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Reviewed by: d-man
Date Added: 1-19-09
Jewelry bought: 16ga Eyebrow Curve with Gems

I have had my eyebrow pierced for about 8 years now and recently wanted to upgrade my jewelry. I searched around on the internet and found a lot of jewelry sites but I was very impressed by the information and resources at Tribalectic. Shopping their catalog was easy and they offer some cool filters which helped me find jewelry in my size and style. There is a lot of jewelry in their catalog so there were many options. It took about 2 weeks to get my order which seems reasonable considering the amount of products they offer. It came in a sterilizer bag which is cool and they included some freebies like stickers and coupons. Overall I would shop them again but since I change my jewelry so infrequently it might not be for a few years.

Reviewed by: haroldf
Date Added: 1-19-09
Jewelry bought: four indiv. discount 12g 1/2in cbrs

Basically - they are totally cool. So you donít need to read the rest, k? lol.

The main reason Iím writing this review is that the most-recent review of Tribaletic was listed as 2006 and I figured their company could use an updated review. Also, I came upon this site (specifically only the Tribaletic page) because I was trying to do a quickie Google-search for Tribaletic coupons to use at the checkout counter on my very-first order. Well Ė Iím sorry, but I cannot tell you about any quickie coupons to use either (if you found this page for the exact same reason as I did).

I had already been to the website and discovered that I REALLY liked its layout, its information, the selection (didnít and still donít know about the quality - but I assume it is fine), and the prices of the jewelry. I cannot tell you about customer service - didnít use it, but didnít NEED to use it either. In particular - the BEST feature for me was the ability to "search/shop by gauge". For all I know, it is common practice among piercing supplier websites - basically Iím a newbie. For me, that function made it trivial to select some pieces that would fit my budget and so I selected them and started my order. (Yes, I chose the discount area - I think it is called clearance-items)

I got to the checkout (it is just like any other online shopping experience) and noticed the coupon area. Time to check Google - since this was the first time I had ever dealt with them - but my quickie search did not yield any results. I was a bit surprised about the shipping-choices. They normally ship US-postal for cheapest (non-trackable) rate, but will ship UPS for tracking if you want it. It makes sense now - since the pieces are so small, they just fit in regular mail. (btw - if you live in CA, USA youíll get charged sales-tax)

I was pleasantly surprised when my order came in within a couple days (just like a regular letter would). Actually, mine came in a mini box since Iíd ordered a small packet of sea-salt also. The great thing was - in the discount section Iíd ordered from Ė Iíd seen a little "card" next to each piece describing it. The pieces each came in their own bag WITH-ITS-CARD inside. That totally rocked!! Yeah, Iím a bit geeky that way.

Also, I had tried to "game" the website by trying to order 2 of each of the earrings, but in fact they really are individual pieces. The site also still lists them online - but you (me) cannot put them into a shopping-cart any longer, you can just "save" the listing (whatever that means).

Iíve played with the jewelry and they seem fine. They did NOT come in autoclave/sterile pouches, but I was not expecting them to - and the little ziplock bags are fine by me (especially with the cards describing the individual piece inside). Remember, I was ordering from the discount area - so they mightíve been returns or something...the pieces themselves are from different manufacturers so I now have a feel for which companies have "dimples" that I like. I only recently did my ear-stretching up to 12ga (hence my need for sea-salt).

And, yes, the order came with stickers and stuff inside. In particular, it DID come with a non-expiring (I assume) 15% discount card for any REPEAT orders from the same customer. I will not give out that code here. You could order some minor stuff - get the coupon - and then go back and order the more-expensive thing later yourself. Sound cool? Thought so... :-)

Like I said at the top - my shopping experience with Tribaletic was totally great. I did not need (or want) to talk to customer service. They have lots and lots of info besides just the jewelry on their site. If I stop my ear-stretching at 12ga and decide to do something custom, I hope the experience is similar to the folks back in 04 (ie great). As it is, the main reason no one prolly has written a recent review of Tribaletic is that it really is just a simple and good website to order from and use. Sometimes - no news is actually good news.

