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Reviewed by: Mandy Hayes
Date Added: 11-27-05
Jewelry bought: Large Gauge Acrylic Plugs

Funny enough I have never actually "ordered" from this shop. I stumbled upon their site through this one and entered their prick of the month contest. About a month later I ended up being their prick of the month winner. They sent me an email asking what type of piercings I had and I told them 1" plugs. About 2 days later I opened the mail and there was a large package containing 6 sets of 1" plugs. 4 pairs were acrylic and 2 pairs were steel. They sent me acrylic in Black, Clear, Blue and Red and steel in single and double flared. I'd say this little prize package was worth about $100 or more in a local shop. The quality was the best I have seen around. The steel even had grooves cut out to hold the o-rings in not to mention that they were highly polished. Although I have not ordered anything else yet, these guys have my business. They are honest and the quality of their jewelry is out of this world.

Reviewed by: Samantha Taylor
Date Added: 9-18-05
Jewelry bought: 6 Sets Of Plugs, Surgical Steel Screw Ons, Blue Glitter Star, Plain Acrylics and Steel Bullets

Hi, I bought from on January 12th and received my order January 14th (2 DAYS LATER WOW). I ordered 6 sets of plugs ranging from their 0G Blue Glitter Star acrylics to their 7/16" Screw On Surgical Steel Tunnels. Everything that I received was top notch quality. All of the plain acrylic plugs that I received even had the notches cut out to hold the o-rings in more securely. The colors were also very bright. Shipping could not have possibly been any faster if they lived next door. The prices were ridiculously cheap and their communication was second to none. If there is one online body jewelry site you should buy from it is this one, you WILL NOT regret it!

Reviewed by: Barry Hastings
Date Added: 8-14-05
Jewelry bought: 3 lots of 25 wholesale pieces

I ordered 3 lots of 25 wholesale rings from STH Body Jewelry. 1 lot was eyebrow rings, 1 lot nose screws and 1 lot captive bead rings. All of the rings were made of surgical steel. The eyebrow rings were a mix of cone and spike acrylic tipped eyebrow micro barbells. I am very pleased with the quality. The captive bead rings had acrylic balls which look like they are made very well and the balls stay in the ring very tight which is excellent so I don't lose the balls. I really liked the gem encrusted nose screws as well. These typically go for about $10 per piece at the mall and I paid $14.99 for 25 of them. On one out of the 25 pieces the gem had fallen out during shipping. I wrote them an email stating I would send it back and would like a new one. Here is the note I received back from them (within 20 minutes of writing the email):

"We are sorry to hear about the problem. There is no need to send back the broken piece. We will send a replacement immediately. Once again, our apologies for the problem and we hope you will continue using STH Body Jewelry!"

They kept to their word and not only sent 1 piece but sent 5 to make up for the problem. I think that you need to base a company on how they handle a problem and these guys rate A+ in my book.

Reviewed by: Marilyn Grubstein
Date Added: 8-14-05
Jewelry bought: logo navel jewelry

I ordered logo navel body jewelry in 14G 7/16" from STH body jewelry on July 15 and received them today. I ordered 5 of their rings which are all made of surgical steel the logos I ordered had sayings like xxx, happy face, alien face, freak & play girl. This was my first order with them I really like their products. They were highly polished and all sizes as stated. The logos were also much crisper looking then anything I've ever received in the past from other companies. Overall I really enjoyed my experience and would suggest giving them a try.

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