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Reviewed by: Sarah
Date Added: 7-2-10
Jewelry bought: Skin Divers, curved barbell, dermal punch, forceps

I placed my order with Painful Pleasures on March 12, 2010 5:40 AM. On March 12, 2010 11:16 AM I received an email from them stating my order had been shipped. I was given a confirm number which I thought was used for tracking the package, which did not work so I do not know whether or not it was for tracking. I ordered before seeing all of these reviews (which I stumbled upon for a different reason). I became very nervous and did not expect to receive my order. However, on March 19th, 2010, it arrived. Everything I ordered was in the package in the proper sizes, colors, etc. The Skin Divers are beautiful and seem to be of good quality. The dermal punch was of good quality as well. The curved barbell looked okay but I had trouble screwing on the balls and I couldn't get them to screw on all the way. The quality seemed poor compared to all of the other body jewelry I've dealt with. It was cheap, though, and also I ordered the wrong size and ended up not needing it. The forceps seemed fine other than the fact that they weren't really useful for grasping the Skin Divers, which is their main purpose.

As for ordering, I had no trouble and found it to be a smooth process. Obviously, I received a response to my order not long after placing it. I didn't contact the sellers so I cannot comment on customer service. Overall, I am relatively pleased. I would order from Painful Pleasures again if I need anymore Skin Divers (which are gorgeous and I had a lot of trouble finding on the internet) or dermal punches. However, I'd be a little leery of ordering anything else considering the other two items weren't spectacular quality, particularly the curved barbell.

Reviewed by: Brian
Date Added: 1-19-09
Jewelry bought: Barbells and Piercing Supplies

I have ordered from Painful Pleasures several times of the last couple of years. I always order wholesale, and their prices are pretty good. The last order I placed took them a little while to fill because I ordered SO much stuff and a couple of the things I ordered were out of stock. They substituted appropriately, and contacted me when they were unsure about a substitute (I ordered large Pennington's forceps, they only had small...). This company has been completely professional and completely accurate. I recommend them to anybody who will listen long enough for me to blurt out their address.

Reviewed by: Quality Time
Date Added: 1-19-09
Jewelry bought: Gold belly button ring

Hello all,

Just to warn you...ordering with Painful Pleasures was my worst online shopping experience. I placed an expensive, custom order 4 months ago which got immediately charged in full to my credit card. To this day it has not been shipped.

I have emailed and called about twice a week for 4 months. I mostly get no response to my voicemails and emails. When I do get a live person, Marc the owner is never there, and I am told he handles the custom pieces. I wonder if this is a real company.

I did find the owner, Joseph Mark Gagnier, and I am getting ready to file charges.

Reviewed by: married2abmxer
Date Added: 1-19-09
Jewelry bought: 2 18 gauge nostral screws

I placed an order and after not receiving it after 30 days I emailed the company. The only person to ever respond to my emails was Mark. The first email I simply stated that I did not receive my order and wanted to know the status. They wrote back stating that if I still hadnít received it after 30 days they could dispute it with the post office, even though it wasn't their fault. I did not respond, figuring that since it was 30 days already, they were handling it.

After 45 days from the time I ordered I sent an email requesting my money back, and letting them know that unfortunately I was requesting such because I was unhappy with the service. Mark posted a reply to my email on the website, but never emailed me anything to let me know that he posted this reply on his website. After waiting 3 or 4 days for some sort of reply, I had to go searching, to see if I could find anything. In his response he stated many times that this was not their fault and that he could not issue me a refund. He went on to say that we were experiencing slow shipping times because I was the one that picked to ship via post office, which was the $2.99 shipping option. The two options given to me were regular USPS shipping (without confirmation or insurance options) and UPS ground shipping for $10.00. I should have known right off the bat that this was borderline scam-ish. An online retailer who is A. Offering $3 shipping with no insurance or delivery confirmation option. B. The only other option shipping option is overpriced ground shipping. I ordered $10 worth of jewelry, it would have been silly for me to pay the same amount to have it shipped.

In his response to my email Mark had suggested that I should be sending the email I sent to him to my post master and asking them why they lost my package. How is one supposed to file a complaint with a service that the service you paid for used? On their website under their terms and conditions, it states that all US orders are shipped using a trackable service and will be tracked. I'm guessing that this is not so. I have now been waiting for nearly 2 months for something to happen. Either my jewelry be sent, or for a refund. Neither of which I think will ever happen. Like a previous poster said, at least at a total of $14, it was a cheap lesson. This is by far the absolute worst customer service experience I've ever had. This Mark fellow is extremely unprofessional.

