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Reviewed by: Sarah
Date Added: 5-26-08
Jewelry bought: belly rings, tongue barbells and eyebrow rings

Amazing belly rings. They are really cute. I love them. They do what they promise. Good thing I stumble upon this site. The prices are cheaper than my previous supplier. As a seller, I am really in need of a supplier who will provide me jewelries in cheap prices but still in great quality. When I found this site, I was really happy. The shipping was fast and it was packaged well. Customer service is really great. They assist you in everything you need. The reply may get a bit slow because of different time zones but still they will get you what you need.

A+++ for you guys.

Reviewed by: daniele
Date Added: 11-26-06
Jewelry bought: eyebrow ring

Wouldn't order from them again. I ordered an eyebrow ring, for $2 plus $5 shipping. Which was ok because they seemed to be shipping from UK, quality wasn't great, the gem stuck out 1/4" from my face and looked ridiculous, however you couldn't tell from the pictures because they never showed it from the side. the length was 5/16" which I guess was my fault for not noticing before I ordered it, but last time I checked 3/8" was the standard size for eyebrow piercings, so I couldn't even get the bottom ball on to wear it. The metal really irritated my skin in the ten seconds it was in, so I'm not positive it was surgical steel like they claimed. All the emails they sent weren't professional looking or sounding, like someone didn't speak English very well. Also the package was from Bangkok, Thailand and in some other language so before I even opened it I thought it kinda fishy. So that's my experience. It was a bust for me. I'd say be careful with this one.

Reviewed by: Dale
Date Added: 5-26-03
Jewelry bought: barbells, navel jewelry, plugs, and an acrylic cbr

When I came across the website, I was quite hopeful that I had discovered one of the rare gems of the web that offers truly high quality products and very inexpensive prices. Their website is quite professional and offers a wide selection of jewelry at amazingly cheap prices. Unfortunately, I was disappointed. This is not to say that does not offer a reasonable value, they do offer decent jewelry at outstanding prices.

Matt and the entire staff were a pleasure to deal with and offered to send me quite an array of samples out so that I could review their quality and value. I must say that I certainly received a good selection to examine. They sent me the following: three externally threaded steel barbells with acrylic balls of assorted lengths, a vibrating tongue ring, three pieces of bent barbell navel jewelry with assorted pendants, a large gauge acrylic ring, and three acrylic plugs (specified to be 2, 4, & 6 gauge).

The jewelry that I received generally met the specifications. All of the sizes were within .1mm of the specified gauge, and were uniform. The barbells were decent. Unfortunately, two of them each had approximately 1mm of threading still exposed from under the ball. The navel jewelry was quite nice it had a high polish and the pendants were also very nice these were definitely the best value out of the items that I received. When I examined the large gauge acrylic cbr, I was disappointed to find that there were many minor surface flaws and one 2mm nick in the surface. By far my biggest shock was on the acrylic plugs that I received while the packaging specified that there was one each of a 2, 4, & 6 gauge plug, even to the naked eye it was quite obvious that this was not true. When I measured the plugs, I discovered that I had received a 2 gauge, 0 gauge, and 00 gauge plug instead quite a difference. Fortunately, I can honestly say that these plugs were of decent quality the surface was not highly polished, but it was at least free of nicks and scratches.

Overall, I must say that I had a very good experience with Matt and the rest of the staff. While I didn't find the diamond in the rough that I had been hoping for, I did find a reasonable quality supplier of very inexpensive jewelry. If this is what you are looking for, please check them out.

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