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Reviewed by: Joe
Date Added: 4-24-05
Jewelry bought: 17mm Round Stone Agate Plugs, 17mm Tibet Style Agate Plugs

I came across Unimax supply on Modified Mind. I was looking for some organic plugs at an affordable price. I was really happy to see what a great selection of stone plugs they had for sale in a ton of various styles. I read on the FAQ page on their website the minimum order was $50.00 and also they're open to the public so you don't have to be a shop to buy from them. I immediately placed my order for a pair of 17mm stone round agate plugs also a pair of 17mm Tibet style stone plugs. I paid with PayPal it came to $53.63 on Friday 4/15/05 I received my order Monday 4/18/05! I will definitely do business with this company in the future the jewelry I got is amazing looking the quality is top notch. This company has won me over with the fastest shipping I have ever received when ordering online and their sales people are very polite with curious prompt email replies. I bought from this company on a impulse and will definitely be a customer of their's for life.

Reviewed by: susan ellis
Date Added: 7-27-03
Jewelry bought: from ears to navel

I believe Unimax is one of the best body Jewelry Wholesale site because my orders are usually acccurate and on time. I can call a representative with any problems. The staff is alway very courtious to me. They do have the highest quality body jewelry and piercing supplies that I have tried and believe me I have tried plenty. They have a one of the largest selection of top grade jewelry and piercing supplies. Unimax is the only on-line supplier I trust to purchase my piercing supplies from. I really appreciate the fact that I can purchace my piercing supplies and jewelry on line because the time saved. And I don't have a lot of time.

So here's to all you hard working people at Unimax..Susie and staff at "UNLIMITED" Body Piersing in Muskogee Ok. Loves Ya.

Reviewed by: Maggie
Date Added: 4-13-03
Jewelry bought: Barbells, captive bead rings, labret stud, tunnels etc.

The Unimax website can be a bit of a challenge to navigate, their catalog isn't organized so well, but other than that I had a great experience. I also like the fact that they take PayPal, I sell junk on eBay and found that to be very handy. They replied to a question before I placed my order within hours, and the stuff arrived in just a few days. Everything I ordered was in stock and arrived as I expected and though the quality wasn't super amazing, I've got no complaints, and I think at this point I appreciate the affordability more anyways. I'd definitely recommend them and their products to anyone who is on a budget, and I plan on getting more once I can afford the minimum order. I've got my eyes on those glass illusion tunnels, and their amber plugs!

Reviewed by: Mike
Date Added: 6-14-02
Jewelry bought: Lots of stuff

Well, the first thing that attracted me to Unimax was their amazingly low prices. I'll say it right here, the prices are unbeatable anywhere. Another plus is the fairly broad selection, which ranges from standard stuff like CBRs, Barbells and the like to custom organic jewelery and other fun stuff.

The positives:

  • Low prices. Like I said, unbeatable. (try to find amber plugs for $15 somewhere else)
  • Good selection. As before, just about everything you could want.

The negatives:

  • Web design. They REALLY need to work on this one. Their website is truly abysmal. Many of the items are in the wrong places, or are hard to find. If you click on "Barbells" on the main jewelery page, you will be greeted with an unsorted list of about 150 different types of barbells. It makes me wonder if there is other stuff they sell and I just can't find the page for it. It's also really ugly.
  • Quality. This varies from item to item. Some of the stuff is totally decent. I am happy with my 6g 1 1/8" barbell, but the 8g CBR I bought has noticable imperfections. In terms of quality, it's a mixed bag, but at these prices it almost makes sense just to order two of everything, and hope that at least one of them isn't defective.
  • Stocking. Lots of stuff on the site is out of stock, and you won't know until your order show up without it. You can ask of course, but it would be nice if they'd just put an "out of stock" sign on the stuff they don't have.

I am and will remain a customer of Unimax. I am satisfied with the stuff they have there, and I'm willing to deal with the minor headaches of ordering from them. There is a minimum order of $50 (US) but you'd spend that much on 3 pieces anywhere else, so it's not a big deal.

Reviewed by: corey zubek
Jewelry bought: 00 hand blown glass "illusion tunnel" claws, 0g red glass ear tunnels, 8g blue acrylic cbb, etc.

