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Reviewed by: Richard Wood
Date Added: 5-26-08
Jewelry bought: Blings, Gem Set Laboris, Orien, Nutz

All jewelry ordered in 1.25" size for personal use.

Outstanding quality of workmanship in my opinion both in the quality of the metalwork and polish as well as the quality of the CZs used in the gemmed items.

Both Reign and their high priced competitor for single stone Blings seem to use much higher grade CZs than the lower priced competitors and this can be seen when the gems are closely examined using a 10x magnifier. No visible gem chipping or irregularity in facet cutting is noticeable and facet polish is excellent. Not true of less expensive jewelry sometimes.

One thing I really like about Reign is that their designs are pretty much unique to them and very original in concept in most cases. Even their Blings do not look like the competition's. You are not going to see your jewelry on every Tom, Dick and Harry.

CZs are heavy, about twice the mass of Diamond for a given size, so the large gem Blings are not light weight. In the 1.25" size not bad but larger ones could be a concern for some people.

The Reign web site states that delivery is 6 to 8 weeks. I ordered in November, the Christmas rush period, and the 8 weeks delivery time turned out to be accurate. If you need things faster then check the BAF site as they are stocking dealers for some Reign designs and sizes. Use their advanced search to find all the Reign items they carry and have in stock.

My next purchase will probably be a set of their Ammonite Cabochons as I find them very attractive and again there is nothing similar on the market that I am aware of.

Reviewed by: Richard Wood
Date Added: 5-26-08
Jewelry bought: 1 1/4" Orien Design Plugs

This item is made by Reign Custom Design though I actually ordered it from BAF who had it in stock. Much quicker than direct from Reign who lists a 6 to 8 week lead time on their jewelry.

Absolutely beautiful design with a very high quality finish. Absolutely no visible machining marks in the lobe contact area which has a true mirror finish.

Actual diameter is 1.26" or 32mm and the flares are substantial with an overall diameter of 1.39". I had no problem with inserting or removing but am fully stretched to 1 1/4". The depth of the flares does IMO add to wearing security, a good thing with expensive jewelry I feel.

Packaging from Reign is the best I have seen. The plugs were packed in individual pockets in a heavily padded cloth two pocket bag. This was then shrink wrapped in a heavy plastic shrink wrap bag. Finally this was placed in a drawstring very dark green glitter cloth bag. Outstanding protection from Reign so BAF just shipped via insured UPS in a padded envelope.

I like the fact that all Reign Custom Design items are truly unique designs. Even their single gem Blings are a distinctively different execution than the versions from their main high end competitor for that particular style. Their other designs are offered by no one else I am aware of. Nothing even close in fact. If you are familiar with their designs you should be able to spot their work easily.

All in all I am impressed and eagerly await their Nutz, Gemmed Laboris and Blings, all in 1.25", that I have on direct order with them currently. Hopefully these will all ship this coming week or the next as I have been told.

Reviewed by: Brandon Bryan
Date Added: 8-27-06
Jewelry bought: 1" Aztecs

I received my jewelry in Vegas at APP, and I don't think I could have gotten them at a better time. I spent most of the rest of the week staring at my ears in the casino mirrors, amazed by the finish the jewelry has. I haven't worn any metal jewelry in my lobes since I reached 1/2" about 4 years ago, I've always preferred the feel of organics and stone. I'm not so sure that's the case anymore. The saddle on my jewelry is quite large, perhaps more than a 1/8" but I've never had the problem of losing my jewelry, even in my sleep. The feel of the metal is superb, no stray sharp edges, the very edge is even rounded slightly to aid installation. I also love the fact that the jewelry is heavy, not stretch your ears heavy, but just enough weight to let you know they're always there. The amount of steel used in making these pieces even helps out in the kitchen I work in, five minutes in the freezer means 10 minutes of comfort in the heat. I recently spoke to the folks at Reign about a few more pieces and can't wait till he gets caught up enough to take on a few one off pieces. This is the only metal jewelry I will ever put in my lobes ever again. When my nostrils are to the size I want them the same thing goes for there. I know the pieces may seem daunting, but there is absolutely no finer metal jewelry available anywhere, try it out, you'll be hooked.

Reviewed by: Leo Ziebol
Date Added: 7-3-06
Jewelry bought: Custom Oriens and Blings for clients

I recently came across Reign on a referral from a good friend. Through some research and (as usual) a bit of skepticism I found Reign to be the real deal. High end fine jewelry for the serious lobe enthusiast. There are many of us out there that cherish our enhanced lobes above all of our other modifications. It only makes sense that we would want to adorn these sacred flesh dangles with something more than acrylic plugs.

I have ordered numerous different sizes of their Bling pieces at the request of my most discriminating clients and all have been overjoyed at what they received. I myself have ordered a modified version of their Orien design and am waiting like a kid at Christmas for them to arrive.

I have also had great results with the service of this company. One of my clients ordered a pair of Blings and the standard flares were a little larger than what he preferred (anyone who has bought more than two pairs of plugs in their lifetime knows that flares vary greatly and different lobes require different flares). His preferences were not only understood but handled very professionally with haste.

All in all Reign is must-have for any serious collector and if you have not seen it in person than you really cannot comprehend just how "worth it" this jewelry is.

Reign Custom Design is the FINEST in Lobal Adornments.

Reviewed by: Corey Lolley
Date Added: 12-11-05
Jewelry bought: Custom Pieces

I am the proud owner of two custom pieces from this grass roots custom jewelry company. I possess the royal MC's (that's me) and The ONE plugs.

The quality of the pieces that I wear and that I have had the pleasure of viewing is superb and sets the prescience in which other jewelry companies should follow suit.

The attention to detail found within each individual piece demonstrates the dedicated hands of the artist. It is evident that each piece is made with a deep respect for both the art of the jewelry and the wearer.

I feel blessed to have found this company before the waiting list is so long that my ears are a different size.

Reviewed by: Ms. Ember Burns
Date Added: 10-30-05
Jewelry bought: The Reign Drops et all

Designer Jewelry for the Modified. High End Designer Jewelry for the Modified.

Oh My Goddess! Not only a great (and well needed) idea, but Reign Custom Design has made this a fabulous reality.

Their jewelry is stunning. I highly covet some of their Bling.... someday my Bling will come.

The craftsmanship is superb, the materials are unique and just excellent quality. The owners are friendly, responsive and knowledgeable... you can tell the jewelry is created from love and an inherent understanding of larger gauged jewelry.

This is not just some large company farming out masses of "h*t t*pic" everyone will have or wear type stuff.

Anyhow, I highly recommend that if you like it online you'll absolutely LOVE it in your ears. And oh, the compliments you will get.

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