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Reviewed by: Charles Medeiros
Date Added: 10-21-07
Jewelry bought: CBR's, Eyelets, Plugs

I got my first Body Piercing done over 15 yrs. ago. I've purchased body jewelry from many different internet companies and piercing parlors over the years. I found TongueStud 2 years ago and their jewelry is the highest quality I've ever seen! The first order I ever placed with them was for a single 8ga CBR, just to try the company out. I placed it next to all of the CBR's I've bought throughout the years and TongueStud’s stuck out immediately! The CBR's brightness and design of the ends where the dimpled bead seats sold me on them right then and there! I've been buying all of my CBR's, Eyelets and Plugs from them ever since. This past month I placed two separate orders with TongueStud and my merchandise arrived within 5 business days on both orders! Their jewelry quality and service is the best there is, PERIOD! Keep up the great work TongueStud!!!

Reviewed by: jeremy peterman
Date Added: 3-10-07
Jewelry bought: BSSFE eyelet SFblack steel 7/16

I am a very angry person with Tonguestud! I put an order in for 2 black stainless 7/16 eyelet tunnels on 10/20/2006 and STILL have not received them! (Today's date being 12/19/2006!) They HAVE been charged and the money paid! I have sent countless e-mails to them with NO response and am unable to find a phone number for this place anywhere, especially on their web site! If anyone out there has any info or can help me please do, I would be eternally grateful! I am so sick of reading how happy people are with their experience with Tonguestud, am I just the lucky one that gets screwed? Merry Christmas to me I guess.

Reviewed by: Erika
Date Added: 1-16-06
Jewelry bought: 16g multicolor Ti nostril screw (unbent) is a great place to get body jewelry. They've got EVERYTHING! It's the only place I've found that actually has decent 16 gauge nostril screws. And unbent at that! (I like to have mine custom-bent so they can easily and comfortably fit my strangely-shaped, multi-racial nose.)

Tonguestud's prices are very reasonable, especially for such an elusive product. Not only do they have affordable 16 gauge nostril screws (the standard is 18g, which can be found absolutely everywhere), but they have a pretty good selection of them, with a variety of styles and materials.

Customer service is great, too! Very friendly. I've had nothing but good experiences with them.

I would definitely recommend this site to anyone trying to find unusual sizes for an affordable price.

Reviewed by: OneEyeAskew
Date Added: 10-30-05
Jewelry bought: various gauge plugs and tunnels

When I first came across Tonguestud, the first thing that struck me was the pricing. Things I had seen elsewhere, I found on Tonguestud for substantially less. And it was no small selection, no sir! Tonguestud has a comprehensive selection of jewelry for just about any piercing, in any material, color, or gauge you could possibly want.

After ordering my jewelry, I received it in only three days. Usually, I have to wait at least a week to receive jewelry I order online.

By far the best thing about Tonguestud, though, is the customer service. I received the standard confirmation of order message, of course. Then I got another email when my order was shipped, the next day. The really great thing, however, was the email I received after my jewelry had arrived, just to make sure that I got it okay and that it was what I had wanted. Tonguestud really makes me, as a customer, feel cared for.

This is a company that really goes the extra mile to make me feel welcomed, and ensure that I get the best product and service. The replies to inquiries are always swift (as in same-day response) and courteous. Exemplary service all around.

Reviewed by: Kathy Flores
Date Added: 8-14-05
Jewelry bought: Various Acrylic and SS Pieces

TongueStud has great merchandise, no doubt about that! What sets them apart from the others is their exceptional customer service! Over the years I have done a lot of online shopping at various establishments. TongueStud has the best customer service I have ever experienced. You get an immediate confirmation of your order, another email when the order ships and then a follow up email to be sure you received your merchandise and are happy with it. I love this personal touch. You really feel like these people care about you as a customer. TongueStud's return policy is unparalleled when it comes to body jewelry. I highly recommend TongueStud as your source for body jewelry and excellent service. I know I will be back!

Reviewed by: Erica
Date Added: 11-23-03
Jewelry bought: 6 gauge barbell

For comfort reasons, I prefer acrylic over metal beads for my tongue piercing. However, I have had problems with the beads chipping, as well as the thread coming out on one occasion. I had heard a lot of great things about Steel Skin's FDA-approved dental acrylic, and after viewing their patent on their site, I thought I'd give them a try. However, the barbell that I wanted (a 5/8" 6 gauge steel barbell with green glitter acrylic ends) cost $48. Nonetheless, I was about to shell out the money when I heard that Tonguestud was a reseller of their products. The same barbell was priced at about $36, plus one could send in pictures or an experience for a 15% off coupon. So, I figured I'd give them a try.