First of all, I've been a customer of Unimax's for about say hmmmm a year and a half maybe. Basically every time I get jewelry most likely I will be ordering from them, I've gotten every thing from hand blown glass pieces to already autoclaved needle and jewelry kits to acrylic pieces to stainless steel pieces. I must say I am a bit disappointed with the service, but the jewelry makes up for it. To start off with when you're ordering, if you catch em on a bad day, they have an oriental(?) lady answering the phone, personally I can't understand a word that she says, but that's not business I just found that kind of funny, she's a very nice lady all together so I think. But anyways, I just recently ordered from them and I ordered a 2g talon, I received a 0g talon. They also sent me misc. things that I didn't order. I have no idea why they put em in there. I didn't order anything like it or sounded like them. But I called them and told them about it and they sent out the right stuff right away for free of course, and let me keep the stuff they messed up on free of charge also. I wasn't really in much of a hurry so it didn't bother me. Hey now I can build up my jewelry collection. Now that I'm looking at my jewelry the blunt ends of the talons I ordered are a bit shoddy. You can see the casting thingy that I dunno the name for. The internally threaded barbells are very nice in the larger guages. I've ordered from 6g-2g and these barbells are choice especially for the price. The acrylic cbr's I ordered are also very nice. The balls fit snugly, no dents, chips or bubbles. The acrylic cbb are just as nice as the cbrs. There are no gaps at all with the internal threading. The glass hand blown illusion tunnels are just amazing. I paid $32 for a pair of 00g claws that you look into the end of them and it gives you the tunnel effect with black and yellow swirling lines. I'm in love. I also got a pair of red glass 0g tunnels awhile back, they were what I expected. Good quality, a bit thin, but the durability was tested. I dropped them in the shower a couple of times, on the floor, I slept with them in, and I'm a harsh sleeper. I reposition myself probably 300 times a night haha. What I'm trying to say is, this company may have a bit of shoddy work, but most of their pieces are extremely acceptable. Something would expect to be a 3 times the price. If they screw up, they fix it as soon as you tell them, hell I even got some free stuff from em. I'm still experimenting with their glass but so far it seems to be some of the best pieces I've ordered from them. Try em. They're a great company and extremely cheap.

Reviewed by: Sara
Jewelry bought: various (CBRs, barbells, acrylic, etc.)

I think that Unimax Supply is probably the cheapest jewelry that people can order without a wholesale account somewhere. Most of their main jewelry selection is under $5. They have a huge selection of decorative barbell ends (for navel and tongue), and a wide range of barbells, CBRs, etc. They sell supplies as well as jewelry, and sometimes they require a $50 minimum purchase. Unfortunately, it has been my experience with Unimax that you get what you pay for. I placed my first order with a friend, to meet the minimum purchase. I ordered a bunch of different things, some for stretching, some for novelty, and a couple just to make the last few dollars of the order. We emailed our order and used a credit card over the phone. It was a little difficult to reach them to transmit the credit card information. The jewelry came within a week or two, and we were in for a few surprises. First, their order total did not match the one we had calculated from the website!

However, we were not provided with an order total when we ordered, just with the invoice. It was only off by a few dollars, but I was still unhappy with it. The next thing we noticed was that they had filled part of the order incorrectly. We checked our email order and we had asked for a 1.5" 14ga barbell, and they sent us a 1" 14ga barbell. For a couple of dollars we didn't pursue this. The finish on all of the metal pieces wasn't great, and one CBR had noticeable dings and nicks. I see now on their website that they offer hand polishing for an additional fee -- such a shame that each piece doesn't get the attention for a good finish! The only pieces from my Unimax order that I used for long are the acrylic talons I purchased from them. Their acrylic jewelry seems to be as good as a lot of other companies', and it's cheap. The CBRs irritated my ears, and the barbells were externally threaded with a ridiculous gap between shaft and balls. All of the steel jewelry fr rom that order is now stuck in my housemate's pierced stuffed lion. I was disappointed in Unimax, but I'm ordering again -- the prices on some of the items are worth it, and the first order taught me what to order and what to avoid. You really do get what you paid for with Unimax, so buy carefully.

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