy amber cabs set in a silver bezel setting. The material that OneTribe uses is guality...nothing less than grade A materials. You won't get "scraps" from OneTribe. These fit perfectly in my ears...smooth and snug. They fit perfectly to my specifications on dimensions. OneTribe's craftsmanship and artistry is above any I have found. I have purchased other pieces from other companies, but hands down OneTribe's staff, quality of materials, craftsmanship and artists along with the company's ecological friendly & ethical business practices set them in a class all of their own! You will not be disappointed with OneTribe!

Reviewed by: Joey Strange
Date Added: 7-2-10
Jewelry bought: 1.5 inch Custom Mayan Flowers

I've known Jared for awhile from BME and would lurk his page looking at his new pieces as he posted them. I had picked up a few pieces here and there from him and was always happy with the service and finished product. When my wedding was coming up I contacted Onetribe and had them help with the design I had in mind. I wanted a flower with very 3D, deep relief carvings and amber centers.

Jared and I communicated often and he would send me high res. photos of wood to choose from. He also sent high res. photos of the different amber samples and we settled on the final materials. Jared suggested somewhere along the line to use 18k gold to hold the amber and didn't raise the price knowing I was on a budget.

When I got to hold the final pieces they were beautiful. The finish was very smooth. The wood grain seemed to explode out from the center. The red was really deep and contrasted against the gold and amber nicely. The gold was hand pounded and set without any adhesives. I wish I could post pictures of them here. He has them listed in his blog and they are worth going to look at. I couldn't recommend Onetribe any more strongly. They are artisans that really about what they are doing.

Reviewed by: Will
Date Added: 7-2-10
Jewelry bought: Custom Oval Jadeite Labret

I emailed Onetribe support asking about some of their blue-green jadeite and enquired if they would make me a 9mm x 16mm oval labret piece. It transpired that it was over my budget, but saved up and emailed again when I had the money asking if they would still be up for it. Cameron said no worries. I got a PayPal invoice 5 minutes later and paid it. Easy, simple and very quick.

Customer service is top notch, any time I have dealt with people at Onetribe they've been very friendly and helpful in answering my queries. I've ordered custom pieces before from them and has always been simple and stress free.

Production of jewellery took a few days and got an email when it was put in the mail. It arrived a bit over a week later. Bare in mind I live in Ireland and Onetribe are based in Virginia.

The jewellery is amazing. Firstly the material is blue/green jadeite, quite rare and the people there did a great job. The finish is perfect. Fits perfectly in my mouth, has a nice concaved t-back, the wings are around 4mm long also. It doesn't rub off my gums or teeth.

The piece itself has a perfect finish, no sharp edges, it is cut to show off the best qualities of the jade itself. Just an all round amazing piece of jewellery.

It is also ethically resourced which is nice to know that companies do care about what goes on.

All in all, couldn't be happier with my purchase. I have no hesitation in recommending them to anyone.

Reviewed by: Anonymous
Date Added: 5-2-09
Jewelry bought: a ton

Before I say anything I would like you to know this was hard for me to write. I have ordered 500 dollars + of Onetribe jewelry and was happy... with most of it. It seams that since they have updated their site and from what I can tell started caring about their customers and quality less. I ordered a set of bloodwood concave plugs over a year ago and they were fantastic. Great grain, good color, and fantastic quality they looked JUST LIKE THE PICTURE!! As did everything else I ordered for awhile but I guess all good things come to an end. I just ordered a few more sets over the last few months and I could not be more disappointed. I ordered something I have ordered from them before (bloodwood concave) and they are ugly shinny and dark. They just look wrong. Nothing like the picture at all. I understand with wood this happens but after receiving the wrong size and shape plugs last time I was hoping that if I went with something that I already ordered before I should be really happy with it right? Everything I have ordered recently is way less then I have come to expect from Onetribe as far as quality. I called and inquired on why these were not as nice of plugs and to see what could be done about it and the person I talked to got kind of angry and told me it was the wood and that they didn't change the way they make them even though I can compare both pairs and they are WAY different. I thought I was all alone on this but one of my friends with ears almost as large as mine also got a new set after losing some at a party and came to the same conclusion. Also I got some rain wood tunnels and when I got them the quality was junk. I started doing some research and found another site (a wholesale site much like 99 Cent Body Jewelry) with the same picture of the same plug for rock bottom prices. Those tunnels went on to crack and flake grain something terrible and have since been retired to the trash. I guess what I'm saying is if you’re going to buy something from them I would explore your avenues first. I have since stopped ordering from Onetribe and started getting stuff from Omerica. The prices are a little more steep but the quality is flawless and as everyone knows a cheap set of plugs will get you by but if you invest in some high quality plugs you will not have to purchase as often. I would suggest getting something in ebony if you do decide to buy from Onetribe. I have found those are constantly good.

Reviewed by: Rachel
Date Added: 6-3-07
Jewelry bought: 1.5" charcoal wood solid plugs

I had previously ordered a pair of plugs I was unhappy with (and written a poor review), but I must follow that up with how outstanding their service has been since.

They saw my previous review on Modified Mind. I had written about how the plugs have a sharp flare which I didn't like. They noted that because of mine and similar feedback, they are going to be making plugs with a smoother flare. I really appreciate a company who takes time to review what their customers have to say.

They are also sending me a replacement pair of plugs, absolutely free, and offered me a large discount on a pair I had ordered which they did not end up having in stock. I really feel that they have gone above and beyond to please. I will definitely be ordering from Onetribe again in the future.

Reviewed by: Rachel
Date Added: 3-10-07
Jewelry bought: 1.5" charcoal wood solid plugs

Let me start off by saying that I am very surprised that I am unhappy with my plugs. People obviously seem to be very pleased, so maybe this is just a fluke? I first ordered a different pair of plugs, but my money was refunded to me a day or two later as they said they did not have them in stock. I found it a bit annoying that they had them available in the shopping cart, but they assured me that it was an issue that they're trying to fix so I let it go.

The replacement pair was shipped the day after I ordered them and got to me in a timely manner. They're smooth and shiny, but I have two problems with them. First, they are not round! They're both pretty obvious ovals, and were not marketed as such. I've never had this problem with any plugs I've ordered from anyone before. Even the plugs I have that were made by my husband with only a dremel tool are closer to perfect circles. The second issue I have is that the rims are pretty sharp. This might not bother some people, but I find it annoying. They dig into me when I sleep.

Overall I am fairly happy with the service, but I'm pretty disappointed with the plugs. I wish I had something more positive to say about them.

Reviewed by: Rose ov Sharon
Date Added: 1-16-06
Jewelry bought: Red Flower Plugs, Wood Mother Of Pearl Plugs

Just another return Onetribe customer here to rave on about how great these folks are! I have been so pleased with my ordering experience, and each time my jewelry arrives, I am gleefully excited to find just how lovely these pieces are. I'm a web designer myself, so it's a joy to browse around their beautiful and well-planned website, which does a great job of showcasing their awesome (and large) selection. The ordering process is as easy as can be, and is integrated seamlessly with Paypal for simple and quick online purchases. I always hear back from them right away with a confirmation of my order, and I always get my order way faster than expected, (my last order arrived within 2 days!). For someone with larger holes, Onetribe is a must... I've got 1 inch lobes and they have one of the widest and most amazing collections for my size, and there is always something new and unique that I want whenever I visit their site. The prices are very reasonable and the personalized customer service is top-notch. I've got nothing but praise for Onetribe and I give them my highest compliments for a job well done.

