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Reviewed by: Rick C
Date Added: 3-10-07
Jewelry bought: Barbells

We have a shop in Sacramento, Ca with a picky clientele. We were purchasing nickelite from another source until we came upon Real Steel Body Jewelry. The prices were better, the quality was great and the certificate of metal used was an asset. To avoid any obvious complications we only use nickel free piercing steel and Grade 23 titanium barbells.

We placed a rather large order of barbells in 14 gauge in various lengths. Everything was primo! The thread was uniform on the balls and had a deep opening.

The titanium barbells were the grade 23 as advertised. It gets old getting ripped off from people who SAY THEY SELL GRADE 23 TITANIUM and it's nothing more than color plating over steel.

We are very happy with our new provider and took the time to pass the information on.

Reviewed by: Terence
Date Added: 11-26-06
Jewelry bought: several of their premium navels

We finally found a place to buy custom styles and unique designs, at REAL STEEL BODY JEWELRY. In speaking with a customer service rep I was pleased to know that many of their designs are custom. We placed a rather large order for our Boutique and chose to place the emphasis on their PREMIUM navels. I haven't seen them anywhere else. My customers loved them and they sold easily. The stones were CZs instead of glass which I have been fooled into buying from other so called manufacturers. I took several pieces to a jeweler in our mall to verify a piece that was touted as real ZIRCON. I got my confirmation that it was real and the steel they use is indeed Nickel free. That also sent us a certificate of conformity to prove what they sell is what they advertise. We are very pleased.

Reviewed by: Terrence
Date Added: 11-26-06
Jewelry bought: quite a few items

I placed our order on Friday and received it through the mail (priority mail) on Monday. That was my first pleasant experience. I ordered from them because of the nickel free piercing steel. It's important to our customer safety to only use nickel free steel. All their basic steel has a nice shiny finish. The stone ears plugs were really 1st quality and sold fast so I placed a second order for more and some fancy navel dangle stuff. I have been real happy with everything so far.

We just got another order in from Real Steel this week. Hesitantly we ordered a large assortment of their natural stone plugs for the ears in sizes up to 0 gauge. We ordered 6 of the several types they offer. The product picture was as nice as the ear plugs. We almost sold out and it's been a week. The Opalite was especially pleasing to our customers. We just brought in surface piercing steel from them as they have requested by our customers.

We also got some of their PREMIUM navels and they are beautiful.

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