I sent them a few emails asking about jewelry quality, delivery, etc., and each email was replied to promptly, so I decided to actually make my purchase. I sent them a money order for the barbell along with a 6 gauge steel taper. (NOTE--I really liked that their shopping cart offered a print-out form for money order transactions.) I bought the money order on 8/17/00 (see the receipt)

And I waited. And waited. And I waited some more. Still no barbell.

So, I sent them an email. It was never replied to. Sent them another email, it was never replied to.

I decided that I should call them to see what was going on with my order. I was assured that my jewelry should be sent out within a couple of days. I asked if they would send me an email when my order was sent. They said probably not. From what I was able to discern, their reason seemed to be that they wouldn't remember.

So I waited. And I waited. And I sent some emails which were never replied to. And I waited some more. Still no jewelry.

So, I called again. This time, the man on the phone said that he had to call and bitch at the supplier and that it was backing up a bunch of orders. I asked if I could be sent an email when my order was sent out, and received another vague reply.

So I waited. And I waited.

Then, I called again. I mentioned that I sent out my order over a month ago. The man on the phone was more apologetic this time. He explained that the supplier sent it to them with acrylic on only one end, so it had to be sent back, and they had to wait for a new one.

In my opinion, this is understandable. I realize that sometimes mishaps occur that are out of anyone's control. But, I don't understand why I couldn't have been made aware of this. At the very least, my emails and human click messages could have been replied to. That way I wouldn't have to worry that my money was long gone. It is not so much the delay in delivery that bothered me as it was the poor customer service.

On the other hand, the man on the phone was very polite this time. He apologized profusely. He offered to make it up to me by sending me a free piece of jewelry of my choice. I excitedly picked out an 8 gauge 1/2" CiBB (future lobe plans) and he said that the jewelry was on its way. At least he made it up to me.

A few days later, I received my order, as well as the CiBB. The envelope was postmarked on 9/22.

I am extremely pleased with the quality of the jewelry itself. The barbells were both from Steel Skin, and the taper was from Industrial Strength (they were still in their original packaging). The barbells were polished to a gorgeous shine, and the thread seems secure in the beads. I could not detect any marks or scratches. Plus, I dig the countersunk bars for my tongue, as all kinds of nasties seem to collect in countersunk balls. The titanium ends on the CiBB looked a little faded, but that is my only gripe.

The taper was nice and long, and started two sizes smaller rather than one. I only wish it had a pin coupling end (like the one I got from Rings of Desire) rather than a concave one. But, FWIW, it was a nice taper.

All in all, I would have to say that I give mixed reviews. The prices are great, as well as the merchandise, but the customer service leaves much to be desired. Would I recommend them to someone? Yes, with reservations. But would I order from them again? No, I would not. They do have quality products, but so do other companies that I have ordered from, and they have the customer service to boot. I'll spend the extra money for 2-day shipping and prompt emails.

Reviewed by: saram
Date Added: 4-13-03
Jewelry bought: Two 6ga 9/16" titanium tapered CBRs

I just received my order from Tonguestud, and I couldn't be more pleased! This is not the first time I have ordered from Rob, and it certainly won't be the last. I really appreciate the nice titanium selection that Tonguestud has to offer -- they carry items and sizes that other suppliers just don't have. I had a very specific need. First, I wanted large-gauge titanium. Tonguestud has it. Then, I wanted an odd diameter (9/16") that very few CBRs come in, let alone at 6ga. Tonguestud has it. I even got to choose between a normal CBR style and the "tapered" ends, which I love. Add to this reasonable prices, free shipping on orders over $50, and a special 20% offer celebrating their new website design. I just couldn't beat it anywhere else. The service was also impeccable. I ordered on a Tuesday, and the items arrived just over a week later, even with a weekend, a federal holiday, and a blizzard in the meantime. Absolutely wonderful! There were even a few cool stickers thrown in! I certainly have no complaints about this experience with Tonguestud, and look forward to ordering from Rob once again.

Reviewed by: Ren
Date Added: 3-16-03
Jewelry bought: various plugs

I have purchased body jewelry from Tonguestud several times and generally have been pleased with the results. Their jewelry is of good quality and is reasonably priced. Their acrylic plugs are grooved for o-rings, which I prefer, and come in a nice assortment of colors. Their titanium plugs have bright colors that really last and come in a wide range of sizes. When I wanted a 10 gauge colored titanium plug, Tonguestud was the only place I could find one. Their flared sss earlets are polished smooth, easy to insert and also come in a wide range of sizes. When I wanted single flared 8 gauge earlets, Tonguestud was the only place that had them. The most recent time I purchased from them, they were slow to ship my items, and as far as I know the items were in stock and there shouldn't have been any complications. I still recommend Tonguestud and would buy from them again, although with the understanding that it might take a month or two for my order to arrive.