Reviewed by: Jennifer Kline
Date Added: 10-30-05
Jewelry bought: Horn eyelets and horn and bone 'aztec flowers'

This is a review of the service and product quality I received by Onetribe International.

I wanted some simple and lightweight tunnels in a natural material that wouldn't cost me an arm and a leg. I was familiar with the name Onetribe through word of mouth and after checking the site I was thrilled to see that they had a pair of black water buffalo eyelets in 1 9/16" in stock. This is not an easy size to find in horn. The price was very inexpensive so I jumped on them and I am glad I did.

I ordered them and paid for them through their online shopping cart and received a confirmation email letting me know that my order was received. Great! Now to wait.

I didn't have to wait long. About 4 days later I got a tidy little box in the mail in brown paper and the Onetribe label on it. Upon opening the box I remarked that the packaging material were very well put together and the eyelets were bagged separately and well padded with straw-like material and shredded paper.

But the jewelry, that was obviously the best, the horn eyelets GLEAMED. They were solid black with no cracks or lines showing future fracture points. I have to say that this was the most impressive thing, because if you are familiar with horn jewelry, you know that often in larger sizes there are variations in color and texture due to the source. These plugs were excellent and had a very high polish. There were no visible flaws and I felt immediately gratified and lucky that I not only got a great set of earrings but at such a super price. Did I mention free shipping? Oh yes, a bonus benefit. I made a note to always check with Onetribe when I look for earrings made from natural materials.

I have to recommend this company for their thoroughness and simplicity combined. From the site's layout, overall efficiency, through the ordering, and confirmation, receipt and product quality, I found nothing wanting. You can order with confidence from these folks.

I have since gotten a second pair of plugs from Onetribe, a 44mm pair water buffalo horn with carved bone inlay flowers. These were a repeat of a positive experience and the jewelry is just lovely.

Having ordered from many suppliers of varying qualities, I have been the recipient of varying product and service qualities as is to be expected. Hopefully this review serves to give confidence to anyone wondering about what to expect from this supplier. Expect the best, fast and reasonably priced!

Reviewed by: Dave
Date Added: 10-30-05
Jewelry bought: Raintree Wood Tunnels, Raintree Wood Plugs, Bamboo Tunnels (all 1/2")

I have to say that this has been the best experience I've had ordering online. The website, communication, and shipping speed were superb! Everyone at Onetribe was helpful and supportive. I will be keeping my business with them...without question. They produce and delivering an excellent alternative product to metal/plastic/glass! Onetribe kicks arse!


  1. Raintree Wood Plug: Smooooooth, beautifully crafted, colorfully deep, light, and wicked comfortable. I'm extremely pleased with this buy.
  2. Raintree Wood Tunnel: Wonderful color, beautiful grain, smooth, light, comfortable, and the craftsmanship is excellent! Another great buy.
  3. Bamboo Tunnel: Smooth, light-weight, sturdy, colorful, beautifully crafted, and comfortable to wear. A 3rd great buy.

Reviewed by: Sarah O. (iam:conejabonita)
Date Added: 10-30-05
Jewelry bought: Daily Nourishment Oil, Mild Cleansing Oil (sample sizes)

I tried the sample sizes of the Daily Nourishment Oil and Mild Cleansing Oil. I am really quite pleased with both of these oils. First of all, they contain Vitamin E oil, which is very beneficial for lobes, as it keeps the skin moisturized, helps break down scar tissue, and makes insertion of jewelry easier.

I used the Daily Nourishment Oil as a massage oil for my daily lobe massage. It has a smooth consistency, not gunky or thick like pure Vitamin E oil from capsules can be, and it has a light, pleasant scent.

I have also tried the Mild Cleansing Oil. I tried using it to clean my organic jewelry, and I have found it really handy for that purpose since organics cannot come into contact with water. Also, although it's not suggested to be applied directly to skin in its undiluted form, I diluted a tiny drop in a little bit of jojoba oil and used it on my lobes as well as some scar tissue I have from a couple of retired cartilage piercings. It didn't irritate or dry out my skin, and it seemed to help some, especially on a helix I retired very recently. However, if you have sensitive skin, you might want to be careful doing that, or do a patch test on your inner elbow first.

At any rate, I really like these oils and will be buying more in the future, especially the Cleansing Oil so I can keep all my organics squeaky clean!!

Reviewed by: Darcy Valade
Date Added: 10-30-05
Jewelry bought: buffalo horn twists, hollywood star plugs, daily nourishment oil, cleaning essential oil blend

My first order with Onetribe was a pair of buffalo horn twists. The same day I placed my order Jared emailed me to let me know that it was his last pair in my size and one of the pieces was slightly larger than the other. He then offered me half off if I still wanted them or to refund my money if I didn't. I was very impressed with his honesty and decided to go through with it. When they arrived in a box a few days later with a handwritten thank you on the invoice I was struck by how gorgeous the twists were. The hollywood star plugs were just as wonderful with just delivery that was just as speedy.

I just received both oils in sample vials not too long ago and fell in love at first whiff. They not only smell fantastic but have also done wonders for a chapped spot on one of my lobes. Both have more than earned a place in my lobe care regimen. The daily nourishment oil for massages and the cleaning essential for days when I need a pick-me-up. The scent is that good.

Reviewed by: Chris Johnson
Date Added: 9-18-05
Jewelry bought: Large Tribal Seahorse; Wooden Rings, and more!

I was truly left breathless when I open my shipment from OneTribe International. I was completely impressed with the workmanship of all the pieces. The wooden rings are my new favorite and I will tell you why. Yes, they are chunky, bold, and very tribal in appearance - all qualities that I look for when buying product, but the one characteristic that I find to be most impressive is the finish. The wood feels as smooth as glass, which causes the richness of the color to come through and allows the quality material to stand out and be seen. There are a lot of shops out there that offer organic wear, but I must say that OneTribe International stands far out in front of all them. I am a small upstart in the body modification industry and OneTribe is definitely the role model for me and my operation. If I had ten thumbs, they would all be extended vertically! Kudos to Jared and Rachel!! Thanks and I will be buying again!

Reviewed by: Karine Labelle
Date Added: 7-7-05
Jewelry bought: 1 pair of "rawk star plugs"

I ordered a pair of OneTribe's "Rawk Star Plugs" in 5/8" and I am in LOVE. First of all, I am in love with OneTribe itself. The website looks good and is functional, the shopping cart is easy to use and the fact that you can register and not need to enter all your info every time you order is a plus. The staff is friendly and the customer service is A+, Jared or Rachel get back to you very quickly if you have any queries and are always helpful and polite. Now the plugs themselves: they are Buffalo Horn with crushed and dyed bone dust inlay. The inlay is a shocking shade of hot pink. They are gorgeous, the color is perfect and so bright. As usual, the finish and sizing is flawless, very high quality jewelry is always what you get from OneTribe and this pair of plugs confirmed that.

Reviewed by: Kenn Hiser
Date Added: 7-7-05
Jewelry bought: 8g septum tusk, 8 g horn tusk,3/4'' horn plugs

All I can say about these folks is that I wish I had more money and they had more stuff in my sizes! I would be ordering from them every week. They are fast, very courteous and the quality is excellent. And their prices are the best I have come across online or anywhere else. AND they pay shipping - a big consideration when I was thinking of ordering a piece (for 5 bucks more already) and at a whopping 8 bucks shipping for a piece that had no weight! So it's a no-brainer to order from OneTribe...and they are real down to earth people (it seems). Ok, enough ass kissing.

