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Reviewed by: John B Cacasa
Jewelry bought: 14K Gold Navel Stud

Wow, what a selection. I wanted to buy my wife a Gold Navel Stud for our 5 year wedding anniversary and I chose to look for it online. I usually buy our Body Jewelry locally but my brother suggested, Pleasurable Piercings online store. I was amazed at the selection and chose a Platinum Navel Stud with 6) 4mm Diamonds. The item was shipped overnight to me and even came with papers from G.I.A. and a beautiful gift box. I would ONLY recommend them highly.

Reviewed by: K80
Jewelry bought: lucite plugs, glass eyelets, PTFE barbell

Pleasurable is usually great with sending the correct order, but this time, I asked my piercer to order jewelry for me since I was leaving town and would be back in a month. She ordered it, it came in and she called me to let me know it was in. I came in to get a surface piercing (10 ga PTFE) and my ears stretched (00ga). I looked in the envelope in which all the jewelry had come in, to find that they had sent the incorrect gauge for the glass eyelets...the ONE piece of jewelry that I was really excited to be getting... They sent a 0ga instead... those are no use to me, and it had been past a week since they arrived at the shop...they weren't opened, but Pleasurable won't take them back if it's past a week. I will still order PTFE from them, since I get all my PTFE from there, but I will not order personal's not hard to tell 0 from 00...

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