Reviewed by: alterboy
Date Added: 9-17-02
Jewelry bought: 2 titanium barbells 14g 5/8"

Overall: a good experience. I found Tonguestud a while ago when reading through some BME pages when someone recommended them for tongue rings. A few months before ordering I emailed them asking if I could somehow special order shorter barbells and got a prompt email back saying that they couldn't but they should be getting new things in their catalog soon....they never did but oh well. I searched all over the web for the best shops and it came down to Good Art and Tonguestud. Good Art had the length I needed but was over 20 bucks more so I decided to go with Tonguestud until I could afford the right jewelry. I needed titanium because my dydoes seemed to be rejecting and I had a feeling I was allergic to the steel. Ordering process was easy enough and the jewelry once it came was amazing. Though overall I had a good experience, I do have a few gripes. They had very little selection of titanium barbells. I think they only had like 2 styles and nothing shorter that 5/8", (though the only company I found with the right size was Good Art). They have way better selection of sizes in steel. Other thing was when I was charged on my credit card it wasn't from Tonguestud, but I suppose the company which owns them which is Pegasus I believe. That was a tad confusing and I could not find a disclaimer about it anywhere on their site. The last issue I had was it took forever to get the jewelry. It was supposed to be here in 3-10 days...try about 20, that's right, it took 3 weeks to get my jewelry and this could cause issues if you need your order right away. I seem not to be the only one with issues on delivery time. I found a wealth of gripes for Tonguestud on BizRate. Anyhow, I would definitely order from them again if they had exactly what I was looking for, but since my experience wasn't THE BEST I might try Good Art next time for comparison.

Reviewed by: Yoshi
Date Added: 4-23-02
Jewelry bought: 4ga pyrex tunnel

I wanted to stretch my septum to 4ga, so I emailed tonguestud inquiring about how long the pyrex tunnels were. They responded very quickly letting me know that they were 1/2" long - a little longer than I would have liked, but still good for my purposes. So I ordered one, and sent in a money order. A month later, I had received nothing. I e-mailed them 5 times before I got any response, the response being that they did not receive any money from me or knew of any order. However, since it was only one tunnel, they sent it to me without argument. Overall it took me about 3 months to get my jewelry, and by then I had already stretched to 2ga, so now I have an unused 4ga tunnel lying around. Now, judging from the other reviews, this seems to be rare, and they cleared up the error and sent the jewelry, and the quality was equisite, so I suppose this was just a "lapse."

Reviewed by: Josh Kenyon
Date Added: 4-3-02
Jewelry bought: 7/8" SS tubes, No-C-Um barbells

I spent plenty of time looking for a good supplier...I checked out - seemed good - thought I'd give them a call. I called - and the guy knew about the jewelry and my piercings. Me: "I'd like 2 barbells..." Him: "Did you get a double tongue piercing? Venom or center?"...a...damn. It was extremely fast and simple to order. You can either call or order online - I did both. Both were very simple and user-friendly. Prices were good, and the ideology of their gaurantees definitely worked for me! After I placed my order, I received an e-mail about it - just informing me of the recent transaction. I've ordered from 3 other online sites - and each one didn't give a crap about what I was ordering - they just wanted the money and for me to get off the phone (at least, that was the vibe I was getting)! I waited only a week (I ordered overnight with other sites and waited TWO weeks!)- and then got my jewelry...awesome. Perfect! High polished steel, nicely fitted threading. Seriously, usually, there is SOME complication with getting jewelry or the customer "service"...but then I realized how amazing this order really was. No problems AT ALL. If I can tell you any more about my order - just e-mail me - I stand behind this site, its service and products.

Reviewed by: Hal Muller
Jewelry bought: 8ga barbell with acrylic balls

I have ordered three times from and been very pleased with the selection and most importantly the customer service. I am an executive with a major corporation. My nipple ring is easy to hide, but my tongue ring is a different story. The selection of colors of acrylic balls offered through this site makes hiding the ring easy, but fun at the same time. The prices may appear higher on this site for tongue rings, but here you know the balls are internally threaded, watch out for the $10 rings on other sites- you get what you pay for. Happy Shopping.

Reviewed by: broken
Jewelry bought: various lucite/acrylic jewelry

What can I say, is really a pleasure to deal with and I'd highly recommend them for acrylic jewelry. So far I've ordered a plethora of large-gauge acrylic tapers and a bunch of different acrylic plugs from the company. The shipping (for the most part) is pretty quick and the quality is good. Best of all, the acrylic jewelry is highly affordable. Finally, the service is excellent and they answer promptly to e-mail requests/questions. Highly recommended body jewelry supplier.

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