Reviewed by: Angie B.
Date Added: 7-7-05
Jewelry bought: 5/8" Solid Wood Rings, 2g Bronze Scimitar Weights, Daily Nourishment Oil Blend

I have been going to Onetribe's site for quite a while now and for some reason I never ordered anything from them but wanted to. So I finally placed my order with them for my bronze weights and wood rings and daily nourishment oil. The first thing is, the order got to me much quicker than I expected. I expected at least 3 weeks for the delivery but it came in about 1 week, so that was quite nice. Everyone should order themselves a vial of the daily nourishment oil blend. My ears felt so much more smooth and relaxed then with other oils I've tried and better than no oil at all. And the tangerine smell is great! On to the jewelry itself: Amazing!!! The Bronze weights are great! They are just the right 'amount' of heavy for my ears. They are not huge so they don't look bulky when I wear them either. They are gorgeous pieces of work also, very nicely crafted and each is unique. The wood rings feel so good in my ears. I thought they might end up being a bit uncomfortable, but they were entirely smooth, and polished. They have just enough weight to them where you almost don't even notice they are there. I will definitely be ordering from Onetribe again in the future. Great jewelry!!

Reviewed by: Elesia
Date Added: 7-7-05
Jewelry bought: 5/8" horn tunnels

I had previously bought oil from Onetribe, and it was shipped quickly, in a cardboard box, and I didn't have to pay for shipping.

I have always wanted to get jewelry from them; I've heard so many good things, but I haven't had the money.

I saw that horn tunnels were on sale for a price I could afford, but they no longer had any in my size. I sent a message to Jared (the owner) to see when they were restocking that item, and if I could get them at that discount again.

He got back to me rather quickly, and told me that he was getting them in soon, and that he could help me out. He messaged me again when they were back in stock, and we set everything up.

He was professional and very nice, he let me use a credit card, and gave me his cell number so I could give him the card numbers.

All I had to do was give him my information and he got them ready to be sent out the next day. I got them (I think) three days later, which is so much sooner than I was expecting!

They are perfect, I love them. I will be buying from them again soon!

Reviewed by: Jennifer
Date Added: 7-7-05
Jewelry bought: horn non-flared plug and horn spiral both 0 gauge

I feel compelled to discuss how pleased I am with this company and the wonderful people who work there. For a long time I had been searching for organic jewelry and once I found this site I doubt I will buy from anywhere else. They have a large and varied collection ranging from bone to wood and horn and finally stone. There are also a variety of sizes. I quickly found what I was looking for: horn plugs and spirals 0 gauge. The owners sent me multiple emails confirming my order and keeping me updated on the shipping process. The jewelry arrived in a record three days!!! And the shipping was free. I also receive email newsletters keeping me posted on new stock and jewelry. The prices are very reasonable and this was important because I had looked at other sites that were way over-priced. The jewelry from Onetribe is affordable and beautiful. I guarantee that I will be making another purchase in the near future. And anyone who buys from this group will be more than satisfied!

Reviewed by: Colin McGuirk McNeil
Date Added: 7-7-05
Jewelry bought: Wood Bull's Eye plugs (7/8 x 2)

A couple of weeks ago I was ogling all of Onetribe's beautiful Organics, and decided to make an order. Within about a week I received the plugs, and was stunned at how gorgeous they were, some of the nicest horn jewelry I have seen. Only one mishap had been noted, I ordered wood with horn, and was sent horn with wood, not that I was disappointed, as it's pretty difficult to complain about such beautiful jewelry.

I decided to send out an email to let Jared and Rachel know I had received the plugs, as they had been so personable throughout the process of the order (i.e.: letting me when they had shipped the jewelry as they were a day or two backed up, etc). I also let them know how happy I was with the jewelry, and wanted to know if they had discontinued the wooden ones. Within a week I received an email apologizing for the mix up, and offering me a wooden pair, as they will be discontinuing the Wooden Bulls eye version, talk about customer service, all I can say is they have a new customer for life.

My overall experience with Onetribe so far would have to be a 10, as they have an abundant supply of beautiful organics/shapes and sizes, quick shipping, good prices, and overall great people. Keep up the good work, you'll definitely see more orders coming from me.

Reviewed by: bjack C.
Date Added: 7-7-05
Jewelry bought: 0ga Fire Star Plug

What can I say, this shop has the best service!

I ordered my plug but did not receive it after very very long so I contacted Rachel. We found out that the package got lost and didn't get back to them either. They reshipped another plug to me for free and gave me a discount coupon!

The package came few days later and the packing was awesome! The plug was flawless and very very nice, exactly like the picture! I loved it! The price was just right too, totally worth it!

I appreciate the little handwritten notes and shipping label too, it's nice and makes me feel important and not just another customer. Friendly emails too. =)

This may seem trivial to you guys but by far it's the best encounter I ever had for online shopping. I have shops disappointing me before by denying me refunds or simply ignoring me when things goes wrong and jewellery look like crap and totally not like the ones in the pictures.

Onetribe Organics, best place for organic stuffs!

Reviewed by: Dale H.
Date Added: 5-29-05
Jewelry bought: Mild Cleansing Oil, Lobe Stretching Oil, Daily Nourishment Oil

As anyone who has read my previous reviews obviously knows, I love Onetribe and think that their quality is fantastic. To say that I was anxious to try their new oils would be an understatement. In the past I had formulated my own oil mixtures for different uses with a great deal of success, but had never found much available in the way of commercially available mixes that suited my needs -- and certainly not that were specifically geared to the body modification community. As of this writing, Onetribe has three different oils available, and I have been fortunate enough to try all three. They are: Lobe Stretching Oil, Mild Cleansing Oil, and Daily Nourishment Oil. While they can't be reviewed the same way jewelry would be reviewed, I will attempt to give a decent description and opinion on all three.

Mild Cleansing Oil: Of the three, this oil is most specific in its intended uses. The cleansing oil is designed to be applied to jewelry and wiped off as a cleanser, or to have a drop or two added to a sea salt soak. In my opinion the most important ingredient in this oil is the Tea Tree oil, which has anti-bacterial properties and is a wonderful cleaning agent. This oil is NOT designed for use as a massage oil directly on the lobes. Just out of curiosity, I did try this oil as a massage oil, and did not experience any ill effects -- but it did not feel as nice or have the positive effects that the other oils did on my lobes. I would not suggest trying it on your lobes, and would reserve this for its recommended uses.

Lobe Stretching Oil: As the name clearly states, this oil is designed to aid with lobe stretching when you are trying to make your ears more supple to make it to the next size. A nice overall oil, my favorite part was the jasmine, which I found to be very refreshing. This oil made my ears feel very nice after use, and was pleasant to use as well.

Daily Nourishment Oil: This was by far my favorite oil of the bunch. The daily nourishment oil is intended as a maintenance oil for daily use all the time. In my opinion this oil worked as well as the Lobe Stretching Oil for keeping my ears supple and increasing elasticity to make stretching easier. I think that this oil could easily pull double duty. This will most likely be the only massage oil that I will use from now on -- the scents of lavender and tangerine are wonderful. (note: I would imagine that the Lobe Stretching Oil could likely serve double-duty as well if you prefer the scent of jasmine).

Overall I have been extremely impressed with these oils and will continue to use them from now on. There is nothing available in the market right now that even begins to compare, and they are phenomenal. The small jars also provide enough oil to last for quite a long time. My only complaint is that I do not like the design of the lids. I think that the jars have a poor lid system -- they are definitely tight, and I have not experienced any leaking, but they do not work very well for extracting the oil from the bottle. It's not the worst system out there, but I would much prefer to see a dropper lid. These are great products, and I would definitely recommend that everyone purchase some and try them out. They are very reasonably priced and work wonders. In addition, Jared & Rachel are very service oriented and a pleasure to deal with -- I have yet to speak with anyone who has had a bad experience with them.

