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Reviewed by: Jeff Lamberson, Meredith Humensky
Date Added: 7-3-06
Jewelry bought: Pair 00g Yoni Style Pieces (horn), 6g Jade Plug, Pair 9g Wicked Spirals (horn)

My first order from Organic was a pair of "Yoni" style earrings, (00g.). They are made from water-buffalo horn, and are definitely the most well-crafted and aesthetically pleasing pieces of jewelry I've ever encountered. If you are looking for hand-made, one-of-a-kind, type of jewelry, Organic is absolutely the place to shop. I love the idea of owning, and wearing jewelry that is made by hand, and totally unique, not off of some assembly-line.

The customer service is top-notch as well. Erica was one of the most patient and helpful (as well as well-informed), people I've dealt with. She is eager to assist, and make sure you get what you are looking for.

I've made a second purchase, for me and my fiancée, and we are extremely pleased with our order. Both orders arrived very speedily, and in beautiful, secure packaging. The tiny, drawstring bags that the jewelry is sent in are a delightful touch.

We are grateful to Erica and everyone at Organic.

Reviewed by: Jayme Kidder
Date Added: 1-17-05
Jewelry bought: 7/16 Baltic Amber Saddles

I recently purchased a pair of 7/16 Baltic Amber Saddles from Organic. This is not the first pair of Amber plugs I have owned but they are by far the finest in quality. The ordering process was very easy and personal, I called on a Friday a few minutes after their posted phone hours and someone answered I told them what I was looking for and they took my name and phone number. I was to expect a phone call from Erica in 1 - 2 days or Monday since it was the weekend. I received a message from Erica on Monday and called her back immediately. She told me she had just received her new shipment of Baltic amber and she would have what I was looking for. I payed with PayPal and received another phone call from Erica saying everything looks good now to the details..."Do you want darker, lighter, More inclusions or few inclusions" I was overwhelmed and asked her professional opinion and she replied "I can pick out a randomly cool pair for you" and I agreed. A few days later I received the package from Organic (They shipped the day I sent payment received them 2 more days later). The package included a cool Organic pen, a printed catalog, a sticker, a sizing chart with care instructions for product, reorder form, paperwork and a very nice coin purse containing my jewelry. The plugs are the most perfect pair I have ever seen I am beyond impressed. I am all crazy about Organic. I think I might even be in love. I'm getting ready to place my next order for Hardwood or Stone. Thanks Organic.

Reviewed by: Cheryl E Fitzgerald
Date Added: 1-17-05
Jewelry bought: 00ga homegirl (big) horn spirals

This was one of the most wonderful online purchase experiences I have ever had! Organic does a spectacular job! I emailed my order, and got replies, at the latest, the next day. Erica was very honest about what she had, and made every effort to make sure that what I got was what I wanted. She even went so far as to call me personally to speak to me to clarify what she had in stock and verify that it was okay. And within only a couple of days I received my order! That was a wonderful surprise to come home to. And the spirals were really spectacular and beautiful. Just perfect. I am so pleased with them, to describe how pleased I am would just sound redundant and silly--you get the picture. The packaging what also quality. And they did come in a little oriental change purse--what a nice touch! Shows they're paying attention! All in all, I was treated wonderfully, with the best quality of customer service, and received a product that practically exceeded my expectations. I would, again and again, buy from them. (I'm already thinking about new pieces!) Needless to say, I was pleased to the highest degree!

Reviewed by: Matthew Vige
Date Added: 11-7-04
Jewelry bought: Antique Ethnic Jewelry

Over the past five years, I have ordered from Organic for my business and have had nothing but a great experience. Whenever I call, I am greeted pleasantly, and also addressed by name - the customer service there is very personable. Whomever Organic has answering the phone is always friendly, helpful and knowledgeable, and Erica is always more than willing to get on the phone and answer any questions her staff might not be able to answer, which is rare. They offer a large selection of high quality jewelry - ranging from new hand carved bone and horn to amazing rare, old authentic ethnic/tribal pieces from all over the world at extremely reasonable prices. I recommend Organic not only as an excellent source for beautiful jewelry, but also as an educational experience. The website gives detailed descriptions of where the jewelry comes from and for the older pieces there is often a brief historical description. Also, they carry an interesting array of other items such as shirts, bracelets, non piercing jewelry, zines, and artifacts. Be sure to check out the links page, where one can find other jewelry vendors, art, anthropology links, activist networks, recommended reading, and relevant resources! I can't say enough about Organic and how much of a pleasure it is doing business with them!

