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Reviewed by: Christyn
Date Added: 2-14-04
Jewelry bought: pair 00g 7/16ths SF Ebony and Abolone Plugs

I have absolutely no complaints with my order from Mario and Wood Body Jewelry. They don't like doing business over the phone, apparently, so it's a good thing they work hard to keep customers informed via their website; you can check their site to see if your order date has shipped.

Wood Body Jewelry claims their turnaround time for orders is less than four weeks and my experience with them confirms their claim. I ordered my plugs on January 20 and they were in my hands seventeen days later. For made to order jewelry, that's impressive.

The single flare was 11mm on each plug and tapered down to 9.8mm, with the saddle area a solid 10mm. The abalone inlays were centered and flush with the surface of each plug. The wood had no pits or scratches visible to the eye and the surface was smooth.

The plugs were packaged in a bag and came with two sets of 0-rings, a gauge card and a gift box, all wrapped in bubble wrap and packed inside a cardboard box.

In short: easy to use website, quality workmanship on the product, good packaging and a reasonable turn around on my order.

Reviewed by: rachel
Date Added: 10-13-03
Jewelry bought: 1 1/16" double flared ebony plugs

I really could not say enough nice things about this company. Ordering went smoothly, they sent e-mails letting me know I'd made an order, that payment had been received, and one to let me know when they were shipped. It took three or four weeks for them to get here, but considering everything is made to order, that is not bad at all. The prices are amazing. I have not found better anywhere, nothing even close to this for the quality.

I got the plugs today, and they are absolutely perfect. Probably the most perfectly crafted and finished wood plugs I have ever seen. I am VERY happy. They have my business for as long as they are around.

Reviewed by: george
Date Added: 5-26-03
Jewelry bought: 5/8" solid maple plugs

I was very anxious to buy some wood plugs for myself, after strecthing to 5/8". I wanted a light colored wood to match my skin tone.

I checked a few websites including, when I got responses back I was surprised to see how much lower their prices were compared to the others. ($15 for the pair, plus shipping)

So I quickly placed an order, it took a little less than 2 weeks to receive the plugs, I wasn't expecting much especially becuase of the low price, but I was in awe, these plugs are perfect in every way!

Exactly what I wanted I couldn't be more satisfied, I will definately be buying my future jewelry from them, I recommend this shop to everyone.

They also included a sizing card, which I thought was pretty cool, I was able to verify on my own that the plugs were indeed the size I ordered.

Reviewed by: Ren
Date Added: 4-13-03
Jewelry bought: various plugs

I have purchased 3 pairs of plugs from this company and have been very pleased on all occasions. My first order was for one pair of 00 single flared ebony plugs with mother of pearl inlay, and one pair of 00 single flared maple plugs with abalone inlay. Both of these pairs were beautifully made, although after a month or two, the inlay fell out of one of the ebony plugs. A drop of super glue later and the plug was as good as new again. My most recent order was for a pair of 9/16 double flared spring camo dymondwood plugs. I was slightly disappointed by the fact that the colors which appear so vibrant on the website are really only apparent on the sides of the plug, which isn't visible when they're being worn. From the front or back, they just look like dark brown wood plugs. Even so, these are currently my favorite plugs and I wear them every day. I definitely plan to purchase from this company again, although I'll probably stay away from the dymondwood (just my personal preference). Their customer service is excellent. When I had a question about size, I received a helpful reply the next day. Their plugs are expertly made and their prices can't be beat. In addition, the turn around time from order to delivery is very fast -- usually not more than a week or two, which is excellent for custom jewelry. I highly recommend this company.

Reviewed by: bradcfoster
Date Added: 3-16-03
Jewelry bought: 00g Ebony w/red star inlay, 00g lollipop dymondwood, and 7/16" solid ebony

I had been to Mario's website many times looking at jewelry, but was timid about ordering online.