Reviewed by: Charles Berger
Date Added: 4-24-05
Jewelry bought: 1 1/2" bamboo, 6g bone crescent

I haven't been to sleep in two days. You want to know why? It's because I can't stop staring at the beautiful organic jewelry in my face... As you can guess, I'm extremely satisfied with the overall performance of Onetribe International, not just as a company, but as friends as well. Jared Karnes and Rachel Easter make one hell of a team! You'd be hard pressed to find a kinder, more knowledgeable staff in the body modification industry. Having known each other for a couple of years now, these two understand just how impatient I can be when it comes to alterations of my body. And all the way from 7/16" to 1 1/2", they have never let me down. Just recently I acquired a very handsome set of inch and half bamboo tunnels as well as a stunning 6g bone crescent for the shnozz. Literally 30 MINUTES after I called in the order, both items were in hand. Needless to say, I was shocked and amazed! I'm wearing the pieces right now, and couldn't be happier. I love you guys. Oh, and by the way, if you live anywhere near RICHMOND, VA stop by ENIGMA STUDIOS on 1817 W Broad St. and check out some of ONETRIBE'S intricate, hand carved designs in the flesh... so to speak. Also, make sure to check out the killer website. Do it now. Now.

Reviewed by: Cristina
Date Added: 4-3-05
Jewelry bought: 5/8" buffalo horn spirals and daily nourishment oil blend

I placed my order for two 5/8" buffalo horn spirals and the daily nourishment oil blend on 2/28. The website was easy to use, payment instructions were clear, etc. After a few days I noticed my order status (this website has a great order status/account set-up, which I very much appreciate) still said "Payment Processing," even though I had paid five or six days earlier (through PayPal, when I placed the order). I e-mailed Onetribe on a Saturday and received a reply Monday morning. They couldn't explain why the status hadn't updated but assured me there were no problems with the order and that they would ship out that day. And they did. I received them a few days later, packaged in a box. The spirals are lovely; I have nothing but praise for the quality of the jewelry (and the price!). And I have nothing but praise for Onetribe. I would not hesitate to order from them again.

Reviewed by: Allie Summers
Date Added: 4-3-05
Jewelry bought: 4ga Hollywood Star Plugs

To start off, I have to tell you that the plugs I (very quickly) received are gorgeous. I love them. But more importantly I have to tell you about Onetribe's customer service. They are amazing. I mean, sure they sell affordable high quality organic jewelry - that's great. But they're kind.

For me, they accidentally sent me 6ga plugs instead of 4ga plugs. I told them about it ASAP, and they told me I could return the plugs I received and they'd send me the proper size along with a 10% off coupon. I was hesitant to do that, since I live in Canada and that would've been quite expensive. So, they sent me the proper pair for free!

Onetribe more than made up for their mistake, and I'm very pleased with the results. I love my plugs. You can bet I'm going to be buying from Onetribe in the future! (You should too.)

My plugs came in a recyclable sturdy box. They were in a tiny Ziploc bag.

I can't think of anything to tell you (other than this was a great jewelry buying experience!) so if you have any questions don't hesitate to e-mail me.

Reviewed by: Tolley
Date Added: 1-17-05
Jewelry bought: Too many to mention here

I must say Onetribe is the only place I go for organic jewelry. I have never had a single problem with any of the customer service or the jewelry. Both Jared and Rachel (owners) are extremely helpful and nice and do reply to emails promptly. I couldn't say enough positive things about Onetribe, it is great to deal with businesses that are ethical, moral, and offer such great products. I have ordered more jewelry from them than I can recall right off hand but I will include here my favorite 7 pairs.

Etched Lotus Buffalo Horn - 1/2" - These plugs are beautiful. The flower carving on the face is very detailed, even on this somewhat small size of 1/2". They are eyelets, with fairly small holes and both the holes are identical as well as the flowers. They look and feel great.

Chunk Crescent Buffalo Horn - 1/2" - These are definitely my favorite pair of jewelry at the moment. In the 1/2" size they have a nice large size to them and it feels great to wear something other than a plug or eyelet, to kind of switch it up a bit. Buffalo horn is a very comfortable material to wear. Both crescents are as identical as one could expect, but what makes me really like the look is the way you can tell they are hand made. The very subtle nuances are great.

Charcoal Wood Tunnels - 1/2" - These tunnels have a very thin wall, which makes the hole much larger. You would think that would drastically weaken these tunnels but I have found them to be very strong. I have dropped them a number of times and never have they cracked. If you have never seen charcoal wood, it is a beautiful dark wood.

Blue Obsidian - 1/2" - These plugs are incredibly flawless. I can't find a single flaw in them, truly amazing. I have long dark hair and not much light escapes through them so they appear to be a blue/black color which is really awesome. When light does pass through them they are a nice shade of blue. Very comfortable to wear, in my opinion better than Pyrex.

Maple Plugs - 1/2" - These plugs are non-flared and have plenty of wearable space. Like most all wood, maple is comfortable to wear and the subtle color makes these plugs a little less noticeable. I wear them to bed many nights due to their comfort.

Opalescent Obsidian - 00g - This obsidian is quite amazing. It is a great looking white color with a pearl to it that shines hints of most every color. When held up to a light there is a great red glow to this glassy stone. The color is truly amazing.

Crocodile Wood - 7/16" - Like I said before I really like wooden plugs. This wood has some great qualities to it. The grain has a very natural/earthy look to it with some grey hues. Very comfortable double flared wood plugs.

I have a rather huge collection of jewelry from Onetribe. Their prices are more than reasonable for such great handmade jewelry. Organic materials make for the most comfortable jewelry you can wear and if you haven't already, do give Onetribe a try.

Reviewed by: Annie Martinez
Date Added: 1-17-05
Jewelry bought: various 7/16" - 1/2"

I discovered Onetribe through a link from BME Shop and absolutely love them. I had been having a bit of trouble trying to find better plugs and decided to try out Onetribe. Now I'm hooked.

The site in general is very user friendly. Setting up my account and ordering were very simple. I really like being able to store different shipping addresses and review my order history. Jared e-mails your order and shipping I'm always kept up to date on the status of my order.

The "Pink Hollywood Star" plugs were my first order and I was very impressed. I received them in no time at all...2 days, maybe 3 at the most, and shipping is free! They were very neatly packaged with care and I really appreciate the hand written shipping label. The plugs are gorgeous and very comfortable to wear. ears felt like they were at peace.

Since then, I've made a few more purchases and have been happy with every one of them. The jewelry is awesome and customer service outstanding. It's all the little things that add up...Stuff like the e-mails, hand written labels, and little notes on your invoice. Anyone can sell, but when you offer quality products at competitive prices and back it up with such a high level of customer acquire loyal repeat customers.

Overall, I highly recommend Onetribe to anyone looking for quality organic jewelry. Jared and Rachel are doing a great job and I hope they'll be around for a long time.

Reviewed by: Charles
Date Added: 1-17-05
Jewelry bought: 1 3/8 maple tunnels

As a piercer, the three most important things I look for when selecting a body jewelry company and its products are material grade, production quality, and good customer service. The best place to find these...... ONETRIBE ORGANICS! A few days ago I woke up thinking to myself, "My lobes just aren't big enough", so I decided to shop for new jewelry. Onetribe being my first and only choice for premium organics, I gave Jared (owner/designer) a call on the old cell phone. Within the hour I had a fresh new pair of beautiful 1 3/8" dark maple tunnels. This particular pair was made by Jared himself. At first the jewelry seemed a bit large for what my ears were willing to take, so being the caring individual he is, Mr. Karnes sanded, oiled, and polished the wood to custom fit my lobes, right there in front of me!! Never had I experienced such attention to customer satisfaction, especially in this industry. All in all, Onetribe Organics offers only the best in natural hardwoods, stone, bone, and horn. Thanks guys, and please don't ever stop!!

