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Reviewed by: Amelia Spinks
Date Added: 1-19-04
Jewelry bought: 6mm checkered plug, uv acrylic tunnel

This was the first time I've ever ordered anything online, and PierceOff made it incredibly easy, and a pleasure to do. Their site is great, and easy to navigate. It is also very easy to order online. Their staff is very nice, and helpful (I got a reply to my email within 10 minutes!). They delivered my plugs to me, and they got there the day after I ordered! Last but definitely not least - they have an incredible range of jewelry. I have been looking for a good Australian online body jewelry shop for ages - and I am so glad I found PierceOff. I will definitely be ordering all my jewelry from them from now on!

Reviewed by: Sarah
Date Added: 7-27-03
Jewelry bought: 14ga conebell, Intracan piercing needles, 10ga barbells + a variety of other jewellery

I've ordered from PierceOff many times and have always been incredibly happy with their service and their products.

The first time I ordered from them, I ordered a 14ga SS conebell - the threading on one of the cones was too short and it kept falling off, however after an email to the lovely Felicity I had my replacement on the way, and I had no problems. Even when I ordered a 10ga barbell and couldn't get one of the balls off, all I had to do was send it back and I was sent back a new one with the balls already loosened for me.

I have ordered a variety of jewellery from here - barbells, curved barbells, d-rings, CBRs and have always been happy with what I got. The jewellery is good quality, and the prices are excellent (I got a 10ga barbell for AU$10).

I recently bought some piercing needles from the site and were incredibly impressed by them - it was my first time piercing myself, and the needles were great quality and slid through perfectly - even through my conch.

So all up, Pierceoff is a GREAT place to get jewellery from - I've had nothing but great experiences with them, their customer service is fabulous, and I only buy my jewellery from them now.

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