Reviewed by: Calandra
Date Added: 1-19-09
Jewelry bought: rings and things some of the prices but what you see online is not what you get.

I have ordered their logo navel curves that show up clearly on their site, but were completely indistinguishable in person. None of the logos could be properly seen. I have not sold ONE yet after six months because no one knows what the hell they show.

I ordered a bunch of clear navel curves and one of them had a stem that was not soldered and spun around in circles.

A labret arrived with the gem out of its setting.

The so called autoclaveable labret bioplast stems all melted into blobs in the autoclave.

I ordered koosh ball navel curves in purple and yellow. The yellow was the most wretched color of puke ochra I have ever seen. If they bagged it - how could they miss that the color was HIDEOUS!

Major problem with clear nostril screws (unbent). EVERY SINGLE GEM came out. Now there is a disclaimer stating that the gem comes out on the item description with some weak disclaimer stating that at a dollar a piece thatís what you get.

Shipping time is fast. When we had a major shipping issue, I called and no one answered for days....about three days. None of my emails were returned. I eventually spoke to a crabby fellow named Mark. I wondered if this company operated out of a garage and answering customer reports interrupted his basketball scrimmage. The situation was eventually fixed but he needs to cheer up a bit.

As far as nostril screws in gold - most have been fantastic at great prices though I had one gem set stone pop out. Brand new.

The jewelry is reasonably priced but stay away from logo jewelry. NOTHING like it shows in the ad.

Reviewed by: trublucoltfan
Date Added: 7-6-08
Jewelry bought: over $300

I have been ordering from Painful Pleasures for a few years now. Not until my last order have I ever had any problems with my orders. I have never had any problems with the quality of their products or with Mark. I e-mailed, as well as called and left a voicemail, about the problem in my order. A piece was missing a dangle, another missing a gemstone, and I only received one in a pair of earrings.

Within 2 days I got an e-mail with an apology for the problem, and less than a week later I not only got the replacement pieces, but they sent an extra pair of earrings for my trouble.

I did not have to return anything, nor was I made to feel insignificant. No one was rude to me in any manner. In fact I was so pleased with the manner in which the problem was resolved, I have recommended this company to many people. I have always been told that one gets better results from being nice...

Reviewed by: Timothy Fransioli
Date Added: 7-6-08
Jewelry bought: Varied Pieces

I have been ordering from and recommending them to my friends for a few years now. I have always been impressed with their prices and the selection of jewelry has only become more extensive over time! Whenever I have had a question for them regarding stock or availability of a particular piece of jewelry they always respond the next day. Shipping has always been quick and painless. I have ordered pieces ranging from straight bars to CBRs to 1/2" plugs... I have never had a bad, or shawdy piece from them. I know I will continue to order from them in the future!

Reviewed by: pinkdaisy
Date Added: 12-24-07
Jewelry bought: 2-18g jeweled labrets

I ordered September 22 and received the order about a week later. Unfortunately the jewelry was not the right size (16g not 18g) so I notified them to return it and have the right jewelry sent back. I returned the wrong jewelry at the end of the week in the fashion that they requested.

One month went by and I heard nothing from them. Not that they received the jewelry or that they were sending the correct items to me... nothing. So I emailed them again. I tried to be light and upbeat while still wanting to know where my jewelry was. I was accused to calling them idiots... no mention of my jewelry tho.

Another week went by and I did get my replacement jewelry. Sadly, it is still the wrong size.

The best thing that I can say about my first (and last) purchase with Painful Pleasures is thank god I only spent $13. It was a cheap lesson.

Reviewed by: Jessica
Date Added: 6-3-07
Jewelry bought: cbrs, Barbells, retainers, tapers etc.

Dealing with Painful Pleasures was the worst experience I have ever had!!!!!! Painful Pleasures is the most unprofessional company I have ever encountered in my six years of piercing. Half of the order I received was damaged, defective, off gauged and part of it was missing. Painful Pleasures' return policy requires that you first receive an approval email before shipping the return. But it is not mentioned in the company's return policy that the customer is responsible for payment of shipping for returned items in this condition. I tried to contact the company to ask for instruction on these issues. First I called and spoke with a very rude and impatient man named Marc. He told me to send Painful Pleasures an email regarding the issue so I did. Marc's responding emails were insulting and did not fully answer my questions. Though the first responding email did explain that I could return the damaged/unusable items for exchange. So I went ahead and packaged, sterilized and used the other part of the order that was usable (big mistake on my part). In the last email that I received (a few weeks ago) from Marc he told me to send back the entire order. Obviously I can't send back the entire order. Now I am being ignored. My email and phone messages go unanswered.