Reviewed by: Jay
Date Added: 11-7-04
Jewelry bought: 1" Triblade eyelets

These guys are really cool. I finally reached my first goal of an inch with their inspiring and tempting deals.

They have a really good selection of plugs that you might not find in retail shops, especially of the larger gauges. And their prices are more than competitive. I have gotten some of their irregulars in the past which are also high quality. And they always have markdowns. The website is easy to navigate.

They are also really willing to help me find some stuff they have but don't offer in my size. They have a system setup to request a certain piece of jewelry when it comes in, I have used this in the past as well.

All in all, a wonderful place to find large organic jewelry at a good price.

Reviewed by: Brandi
Date Added: 7-7-04
Jewelry bought: 4g Hollywood Star Plug

I become acquainted with Onetribe through a modification message board I frequent. They advertise there and I always make it a habit to visit the advertisers there.

Well let me just say that Onetribe's website speaks for itself. It was easy to use and the navigation is WONDERFUL and unique. The jewelry is of course absolutely stunning. After many months of coveting MANY items, they received a new shipment of jewelry and updated the website with the new sizes available. As someone with relatively small ears - finding organics can be pretty difficult at times. I was ecstatic when Jared let me know that the new update had many smaller gauge pieces. I wasted no time in ordering my Hollywood Star, as I know that the small gauges disappear very quickly.

Web site ordering was quick and easy. I paid via PayPal and received an email the next morning that my plugs were ready to ship. I was amazed at how quickly they had gotten everything together. That same week I received my plug, packaged VERY well to protect it. Let me say, as much as I loved them on the site, they were so much more beautiful in person.

Jared and Rachel were great from the beginning, I will most certainly be order more in the near future!

Reviewed by: Rani
Date Added: 7-7-04
Jewelry bought: 6g bone pincher

My septum is one of my favorite piercings. When I was in Barcelona, Spain I found a bone pincher to put in it and LOVED the way it looked. I lost it, though, when I got back home and was quite miserable. I checked around at all the local shops and nobody had jewelry like this in stock. So I decided to search the internet. I'm pretty computer savvy and was able to turn up a few sites. Most of them didn't have the right size, or they were way overpriced, and even disorganized. That's when I found OneTribe. I loved the layout of the site! It's very cool and easy to navigate. I was drooling over most of the fabulous jewelry. I found the replacement pincher for my septum and ordered it EASILY. AND the shipping was free! Score! A very positive experience thus far. A few days later in the mail I get a little box. Inside is my jewelry carefully packed in lovely organic straw like stuff with a little note thanking me for my business. How divine! My septum is now at a 2g and I will soon be re-ordering jewelry. I can't wait to get that little box in the mail. Cheers!

Reviewed by: Vince
Date Added: 7-7-04
Jewelry bought: Custom 1.5" Tri hollows

I ordered these plugs from them and first off, they are the nicest of any people I've dealt with and also one of the fastest shippers, I got my order in 2 1/2 days, and I live in California, and they were shipped very nicely, even though they were a big size. Now about the Plugs themselves, they are BEAUTIFUL, great pieces, and I'm proud to own them, they look great, about 20-21 grams a piece and very clean. I just had to say that they are one of the best sellers I came to deal with, and have some pretty original pieces, and I also got a good deal so, it was worth it, and I will recommend them to any of my friends or anyone lookin for beautiful organic jewelry for great prices and rarity of the styles. I give them 5 stars :) Big Ups to Jared and his side kick Rachel!! Thanx for not forgettin about me even thought I'm sure I was a Phatpain in the arse! :) thanx muches

Reviewed by: wayne bode
Date Added: 7-7-04
Jewelry bought: various

I have bought numerous amounts of jewelry from Onetribe and could not have been happier with my purchases. I got them within a week of my order and to my surprise it was more than I even expected. I have searched for plugs every where but I live in one of those states that it is extremely hard to find nice plugs so I decided to order from Onetribe. The product is top notch, the consumer is not going to be disappointed and you will get the best quality of plug that your money can buy you. The people at Onetribe is a huge reason I shop there, they always send you an E-mail saying what kind of new things they have in and they are trustworthy on price and are continually trying to make the website better and they are the only people I deal with for plugs and tunnels today.

Reviewed by: Alexander
Date Added: 4-25-04
Jewelry bought: various 9/16 inch

I stumbled over this place after Googling for some organics earplugs. First eye cast it looked very professional, and it sure is. After a few mails and some quick replies, I was ready to place my order. I ordered four pair of plugs for my earlobes, a pair of bamboo, buffalo horn (2x), and wood. I live in Norway and wasn't expecting the package for a long time, it normally takes forever, but to my big surprise I received the package only one week after I had placed my order. I couldn't believe the high end quality. I just sat and stared at them for a long time. In Norway it would have cost me about 4-5 times more (expensive country). I am definitely going to order from them again.

Reviewed by: Charles
Date Added: 4-25-04
Jewelry bought: 1" water buffalo horn chunk crescents

Of all the body jewelry companies I have dealt with, never have I been so satisfied with an overall performance. The customer service is exceptional, the jewelry is overwhelmingly beautiful and original, and the end result is always exactly what you hope for. I recently ordered a pair of buffalo horn chunk crescents in 1", and can say that they are without a doubt the most comfortable adornments my thinned lobes have ever wrapped themselves around. Not to mention they make a great conversation piece! If you haven't gone organic, I highly suggest you do. Whether you're in the market for plugs, tunnels, weights, bone, horn, wood or stone, Onetribe Organics has it all, and a friendly, caring, and concerned staff to boot. I implore you to drop Jared and Rachel a line, it will be worth your time, and your ears will love you for it!

Reviewed by: Maria
Date Added: 3-14-04
Jewelry bought: 1/2" buffalo horn chunk crescent and 2gauge buffalo bone pincher

My first order from Onetribe was a pair of 1/2" horn crescents which I chose because I wanted something in horn, and they looked pretty nice and were very inexpensive (only $15 for the pair). The site requires PayPal for credit card orders, which is a bit of a hassle, as I can never remember my username & password, but I muddled through, and I received several (two or three) emails from Onetribe letting me know about the status of my order, from payment processed to in-transit. I think I received the earrings in about a week, and it was very nicely packaged - a sturdy box, taped securely, with the crescents in a baggie, protected by raffia. I was surprised by how nicely it was packaged, given that they don't charge for standard shipping (zilch, totally free), and they obviously put quite a bit of consideration and some money into their packaging. The crescents are very nice, evenly carved with a smooth finish, and (this being my first organic jewelry) surprisingly light. They look great, and within a few days I went back and ordered a pair of 2-gauge bone pinchers (I have a 1/2" and a 2-gauge hole in each lobe), also on sale, $12 for the pair. (I can't get over how inexpensive this jewelry is. I live in San Francisco's lower Haight district, and there are no fewer than eight piercing shops within walking distance of my apartment, all of which are much more expensive than this.) The bone pinchers arrived even faster - it seemed like only a few days - and again, I got several nice emails about order status, and felt like they remembered me, my orders having been placed only a couple weeks apart. Again, excellent packaging, nicely carved jewelry, perfect finish. I am very happy with both my orders from Onetribe, and recommend them without hesitation.