Reviewed by: tomg
Date Added: 8-27-06
Jewelry bought: 4 Gauge Curved Barbell and (2) 4 ga , 3/4 in. Threaded Balls

I would have to say I have dealt with Tribalectic for a few years the last three or so orders I have placed have been anything but satisfying. I know as companies grow the customer service and speed diminish. I ordered these pierces on the 12th of July and it is now the 27th of July. The website still waiting on pieces to complete order. I guess it is a good thing I did not need them right away. I have contacted them three times with one reply. I received a reply today stating they are still waiting on the barbell and should not be much longer. However they could not give me a ship date. I feel that if you spend $80.00 + on a single order for three pieces that all go into one that there should be some sort of service behind this. I would recommend them to anyone who wears the normal in stock items however if it is of a larger gauge or something that attaches to larger gauge jewelry definitely shop around if you need it in less then say three weeks... I will order my smaller jewelry from them but as far as the larger jewelry I will no longer be ordering it through them. Well if anyone would like any information I would be more then happy to tell them more about this experience. Like I said I still have not received them but hopefully will get the items sometime this year.

Reviewed by: Rob
Date Added: 8-27-06
Jewelry bought: SS Evolution ring, SS Circular barbell, SS Curved barbell, Trinity Void Plug, Eyelets, Talons, Ti Twister

My husband and I have ordered from Tribalectic several times, and have always been extremely pleased with the service and quality of the products. We switched to Tribalectic after a bad experience with another online shop which never delivered products ordered.

The selection at Tribalectic is great - they have high quality jewelry at reasonable prices, and in several price ranges. I found the store to carry a large selection of different kinds of jewelry, and we were always able to find everything we were looking for in one place. Everything always arrived as expected and I never found shipping times to be a problem. Every piece of jewelry comes neatly stored in its own autoclave pouch. I found this to be a very comforting practice as I now knew, for a fact, that I was receiving nice clean jewelry. The craftsmanship of each piece we've gotten is above par - high quality materials, put together well.

I think the website is excellent - easy to use and full of helpful information about piercing and the jewelry itself (as well as public photo galleries of other pierced folks). I find that this site has everything I ever need, and it's the only one I've used for the past year.

Reviewed by: fox
Date Added: 1-16-06
Jewelry bought: silicone eyelets

I placed my order about three or four years ago, but I can still vividly recall the ease of doing business with Tribalectic. The website is user friendly and easy to navigate, the prices are more than reasonable, and the quality is amazing. I ordered three pairs of 1/2" silicone eyelets. I've been wearing them for nearly four years, and they're still in GREAT condition. I've never had to order from anywhere else. Plus, I had a pair of 00 gauge black plugs that are easily inserted to the eyelets to make the appearance of a new pair!

Not only did I receive my order promptly, but they sent along coupons for myself, and for friends at a 30% discount, and 60% discount on our next orders. They also sent along with the individually bagged eyelets, a silky carrying bag (that I still keep them in today), that I carry around in my purse.

Overall, I would give Tribalectic a ten out of ten. They were easy, affordable, and amazing when it came to quality. I highly recommend them, and today, as I am finally looking to expand my jewelry collection (and gauge), I am looking to order from them. ...did I mention that my coupons never expire? :)

Reviewed by: Telefina
Date Added: 8-1-04
Jewelry bought: Pyrex eyelets, Titanium segment ring, replacement beads

I only placed my order the other day, so it hasn't arrived yet, but I can still speak of ease of ordering.

Their website is extremely comprehensive, ordering was very easy. Since I was placing a large enough order ($60+), they also upgraded postal service to priority, free of charge. They also carry an extremely large selection -- if anything, too large... it's really hard to limit myself, especially since I have to consider the exchange rate!

Speaking of which, as one other reviewer mentioned, you get dinged with a huge customs fee if ordering from Canada - as with any jewelry you order from the States. It's considered a luxury item and is thusly not covered by NAFTA (which allows goods manufactured in North America to be distributed duty-free). The only way to get around this is to purchase from Canadian companies... the problem? THERE AREN'T ANY! Someone e-mail me if you know of a good Canadian distributor!