P.S. - Markus makes the best bamboo plugs!!!

Reviewed by: Steve Gerdes
Date Added: 11-7-04
Jewelry bought: Armenian Agate 1" Saddles

What a great experience... saw these AMAZING saddles on their site, gave them a call (to make sure they were still available), then ordered them thru PayPal. A couple days later these GORGEOUS saddles show up, more beautiful in person than on the site. They came enclosed in a Chinese coin purse (that my wife now uses) and I was truly amazed at the craftsmanship of these pieces. I have never seen such precision on stone saddles, the way that they are crafted really show off the beauty of the stone.

This is my first time dealing with Organic, but not the last. When I called they were friendly, helpful and informative... overall it's been the easiest on-line purchase I have ever made (and I've made a few).

Reviewed by: Robert A
Date Added: 11-7-04
Jewelry bought: Lathed and Hollow Spiral 7/16" Buffalo Horn Saddles

Organic did a Fantastic Job! Rarely is the service as amicable and professional as this little number. They aided me throughout the whole process and were always very kind to answer any questions. Shipping was quick and very timely as well. Aside from the service, the quality of the jewelry is phenomenal! What I admire most from this group, more than certain others is the philosophy that they place behind their product, their attitude and their company, Perfection is in the details. All of this is what will bring me back and my friends back for all our stretching and aesthetic needs.

Organic Rocks!!!

Reviewed by: Jessica
Date Added: 8-1-04
Jewelry bought: amber cylinders

I recently purchased a pair of 0g champagne amber cylinders from Organic and I was thoroughly impressed with their service. I found their web site while searching for natural body jewelry and discovered that they did not only have an amazing selection, but great quality product as well. I made my first phone call to inquire about the ordering process and was delighted to speak with Comfort. She was extremely pleasant and friendly and gave me plenty of information, making me feel very confident in placing my order, even though it was a small one. After they received my payment, the jewelry was sent immediately to me, arriving much quicker than I had anticipated. They took extra time and care to package the jewelry in bubble wrap and a small Chinese coin pouch. Everything was done with great detail and care, even down to the shipping box stamped with a red human heart and adorned with a tranquil magazine clipping. I have received many compliments on my plugs and I am quick to tell people where I got them. I would most definitely purchase from Organic again, and would recommend them to anyone looking for authentic, natural or tribal jewelry made of the best quality materials and precision.

Reviewed by: Lori
Date Added: 7-7-04
Jewelry bought: 3/4" buffalo horn saddles w/ bone dust inlay

Beautiful jewelry and super great customer service! Miss Comfort at Organic gets a big fat gold star from me. Maybe even TWO gold stars! Very sweet, friendly, patient and informative. I got my jewelry at practically warp speed and they sent me so many goodies with my order that I wondered if I had missed my own birthday! Really though, it's very obvious in the way that I was dealt with and the way in which my order was packed, that a lot of care and love goes into what they do, and I really appreciate that. I would highly recommend them to anyone.

Reviewed by: Margaret Wagner
Date Added: 6-5-04
Jewelry bought: Custom Turquoise Plugs

I ordered a pair of 00 gauge Turquoise saddles from Organic, and they created a pair that are exactly what I wanted. The saddles fit well, they are a pleasure to wear, and the color is a sublime pale blue. Organic's service staff was very friendly and personal, and they kept me informed on the status of my order. The shipping was handled well. All of their jewelry has a very intriguing authentic look, like something out of a museum. If you want body jewelry that has an authentic history behind it, especially items made of silver or stone, this is the place to look. They didn't have the items that I wanted at first, but they kept my name on a wishlist and called me whenever new items turned up. Finally, they had my plugs custom made. Note: They only accept money orders or cash. [Editor note: this only applies if a deposit is needed for a custom order, which happened to be the circumstance for this order. PayPal is now available as a method of payment.] Thanks Organic!

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