Reviewed by: Charles
Date Added: 2-14-04
Jewelry bought: green obsidian 1" tunnels

First of all, Onetribe organics, though young, is a very mature and well educated company. They know what they are talking about and are more than willing to do their part in ensuring a pleasurable experience when purchasing organic body jewelry. I recently bought a pair of 1'' green obsidian tunnels from Jared and Rachel, and let me tell you, it's like a party in my earlobes and everyone's invited! The jewelry feels great, the smooth texture and nice weight make for a most relaxing sensation. I would without a doubt recommend Onetribe to anyone interested in organics. Their website is also quite intriguing, with a plethora of info on stretching, jewelry care, as well as links to other informative body modification sites. Thanks guys, keep up the nice work!!

Reviewed by: Amanda
Date Added: 2-14-04
Jewelry bought: 1/2" Hollywood star plugs

After searching jewellery stores and numerous internet sites for some quality organic jewellery I found Onetribe. I first learned about Onetribe on a message board I routinely visit, and decided to check it out for myself. The site itself was very easy to navigate through, and they layout was eye-catching and excellent. I was amazed at all the unique pieces of jewellery they were offering for very reasonable prices. I could never get a pair of horn plugs for under $40 from my piercer! After looking through their site I found a pair of plugs that I wanted terribly. The pink Hollywood star plugs, the cute little pink stars caught my attention, and I wanted them in my ears! I placed my order a few days before Christmas- Sunday the 21st (yes I was doing some Christmas shopping for myself), so I didn't expect them to ship it out until after new years. The next day I received an e-mail from Rachel (one of the managers) saying that they were sending my jewellery out today, and to be patient since it was the holidays (I'm always patient anyway). The next Tuesday the plugs magically appeared in my mailbox! Faster than expected. I opened the envelope and inside there was a cute little box which contained my plugs. I opened the box and they were beautiful! Even better than pictured! These are by far my favorite pair of plugs I have ever bought.

Obviously my experience with Onetribe was excellent, and I will definitely order from them again! The customer service is great; Jared and Rachel are very kind and helpful in their e-mails. If you want quality organic jewellery at VERY reasonable prices I say give Onetribe a shot, you will not be disappointed! I heart Onetribe, Jared and Rachel! : )

Reviewed by: rebecca
Date Added: 1-19-04
Jewelry bought: 0 gauge Baltic amber plug

Onetribe is awesome. I had lost one of my amber plugs recently, and was looking to buy a replacement. Onetribe has these beautiful flared Baltic amber plugs at a reasonable price. They actually glow when the light hits them. After browsing the rest of their stock, it's apparent that they deal in only high quality jewelry. I definitely plan to order through them when I stretch to the next size.

I found the customer service to be outstanding. Jared is wonderful. He emailed me twice after placing the order, and I received the plug within two days. It came packaged in a durable brown box, with some straw material and a hand written note. Onetribe definitely has the presentation thing down. They even pay for shipping. You just can't beat it.

Reviewed by: Casey
Date Added: 1-19-04
Jewelry bought: 5/8" horn/wood tower plugs

I was in the market for a pair of inexpensive organic solid plugs, something I thought was going to be impossible. It seems that "inexpensive" is relative, and most of what was passing for such in the world of organic jewelry was still well out of my price range. Still, I went through the listings on here one by one, till I finally hit the jackpot: Onetribe.

From start to finish, everything about this jewelry purchase has been a pleasure. Their site is well-designed and easy to navigate, with fantastic photography of the products. And the prices? Very, very reasonable. And free shipping within the U.S. on top of that!

I made my selection - the 5/8" horn/wood tower plugs - and checked out. There was a small problem with the checkout process; I emailed Jared, and had a thorough, pleasant, helpful reply within 24 hours (on a weekend!).

The plugs were shipped on Monday, as promised, and arrived on Wednesday. The packaging was fantastic; a nice rigid cardboard box, marked "fragile" in several spots, with raffia inside to cushion the plugs. I've purchased jewelry from other sites, paid $4 for shipping, and not gotten such great packaging!

And of course, the best part: the plugs. They are flawless in every way, and I'm absolutely thrilled. Excellently made, 5/8" exactly. I'm still having a hard time believing I have these beautiful organics for about what I paid for a pair of acrylics from another site!

All in all, I'd have to say that Onetribe is the BEST company I've ever purchased jewelry from, in every respect, from customer service to product offered to value for your dollar. Jared and Rachel are running a top-notch business, and I highly recommend them.

Reviewed by: Tammy
Date Added: 12-22-03
Jewelry bought: organic horn w/ crushed bone star plugs

I have nothing but good things to say about Onetribe. Not only did I get a personal note along with my jewelry when it arrived in the mail, but their customer service was top notch all the way. And I know, because they really did go out of their way to make sure I was happy (which isn't always easy).

I had originally ordered the horn plugs with red dyed bone stars, but upon receiving the plugs I found that the red was not quite as red as I had wanted. (I later found out that this is due to the smaller size of the plug [4 ga.]; the dye doesn't hold as well.) I emailed and asked about the return/exchange policy. I got an immediate reply. Without any hassle, they let me exchange the unopened jewelry for another design. They didn't even charge me a 2nd shipping fee, and Jared (owner/proprietor) sent friendly emails throughout the short process to make sure everything went smoothly. I experienced sincere, personalized human service, and my satisfaction was a priority.

So, in the end, I got a great pair of plugs that I am totally happy with, and I found a great company that is totally devoted to quality products and customer relations.

Reviewed by: Dale Hedrick
Date Added: 12-22-03
Jewelry bought: pair 5/8" wood bulls eye plugs, pair 11/16" bone tunnels, pair 1" translucent horn tunnels

While not a full review, I recently received three outstanding pairs of jewelry from Onetribe that I felt required a miniature review. For those of you who have been following my reviews, you are already aware that I think Onetribe is an outstanding company who offers unsurpassed quality and customer service to their customers, while filling a very important niche in the body modification industry. These three pairs of jewelry were no exception. For details on the quality of each pair, please read on.

5/8" Wood Bulls Eye Plugs: While I always expect high quality jewelry from Onetribe, this pair was a special treat. Recently I have been in search of a pair of wood plugs that had a very warm look and feel to them, but I didn't have a firm grasp of exactly what I was looking for. Imagine my surprise when I received these plugs, which are beautiful a "wood bulls eye", but are also so well crafted that they can be worn beautifully the other direction as just a wood plug. I am always a fan of multi-functional jewelry, and this is a great example of some - carved with enough care and precision to look equally immaculate whichever side you decide to show off.

11/16" Bone Tunnels: This pair of tunnels measured perfectly to the 11/16" that they are advertised to be. Beautiful specimens of what can be done with bone, polished to a high shine, and light as a feather, these are ideal for daily wear.

SPECIAL/RARE 1" Translucent Horn Tunnels: This is the pair of jewelry that actually prompted this review. Obviously, they are true to their 1" advertised size, but I cannot even begin to express the unique beauty of this pair. There is always a certain amount of variation in organic jewelry, but the workmanship that allowed for this pair to be created is simply masterful. The coloration of this pair ranges from a deep brown to a translucent white, and everything in between - since 1" is my planned ending size, I intend to wear these proudly for years to come!

Once again, Onetribe has provided some of the most masterful organic jewelry that I have ever encountered. If you have never checked them out before, you owe it to yourself to drop by and pick up some fantastic jewelry at amazing prices.