I decided to take a chance and placed an order for 2 pairs of 00g plugs. I was shocked at how fast the plugs arrived, and at how perfect they were. The Ebony plugs with the red star inlay are so great. The lollipop dymondwood were a bit darker than I assumed, but that's my problem. The quality is unbelievable for the price.

I had bought wooden plugs before and they were uneven and badly gauged, but not Mario's though. I can't recommend his jewelry enough!

My second order was for a friend, we ordered the plug using a PayPal, "buy it now" on the website and the plugs arrived within a week and a half.

I have just place another order for another pair of 7/16" plugs for myself and a pair of 0g for my girlfriend.

We will be buying all of our wooden plugs from Mario.

I recommend that you buy your next organic plugs from, there is no way you will be disappointed.

Reviewed by: Sarah
Date Added: 3-16-03
Jewelry bought: 0g double-flared ebony plugs with brite pink star inlays

I happily stumbled across at the end of January, and within a week had placed an order for some plugs. I paid by check and was warned that my jewelry may take up to an extra week to get here due to the float time. Not so! Even with a snow storm that pummeled the state and snarled the mail service for a few days, I got my plugs in a little under three weeks. They're gorgeous, and I love the fact that now I have the coolest 0 gauge plugs in the city. Mario kicks butt! :)

I will definitely be buying again. Customer service was excellent, turnaround time amazing, and the prices an absolute steal. You can't go wrong!

Reviewed by: Brittany Viesca
Date Added: 11-8-02
Jewelry bought: one pair 0g ebony plugs with green star inserts (single flared)

When I saw the plugs online I fell in love with them and convinced my uncle to use his credit card to order them for me. At first it was a bit confusing - I don't think Mario received our first e-mail, but after that blip everything went along smoothly. We put in our request, within 24 hours we were told how much it would cost, after a few questions about Pay Pal (would it be a problem to ship it to a different address than the address on the PayPal account? it wasn't) we ordered the plugs.

My uncle spoke with Mario over AIM and I'm told he's a totally friendly and nice dude, and he gave my uncle a guesstimate about my plugs done-time. Sure enough they were finished and shipped the Monday (about four days after placing my order).

I received them two days later. I got exactly what I ordered (a pair of black ebony wood 0g plugs with green star insets, single flared, with a groove for the o-ring) and then some (two pairs of O-rings and another pair of slightly smaller O-rings, I suppose in case I wanted a snugger fit).

The quality was fabulous. The wood was so smooth that at first I thought I was scammed and sent plastic, but upon further inspection it was indeed lovely ebony wood :)

I'm so fabulously happy with my plugs. I will most definitely go to Mario for all my future bod-mod needs.

Reviewed by: Monica
Date Added: 9-17-02
Jewelry bought: 1/2" Cherry solid plugs, 1/2" Cherry hollow plugs, 9/16" Ebony double flared plugs, 5/8" Ebony double flared plugs, 11/16" Bamboo plugs

Wood Body Jewelry is my absolute favorite place to buy plugs. I LOVE organics, and Mario's prices simply can't be beat. The first order I placed with him was for a pair of 9/16" double flared solid Ebony plugs, and two pairs of 1/2" solid Cherry plugs. I received them very quickly, and they were just beautiful. Extremely well made, smooth finish, and the size was right on the dot. I had these for a while, then ordered a pair of 5/8" double flared solid Ebony plugs. These came in under two weeks, and again, they were perfect. I have ordered about 6 pairs of plugs from him total, and I have always been blown away by his craftsmanship and the quality of his plugs. The site, also, is extremely helpful. There is a price inquiry form you can fill out, and you get replies back within 24 hours. You receive order confirmation emails, as well as emails when your plugs get shipped out. He has extensive image galleries, and there is a picture of almost every type of plug he offers (of which there is a huge selection). It's all very smooth and efficient, and Mario is quick to answer any questions you may have. I hope he stays around for a long, long time.

