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Reviewed by: Jason
Date Added: 7-3-06
Jewelry bought: retainers and navel

For 2 months, a man named Mike called me on an almost daily basis, trying to pressure me into getting "just a small order" off of them. Finally, I decided to give them a try. I order an assortment of their navel dangles, as well as some retainers for the nostril. I paid for it on my credit card so that I could save some money on the shipping. They ran my credit card almost as fast as I could give them the number...before my order was even processed. The total came out to be about $123.00 altogether. Then, 3 days later, they called me back saying that the retainers weren't in and tried to get me to take tongue retainers instead. I told them no, and to just credit my card back....Instead of doing that, they shipped me the tongue retainers AND THEN CHARGED ME AN EXTRA $45.00!!! I haven't been able to get a hold of anyone there for almost 2 weeks now...I've left about 10 messages already, to no avail....AND, the jewelry was serious GARBAGE.

Reviewed by: Kim Johnson
Date Added: 7-3-06
Jewelry bought: CBR's, plugs, barbells, etc

This is the WORST company I have ever dealt with! They somehow managed to get EVERY order wrong...even on the replacement orders! The owner was VERY rude and unprofessional...he continuously lied about the way they went about things. They, as a distributor, were out of over 50% of the items requested. There was a problem with our last order and he did NOT call to notify us. When I addressed this situation he said that he did, but there was no answer. We have an ANSWERING MACHINE!!! I have been hung up on, lied to, mistreated and STILL do not have the correct merchandise. It's safe to say that I will NEVER order from them again....and I will be contacting the better business bureau.

Reviewed by: alan
Date Added: 4-25-04
Jewelry bought: 40 14g PTFE labrets, 20 acrylic nostril screws, 20 14g labret retainers

The service at Premier was pretty good. They called our shop on occasion with deals and asking what we needed. We were pretty happy with who we were currently ordering from, but the two things they didn't have were acrylic nostril screws and PTFE labrets. Premier called one day saying that they had a deal on both and I ordered them. I went ahead and ordered some labret retainers as well since they can be difficult to find at times too.

The jewelry came in fairly quickly (6 days I believe), but it was clearly not what we had ordered. What were supposed to be PTFE labrets were actually (externally threaded) steel labrets with glow-in-the-dark UV balls. Apparently they were confused on what PTFE and UV are. The nostril screws were also wrong. They were nose bones, not nostril screws, and had gems set in them. I had said on the phone that I wanted them as retainers only (being why I only ordered clear ones). For one, I never would have bought them if I knew they were nose bones, and second of all they never said anything about them having gems in them.

The labret retainers were the best of the whole order, as they actually got those right, but they were closer to 13 gauge than 14 gauge. That's a common problem with acrylic, so if that had been the only thing I would have let it slide, but I will be returning the whole order.

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