Reviewed by: Jen
Date Added: 10-13-03
Jewelry bought: 1 inch buffalo horn tunnels with lotus flower carvings

This site was excellent!! Not only was it a very easy to navigate/pay site. It also had some very nice jewelry. I purchased a pair of 1 inch in diameter Buffalo horn tunnels with a lotus carving on them. The plugs looked stunning on the site. And were very affordable. Shipping was free and I paid a total of $40 dollars. I received a confirmation e-mail right away. The next day I received a letter from the site owner thanking me for my purchase and making sure that I do a follow up when I receive my jewelry. He wanted to make sure that I love the plugs and that they are up to quality. I received my plugs in just a few days. They were, of course, perfect. I have ordered from many online sites, this is the first time I have ever received so much personal attention as a customer. There are lots of other sites that do a fine job sending your jewelry out and giving you quality jewelry. But this one is the first that actually made me feel like I was dealing with a person. And it made all the difference. I'm hopefully going to be purchasing most of my future jewelry from this site.

Reviewed by: Derek Tolley
Date Added: 10-13-03
Jewelry bought: Fire Star Plug

First off, I must say that Jared of Onetribe is awesome to deal with. He always answers his e-mails and any questions I have had. The prices of Onetribe's jewelry are amazing. I paid a little over $30 for this pair. Anyone who has bought "sss" plugs has probably paid that price or more but Onetribe provides organic plugs that are handcrafted. The craftsmanship of these plugs is unbelievable! Examining them side by side, you can hardly tell any difference between the two. My plugs arrived in the mail in 5 days, but there was a hurricane, and the shipping was free! Bottom line; Onetribe has been my favorite company to order from, the owner is awesome, the products are amazing, and the price is unbeatable!!

Reviewed by: Dale
Date Added: 10-13-03
Jewelry bought: plugs & hanging styles - 11 pairs total

This is my second review of Onetribe, and I am extremely excited to be able to offer readers another glimpse of some of the outstanding pieces that this company has to offer. My review style has seen some radical changes since the last review, and I am going to be spending significantly more time concentrating on the details of style, quality, and workmanship for each piece of jewelry being reviewed. You will find much less of a review of Onetribe as a whole -- if you are in search of that information, please revisit my original review. Here I am going to concentrate this review on each pair of jewelry, thus providing a more in depth commentary overall.

1/2" Indonesian Evergreen Plugs: These plugs are relatively basic, which is a large part of what I love about them. No major flaws were observed, although there were some minor lathe marks, none of them were anything that would detract from the jewelry. I was looking forward to seeing this pair, as I am always looking for jewelry that will allow me a more conservative look when necessary. If you are fair skinned, these will likely help your piercing to blend in with the rest of your lobe and be a little more inconspicuous. While I don't love them for everyday wear, they are an invaluable addition for the rare occasion that they might be necessary.

9/16" Horn Bulls Eye Plugs: As expected, this pair of jewelry was sized accurately -- 9/16" wearing surface with 5/8" flares. The only complaint I have on this pair is that there is a tiny scratch on the front of one plug and some lathe marks on the backs of both of them. The scratch polished out easily enough, and was probably the result of the two plugs rubbing against each other during shipping. The lathe marks are fairly pronounced, but as they are on the back of the jewelry, it is pretty inconsequential. As for aesthetics, I think that this pair of jewelry is quite elegant. I have added these to my collection, and they will be a staple pair of jewelry for quite some time.

5/8" Mother of Pearl Plugs: Just one word -- PERFECT. The mother of pearl inlays in these plugs completely blew me away -- there is not a flaw to be found with this pair of jewelry -- size & finish, everything is just perfect. I noticed that the inlays catch a good deal of light, which truly brings out the beauty of the mother of pearl -- these would look wonderful for daily wear, or could be a great accent to more formal attire.

1" White Faced Buddha Plugs: When I saw the photos of these plugs on the website, I was a little bit skeptical about how defined the designs would be. With a limited amount of space on a 1" plug (actually measured in at 15/16"), I was concerned that the quality of the inlay would not live up to my expectations. How wrong I was! These plugs are very well designed with awe-inspiring inlays. The detail is impeccable, and the artwork is flawless. My wife, Jen, does not care for large gauge jewelry at all, and even she commented on how magnificent the art was.

5/8" Tri-Hollow Plugs: I had not originally desired this piece for myself, as I am not particularly attracted to the typical tri-hollow plugs that Onetribe offers. When I saw this pair, I knew that I just had to have them -- the horn that this pair is carved from is not the typical dark color, but instead is a gorgeous semi-translucent golden color. This pair really caught me off guard, as they are not what I was expecting to see at all -- they are flawless, and a truly spectacular pair of plugs.

15/16" Tri-Hollow Plugs: This pair is actually 7/8" with a 15/16" flare -- nothing to be terribly concerned about, as size is very rarely exact with organics. Unlike the 5/8" plugs, this pair is the traditional horn color. There are very minor lathe marks on the back and a slight chip in one of the bone rods, but they are virtually undetectable due to the design of these pieces. This design is quite appealing, and is one of the more unique plug designs on the market today.

5/16" Tribal Claw: This pair was pretty innovative as a design -- my only complaint is that there is a small amount of dust from the carving process that has become imbedded in some of the small crevices, but it wasn't anything that couldn't be easily polished out. This pair has a fairly aggressive look to it, which I found quite appealing. The addition of a small steel bar inlayed in each piece makes this design look much more alternative and gives a very unique feel to the piece. There is the cold harsh look and feel of the steel, which is almost completely engulfed in the warm soothing horn. I really liked this piece, and it is a prime example of the more unique and innovative pieces Onetribe offers.

2 gauge Bear Claw Drop: This pair is an example of the more abstract jewelry designs that are available from Onetribe. While I would not personally wear this piece, as I typically avoid all dangling jewelry, I think that this piece would look just beautiful on someone who wears hanging styles. This is just one more example of the truly unique & innovative pieces that Onetribe is offering.

6 or 8 gauge Gear Spiral: There are so many different options for how to wear this style that this pair could be worn by anyone with lobes from 5mm to 8mm. My original review included this same product in 11/16", & while I liked the larger piece, it was heavy and would certainly grab a great deal of attention. This pair of smaller ones I found to be much more elegant, and would look appealing with any attire, without drawing attention to the stretched piercing.

3/4" Hand Carved Wood Tunnels & 9/16" Hand Carved Wood Plugs (Carved by Jared himself): These pieces were not submitted under the same premise as the rest, since these pairs are not completely finished, and are not designed to meet standard customer specifications. These pieces are personal pieces that are designed by Jared to fit his individual requirements. I evaluated these pairs on sizing, consistency, and most importantly on grain quality. The pieces are sized perfectly to their specifications, but that's the easy part - the grain is what I was most interested in seeing. What can I say? Even with my high expectations, Jared by far exceeded them with his choice of wood. Both the color and the definition of the grain in both of these pairs are phenomenal! I can't wait until more of this wood is made available publicly -- I'll be first in line to purchase some.

All in all, I have nothing but the best to say about Onetribe. Not only does Onetribe offer consistently outstanding jewelry at reasonable prices, but the staff is amazing and offers exceptional service to compliment the unsurpassed quality. In my opinion, Onetribe is the best organic jewelry manufacturer/supplier out there. They get my highest rating and recommendation -- I have faith that you will not be disappointed.

As new products and categories are released, and as I place more orders with Onetribe, I will continue to provide updated reviews so that my analysis of their quality and offerings stays current -- I would expect to see updated reviews on an annual or semi-annual basis.