Reviewed by: jen
Date Added: 8-14-02
Jewelry bought: 3/4" star inlaid plugs

I had never ordered from an on-line store before, but it was totally worth it. I ordered 3/4" ebony plugs with red star inlays. I was a little nevous about how they were going to turn out, but they were even nicer than the picture on the site. Before placing my order I had a few questions regarding the return policy if the stars fell out and the care of the wood, Mario was quick in answering my questions, within 24hrs. Between placing my order and receiving my plugs, he sent me several updates on my order status. This gave me reassurance that I wasn't being scamed. I have never seen such pretty plugs, plus his prices are amazing. There is no way I would be able to find anything as nice for as cheap. I will definitly be ordering from him again and I'd encourage everyone else to order from Mario.

Reviewed by: john
Date Added: 7-1-02
Jewelry bought: pair of 0g redheart solid plugs

This website is awesome! I love their selection and quality of products, I ordered a pair of 0g redheart solid plugs about a month ago. I remember the whole transaction took no longer than a week from the moment I paid to when the plugs were shipped. These great plugs cost me less than $20 for the PAIR.

Before buying through I shopped around, but noboby could even come close to the price I ended up paying and the selection that they carry, I saw some walnut plugs on another site that were nice but were $20 each, so I did the math and saved some money with

I want to give a special thank you to Mario, he was very nice to deal with and answered any questions I threw at him, this was my first time buying through him, but it certainly wont be the last!!!

I can't wait for stretch up and get some more wood jewelry. Maybe some beautiful ebony this time!

Reviewed by: Anthony
Date Added: 4-29-02
Jewelry bought: 3/4" Ebony Stash Plugs

WOW!! These guys are the real deal, I was shopping around for stash plugs for about a month, I got several quotes for 3/4" ebony stash plugs, some as high as $100 a pair, but then I found Not only was their price more then 50% LESS than that of most other quotes, but I got them really quick, and the quality is just what I wanted. I would say the whole order took no more than 2 weeks to complete, GREAT company. Thanks Mario you're the man.

Reviewed by: jenn*
Date Added: 4-16-02
Jewelry bought: 0g ebony plugs with pink star inlays

When my 2 ga. plugs started falling out, I decided it was time to stretch again. After considering getting some cheap acrylic ones, I started to look around for some on here. Instead, I came across Mario's site & I was in love! :) So I picked my custom plugs -- for $20! After sending in my money order, it probably took about 2 weeks to get here. They were beautiful! Well before I got to stretching, I came into my room -- where my 2 pet rats were roaming around & looked to see that one of them had chewed up one of the plugs. Bad rats. But it wasn't bad, so I stretched with them anyway. I have 00 ga. now & eventually I'll order again from there because they're a good site, with good customer service, quick delivery, nice prices & good quality jewelry.

Reviewed by: saram
Jewelry bought: East Honduran Rosewood plugs

I got some new plugs today! 7/16" single-flared East Honduran Rosewood. I couldn't be any happier with the work! They're smoother than any other wood I've felt, perfectly sized and shaped, nice o-ring groove (I did a special request for it, but it was no additional fee -- same for the flare). They were smoothly waxed and oiled when I opened the package, and with a dab of grapeseed they were in my ears.

This was sort of my "test run" with, and it turned out so good, I'll be ordering again. They work with One Stop Freak Shop, and I'm also very interested in some of their custom designs... I will wholeheartedly recommend Mario and to anyone looking for some extremely nice organics for a very reasonable price.

Reviewed by: Travis Ness
Jewelry bought: 3/4 inch ebony plugs

I put an ad for wooden plugs on the BME Classifieds. I got a few responses, one of which turned me to Mario at Well, the website is still under construction but I e-mailed Mario about the plugs I wanted. He was more than happy to make them for me for a very reasonable price. After I sent him the money, I had them within a week. I was amazed at the quality of the plugs, they were beautiful. If you are ever looking for wooden plugs Mario is your man. He can be reached at [email protected].

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