As far as quality goes, their goods are from very reputable manufacturers: Anatometal, Industrial Strength, Le Roi, among a few others, and so I expect the quality to be up to the usual standards of those companies.

Reviewed by: Lynette
Date Added: 7-7-04
Jewelry bought: 2 - 14G Hybrid Line Navel Curves (by LeRoi); 1 pair of 6G 14K yellow gold earlets

I have always been impressed with the service and quality of the jewelry that I've ordered at Tribalectic. They work with various suppliers so prices are often cheaper than buying directly from the supplier or at a professional piercing studio and it's convenient to shop for a large selection of jewelry styles in one site. I have ordered from them several times but I would like to describe my second and third experience ordering from them as they have been the most memorable.

My second experience with Tribalectic was last year. I had ordered two 14 gauge Hybrid Line navel barbells made by LeRoi. I corresponded with Drew via e-mail asking a few questions about each piece as the design is rather unique; both pieces are made of a combination of 316LVM surgical steel and nickel free 14K white gold. The first piece had a jeweled flower design in cubic zirconium and rose quartz and the second piece had a jeweled triple melee design in cubic zirconium and yellow topaz. One of the customer service staff I always dealt with, Drew, promptly answered my e-mails, usually writing back sometime that day or the next day at the latest. After I placed my order, I received confirmation e-mails and quick responses to any additional questions I had.

I don't always receive that sort of good customer service from all online jewelry stores and I think that it sets this store apart from competitors. It's reassuring to get some personal attention online especially when orders can be neglected among the masses of other orders. Nothing's more frustrating than wondering if your credit card order went through or why you haven't heard from the store about the status of your order.

Only about a week after I placed my order (I live in Vancouver, Canada), I was surprised to receive my order in the mail so soon. They were well packed and in individual sterilized packages. Also included in my package were free stickers, jewelry insertion instructions, information on how to care of the jewelry material, and discount coupons for my next order. The 2 navel pieces I ordered were simply stunning. The polish is very good, the cut of the gems are well done and the gem setting was very secure. Exactly as described on the website and what I expected. What I like most about these pieces was that the designs are feminine and unique, like something you might find at a fine jewelry store but with the quality of professional body jewelry (internal threading, high quality biocompatible materials, etc.) Unfortunately, when I opened the packaged and unscrewed the barbell end, I realized that it was externally threaded. I quickly e-mailed Drew to let him know about the mistake and he apologized and told me to send it back for an exchange.

It was the most trouble free exchange I've done. Tribalectic sent me a new piece (internally threaded this time) in less than a week, along with more stickers, coupons and a handwritten apology note. I've had both pieces for a full year now and they still look great (no chips, fading, etc.)

My third experience with Tribalectic was a few weeks ago. I made a custom order for a 6 gauge 14K gold double flared earlet. I've looked everywhere online and made several inquiries at the local piercing shops and jewelry stores and often found them to be overpriced or that the suppliers didn't really deal with making gold earlets. Drew was once again very helpful in finding a good supplier that specialized in gold body jewelry and quoted me reasonable prices for the pieces I wanted. After confirming with Drew that all the specs were what I wanted, he sent me a link to check out and pay for the jewelry on Tribalectic. There, I was able to double check my order, enter all the important shipping details and pay for my jewelry. Because my order was over US$50, the shipping cost was free, which is uncommon when you order from Canada no matter how much you spend. Also, the website now has a feature that allows you to check the status of your order by entering your order number as well, which I found to be helpful on my patient days. :)

I waited about 2 weeks for my piece to be custom made by Body Gems and Tribalectic shipped my order as soon as it was completed. I received the gold earlets a few days after in a well packed envelope (which was great because I didn't have to pay hefty customs tax). I received the usual sterile package, stickers, coupons, insertion instructions, etc. and am extremely happy with the quality workmanship of the gold earlets. It's perfect with not a single defect.

Overall, Tribalectic has continued to exceed my expectations and I'm thrilled to have ordered from them again. Their customer service staff is knowledgeable, friendly and speedy in their communication. Their service remains consistent even after not ordering from them in a year. If anything, their online checkout has become more efficient and the jewelry selection is more varied and prices are very reasonable. I highly recommend them.