Reviewed by: Liz Stoffers
Date Added: 9-14-03
Jewelry bought: Horn plugs

When I lost one of my plugs while moving, I was very upset. Mainly because I didn't want to go through the searching of page after page of dangly belly jewelry, and synthetic crap to get some decent plugs. I sat down and within a few minutes, I found OneTribe through a Google search for Organic Body Jewelry, and immediately knew this was where my new plugs were coming from. Within the hour of the purchasing process, I received an email confirming my order and giving me the expected shipping date. I figured that this was all I would hear, but was surprised with another email confirming the shipping of my order, and expected receiving date. Upon arrival, I was extremely pleased with the quality of my new plugs. I know they won't be replaced for a very long time. They are HIGHLY recommended.

Reviewed by: Joe E. Johnson
Date Added: 7-27-03
Jewelry bought: 9/16" Horn Bulls Eye Plug

I travel extensively, and am always looking for unique organic and or tribal ear plugs wherever I go. I found Jared and Rachel at Onetribe International by doing a Google search. I was immediately impressed with their website and their product, so I decided to give them a try. Upon making my purchase through PayPal, within the hour I got a personal e-mail from Jared acknowledging my order and thanking me. The next day, I got a phone call from Rachel letting me know that my order had been shipped and when to expect to receive it. It arrived precisely when she told me it would, and the quality was excellent! My business transaction with Onetribe International has been a true pleasure, and the ear plugs are top quality and exactly as they were represented on the website. I will not only be a repeat customer for Jared and Rachel, I will also pass the word on to friends and colleagues about my experience. I recommend Onetribe International 150%...

Reviewed by: Dale
Date Added: 5-26-03
Jewelry bought: assorted organics

Before I had even begun thinking about doing supplier reviews for the body modification community, I stumbled across I was immediately awed by the truly unique and beautiful organic jewelry that they had to offer, but as very little of it would fit in my piercings, I did not purchase anything.

When the time came to begin doing my reviews, one of the first companies that I contacted was Onetribe. The owner & proprietor, Jared Karnes, received my proposition with great enthusiasm, and even with his busy schedule and limited funds, he offered to send me some complimentary jewelry to review.

Just by reviewing his website, which exhibits some spectacular jewelry at very reasonable prices, I was very excited to see if this jewelry lived up to my very high expectations for organic jewelry. In the past, I have never found an inexpensive source of high quality organics, and as this is Jared's main goal, I wanted to see how his offerings stacked up.

When I received the jewelry, I was in complete awe. The jewelry was beautiful - the sizing was accurate, the finish was clean - everything was just as I would have expected it to be on jewelry that was sold for triple or more the price. I received a 11/16" Gear Spiral, a 1/4" Bone Segment Crescent, and a 1/4" hanging piece that does not currently have a name (as it is not available for purchase). All three of these pieces are amazing - they have a precision that is not often seen in organics, and a beauty that, if I dare say so, is unmatched. For aesthetic purposes, my personal favorite is the Bone Segment Crescent, as it exhibits great detail and shows great craftsmanship. Jared and his partner Rachel have truly found some spectacular artisans, and whatever they are doing to keep their quality up and their prices down, I highly recommend that they continue.

I must say that it is a real pleasure to work with Jared. He is very friendly and has proven more than willing to go out of his way to be of assistance. I highly recommend his jewelry to everyone. Even if you are not interested in larger gauges or organics, you owe it to yourself to check out to at least take a look. Each piece of body jewelry that they offer really is an amazing work of art in itself.

Note: Hopefully, if all goes well, in the future I will be doing further reviews of the jewelry offered at, as Jared is continually offering new jewelry designs. This will likely become an ongoing process and partnership to keep people informed about the wonderful jewelry that Jared and has to offer.

Reviewed by: Christine
Date Added: 5-26-03
Jewelry bought: Buffalo horn seahorses

When I was looking for new body jewelry, I spent a good few days looking for unique, preferably organic plugs. I came across Onetribe's site and loved their original selection. I found the seahorse buffalo horn pieces and fell in love. The problem was that they did not have my size. I emailed them and they were nothing but helpful and hunted down a pair in my size. They were very personable and answered all the questions that I had. The order got here sooner than I had thought and was wrapped very nice and secure. I absolutely love my new jewelry.

Overall Onetribe has excellent customer service and a great selection of original organic jewelry. I would recommend them to anyone!

Reviewed by: Karine Labelle
Date Added: 4-13-03
Jewelry bought: 1/2" buffalo horn chunk crescent

I first visited the One Tribe website after a recommendation from a friend. One Tribe sells hand crafted organic body jewellery (wood, horn, bone and natural metals). My first impression was to find that their website is very aesthetically pleasing. The site looks great, and is easy to navigate. All the pictures are clear and show the details of the jewellery.

You have the option of registering, which allows you to manage your shopping cart, in which items stay until you are ready to buy them, you can also create a wish list, asked to be notified when certain pieces become available or on sale, and qualify for members discount. The registration process was easy and quick. The fact that the items you place in your shopping cart stay there for when you revisit the site proved to be an interesting option for me and allowed me to keep track of the items I was interested in and the amount it would take to order all those pieces.

They offer a great selection of styles and materials. Every piece they offer has a unique style and are all beautiful. From what I could see in the pictures, they also seemed to be of high quality, offering smooth surfaces and great finish. There is also a section where the care to provide to their pieces is described in details, along with the advantages and risk that wearing organic materials entails. All the descriptions are clear and informative.

I ordered a pair of buffalo horn chunk crescents in 1/2 . I place my order online and paid with PayPal. The process was simple and quick. I received a confirmation about my order from Jared (the owner and proprietor of One Tribe) the day after to let me know that my order had been processed and would be shipped the next day. The e-mail was polite and courteous. He wrote again to let me know that my order had indeed been shipped and not to hesitate to contact him with any questions or comments that I had and to let him know, when I received my order, if everything was satisfactory.

I received my order 5 days after it had been shipped (I am in Quebec, Canada and One Tribe is in Michigan, US) which included a weekend. The jewellery came in a baggy, in a sturdy box, packed with raffia (a dry, biodegradable craft grass). I was extremely satisfied with the buffalo horn crescents I received. Both pieces were polished and shiny, with no visible imperfections. I wasn't able to measure the jewellery to check the exactitude of the measurements, but from the way they fitted in my lobes I'm sure there were, if not a perfect 1/2, very very close to the promised 1/2. Since they are hand made from organic materials, sizes can vary a bit from pieces to pieces.

I am very satisfied with my experience with One Tribe. All the communications I had with Jared via e-mail was courteous, polite and very quick, I never waited more than 24 hours to receive an answer. Their prices are reasonable, the pictures on the website reflected the look of the ordered piece. The quality is very good, processing of my order and shipping was fast and within the advertised time span (4 to 6 days for shipping to Canada).

I recommend them 100%.

Reviewed by: emily m.
Date Added: 3-16-03
Jewelry bought: 13/16" bone earlet

For months, I had been looking for an off-gauge, organic plug for my boyfriend to help aid the transition from 3/4 to 7/8 of an inch- a rather hefty jump. And it was necessary that the plug be organic as such materials are much friendlier on the body and do not irritate his ears. In my searches I found that most companies distributing organics, especially custom pieces, do so at outrageous prices; I am not willing to pay 50 bucks for a plug that will be worn for a couple months until the ear is ready to be stretched again. I discovered Onetribe's site and was simply amazed with the prices; Onetribe sells pairs of organic plugs and earlets for what most companies charge per item! Plus they offer free shipping. And to further amaze me, they actually had a piece in 13/16" in stock. The quality of this piece was outstanding. I have also found that often, the ordered jewelry has little resemblance to its catalog photograph, but this earlet's photo was so accurate.

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