Reviewed by: Seth
Date Added: 9-10-06
Jewelry bought: single flared eyelets, double flared eyelets, plugs, silcone plugs

This company has offered me the worst experience I have ever had in my 10 years as a professional piercer.

I ordered approximately $400 dollars of jewelry for my first order, Thank god I didn't order more:

I ordered 10 plugs in each size from 8ga-1/2" I received 100 1/2" plugs instead. I was also overcharged $0.10 per unit.

  • Every single eyelet had a visible weld on the interior, only about half of the eyelets had been finished.
  • Some of my order was flat out wrong.
  • I was instructed to return the jewelry and I would be credited in shipping.

One month later I received my replacement jewelry:

  • Some of the eyelets looked as bad as the first batch.
  • The smaller replacement plugs I received were straight off the lathe, no finish at all.
  • Some of the jewelry was the wrong size.
  • They didn't compensate me for the shipping as they said they would.

I think that the attractive prices are overshadowed by poor quality and bad customer service. I personally will never use this company again.

Reviewed by: Monique
Date Added: 1-16-06
Jewelry bought: 8ga needles, 8ga segment rings and ring openers

I ordered from this company from a referral of a friend. I first ordered 8ga needles. It was a small order to test out the company. I got the order FAST! However, the quality of the needles were bad. Every needle had a jagged grooved line right underneath the beveled edge. I have order needles for years and never seen this. Their needles came capped and I can only assume that the grooves came from that. I immediately called the company and spoke with Mark who argued with me for 10 minutes about the issue. I simply wanted to send the items back so they could see.

I wrote an email to the company about the rudeness of Mark and the issue. They replied the next day saying that all the 8ga needles were damaged like I described. I was offered store credit about 10 dollars over my order price. I then ordered the rings and openers.

I will not order from the company mainly because I have heard that I am not the only person who have had very negative experiences with the employee Mark. Also the quality of the merchandise is not worth the price. I can better quality, friendlier staff, and better prices at their competitors.

Reviewed by: Erica
Date Added: 7-7-05
Jewelry bought: 11 Piece Taper Set

I was very pleased with my order from Painful Pleasures. I ordered the 11pc Stainless Steel Tapers. I placed my order on a Saturday night and got an email right away Monday morning that they had received my order and were processing it. At about 2:00pm I got another email saying that they had mailed it. It was in my mailbox by Friday afternoon. The quality of the tapers is very good. The finish is very smooth and shiny. And they came in a Velcro pouch, kinda like your tri-fold wallet with each taper labeled so you know what gauge it is. I didn't have any problems with my order so can't really comment on their customer service. I will definitely order from Painful Pleasures again.

Reviewed by: marc peterson
Date Added: 1-17-05
Jewelry bought: dangles

I was originally referred to this company by one of the sister shops that my shop is affiliated with. It was a Thursday afternoon when I placed my order. I spoke with a sales representative there who made me feel really unimportant. All my questions were replied back with a short general answer. I just assumed he was having a bad day. So I placed my order. I ordered a lot of sterling navel dangles. The price for these pieces was very reasonable! And from what the pictures on the website showed the quality was good. I asked for 2 day shipping and I did not get it for a month, well, actually 26 days later to be exact. When I opened the box the jewelry was tarnished to the point where they were an oxidized purplish black/bluish color. I had a very hard time cleaning them. I called after receiving my order to get a credit on shipping and to address my problem with the navel pieces. When I spoke to the rep he told me that I never even ordered from them and my account never even existed. So I had to fax over the credit card statement and invoice to prove that I did purchase from them. It was really huge hassle. Now 2 months later, I still have not heard back from them. I am very unhappy with the quality and the service.

Reviewed by: Tim Main
Date Added: 3-12-02
Jewelry bought: 8g Titanium Barbell, 2" 14g Straight Barbell, 5/8" straight barbell w/ 4mm balls...WOW

I trust them and I am sticking with them. My girlfriend had ordered some navel jewelry from them. A huge selection she said. So I check them out for my industrial piercing and tongue piercing and nipple piercing. They had so much. Options galore! I was amazed at the detail of the shopping cart and the options for each piece of jewelry. 4mm balls - I haven't seen this offered on any jewelry but smaller lengths. They have them on every 14g item. Their Line of Titanium was pretty amazing. I couldn't make up my mind. All in all I loved them. They emailed me immediatly after I placed the order to let me know the expected delivery date. Thanks guys.

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