Reviewed by: Joe
Date Added: 7-7-04
Jewelry bought: 4g acrylic bb, 2g acrylic bb, 0g steel eyelet

After I hit 6g in my tongue, I couldn't find any larger jewelry anywhere, so I started looking online. I found Tribalectic and was very impressed with the way the site was designed and the selection of jewelry. When I ordered the 2 barbells, they came sterilized sealed packets. Tribalectic also threw in some 15% off coupons to use with my next order. When I ordered the eyelet, I had some questions about how long it was and sent an email to customer support so find out. I got a response the next day with the specs for that piece and decided to order it. Overall, I would recommend ordering through Tribalectic.

Reviewed by: Cristina
Date Added: 4-25-04
Jewelry bought: Custom 8ga 3" fixed-bead, steel CBRs

I wanted a pair of enormous CBRs to wear through my eyelets. I skimmed various online jewelry sites and, after a point, from a satisfied customer, in the direction of Tribalectic, I decided to contact them. I submitted my request for more information (detailing exactly what I wanted) and received a reply later that day. The fine folks at Tribalectic recommended I go with fixed-bead jewelry at the 3" size I wanted so I heeded their word and went with that. They quoted me a price and sent me a link I could use to order and pay for the custom items. I sent an e-mail the next day inquiring as to how long the custom order would take. The e-mail was replied to promptly and, it turned out, that the custom order took much less time than I was quoted initially. The jewelry came quickly and was exactly what I wanted. Tribalectic was also kind enough to throw in some coupons for subsequent orders. I have no complaints whatsoever about this vendor and would definitely order from them again.

Reviewed by: Peter Decher
Date Added: 4-13-03
Jewelry bought: 14g segment ring, 0g double flared eyelets

I've actually ordered from almost half a dozen times, the 14g ring and eyelets were just the most recent. I've been impressed with the quality and speed every time I have shopped there. I personally could not vouch for the customer service, but that is only because I have never had a problem for them to service. Other reviewers have said that they have great prices, I wouldn't agree with them so much on that. The prices are a little on the steep side, but you know the saying "you get what you pay for" and I'd rather pay $15 for something I am going to wear then throw away $10 on a piece of crap. Finally the thing that really sets it apart is the rest of the site, it's worth checking out even if you don't plan on buying anything, the forums are very active and interesting.

Reviewed by: Cathy Leonard
Date Added: 7-15-02
Jewelry bought: nostril screws, seamless rings

After searching online for reputable body jewelry I happened upon Tribaletic. I was impressed with their prices and their website. They have a wide variety of body jewelry and the thing I really liked is that I could order online but pay by personal check instead of a credit card. After I placed my order I immediately received an email letting me know the order was received and would be processed as soon as they received my check. You could check the status of your order anytime online and I received my order promptly. Of course it did take a little longer considering I was sending them a personal check.

When I received my jewelry I found it to be very good quality and after having bought body jewelry elsewhere locally and at my tattooist I find one of my favorite pieces is from Tribaletic. I even had a problem with a piece that wasn't in the box that I ordered and without question they made it right by getting the piece out to me posthaste. They didn't even question my intregrity.

I would definitely recommend Tribaletic to anyone who wants good body jewelry at reasonable prices.

Reviewed by: Zorbs
Date Added: 4-3-02
Jewelry bought: SS 20ga seamless ring, SS 20ga nostril bone


  • jewelry came packaged in sterile bags, just like at the piercing studio.
  • came with a little satin bag to store jewelry.
  • included some extras: lots of coupons, stickers, business cards, and a guide to help you insert jewelry more easily.
  • very reasonable prices.


  • I live in Canada, and had to pay a hefty customs fee, although shipping by global priority mail was $4.50 US
  • ordered on 2/22/2002, received on 3/14/2002...kinda slow!

The quality of the jewelry seems good, although it's really quite hard to tell on stuff as small as 20ga. I would recommend Tribalectic for anyone living in the US, because if it weren't for the customs fee, the prices would be very reasonable.

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