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Reviewed by: Paul Smale
Date Added: 7-2-10
Jewelry bought: (5) 19mm titanium smooth segment ring xsr

Not a cheap item and close to one of their most expensive, bit like my titanium carousel flesh tunnels also by Wildcat. Seven days delivery time excluding a weekend in the UK is disgusting for an item that weighs less than a gram. Jewelry is not cheap generally Wildcat charge two pounds more than anybody else. They take your cash instantly even before it's shipped then it stays in packing for the entire 7 days "I checked regular with them" WHY??? I cancelled my order after ordering items from other companies and always receiving the goods within 3 working days sometimes for several kilos in weight. Wildcat are big now from their little shop in Brighton. I even have a first edition black & white glossy catalogue. And arrogant customer service am not impressed with.

Reviewed by: Ella
Date Added: 12-11-05
Jewelry bought: many things inc: tongue bars, plugs, tunnels, cbrs, cbbs

I have ordered from Wildcat 10+ times and each time I have been completely and utterly satisfied.

Reaches me within the week expected, which some may argue a little slow but it's more than worth it for the cheap but excellent jewellery I'm receiving. They have a huge selection, including a large clearance section and a monthly offers page which has great things like gorilla glass talons, vertigo plugs and large gauge cbrs going from £2.50.

VERY quick customer service with queries, very easy to request more information which is sometimes needed. Can pay by phone/cheque and of course credit card.

Definitely try here :)

Reviewed by: Dale
Date Added: 6-28-03
Jewelry bought: mammoth/ebony threaded bead, 6mm glass zebra plugs

I order a 6mm mammoth ivory/ebony threaded bead, and a pair of 6mm black/blue flared glass plugs. I placed my order through the web site with a credit card; it was very easy to order from the online catalog. I received my invoice in the mail less than 2 weeks later and then the jewelry 3 days later and I am in Canada.

I emailed customer service when I got the invoice in the mail, because it came with no jewelry. They promptly emailed me back stating that it is company policy to send the jewelry and invoice separately. So I had to wait a few more days, oh the anticipation.

When the jewelry came it was package with lots of bubble wrap and the plugs came in a little wicker case. The plugs measure at 6.3mm with an 8.0mm flare on the front and a 7mm flare on the back. They fit very nicely and you can't just get flared glass plugs around my parts. I had to get a shorter labret stud for the mammoth/ebony bead because it did not thread on as far as my old stainless one, causing some rubbing inside my mouth. Don't get me wrong I love the bead, it's really classy looking.

Reviewed by: oedipa
Date Added: 3-16-03
Jewelry bought: 2 12ga ti barbells, approx 9/16 inch

I'd been searching for a while to find some cheap Ti barbells for my healed nipple piercings. Not so easy - every place I checked was 25-40 dollars a piece.

I was running low on places to look and thinking I would have to bite the bullet and shell out some serious money, when I found Wildcat. The prices impressed me, and the "no shipping charges" policy impressed me even more (especially since I'm in the US). So I figured what the heck, and ordered two Ti barbells.

Two weeks and one email (which was very promptly, very courteously answered) later, I had the barbells in hand. Externally threaded, yes, but excellent quality. Especially for the price.

All in all, I would definitely recommend Wildcat for buyers in the UK or the US, if you're looking for good quality cheap jewelry.

Reviewed by: Dom
Date Added: 7-15-02
Jewelry bought: 45mm barbell (SS) (1.6mm), facial horn 16mm (1.6mm)

I found all their products listed neatly and easy to find on their website. Ten minutes later I was on the phone to them making my order for a barbell for my industrial and a facial spike to go on the end of it. The helpful man on the end of the phone guided me through all my options and explained everything. He said they suggest delivery is 11 days, however he said it was currently a little quicker.

The parcel arrived 2 days later, that's next day delivery because I called rather late! Which was damm good. The jewelery was good. It is not the best quality, but it is more than fine for anyone. Especially at £4.95 for both items, which is around $8-9.

I will keep shopping with Wildcat in the future, as so far all other english jewelery companies have charged more for lower quality goods, and they can not beat Wildcat's customer service.

Reviewed by: Andrew R
Date Added: 5-13-02
Jewelry bought: CBR

In a phrase I would say that Wildcat is cheap and cheerful. The quality is fine and the customer service is very good. My orders from Wildcat were handled quickly and orders arrived as promised. The jewelry itself is nothing to write home about. CBRs are well polished and mate to the ball well. Wildcat rings have a rounded end which mates to a small indent on the ring. This style is easy to fit without pliers, but IMHO does not look as good as a ring which is a constant gauge to the end.

Good quality, but not the best. Buy from them if cost is a consideration in your decision.

Reviewed by: Rebecca
Jewelry bought: 2 12mm SSS tubes, 6 4mm threaded SSS balls, 1.6mm titanium bullet septum retainer

Wildcat's customer service is prompt and helpful when informing you of mistakes you've made on your order - which is good when you're a braindead oaf when it comes to credit card numbers. Shipping is pretty prompt - less than a week over the busy festive period - and the jewellery is extremely affordable and good quality. The flesh tubes especially, at £3 each, are a marvellous idea that I wish I'd discovered when I was still mucking about with bits of biro and glowsticks. Other things I like are the larger gauge bullet septum retainers at £3 (£3!) for up to 8mm, and the new indonesian and glass selections. A couple of problems would be the lack of detailed descriptions with some products, and the absence of a secure order form (I really *don't* like emailing my credit card details), but that's pretty much it.

Reviewed by: Holly
Jewelry bought: Lavabell for navel piercing, 2 6g SSS CBR's, 10g SSS barbell

I have to say that I have never ordered such fine jewelry in my life. I live in the U.S., and since Wildcat is based out of the UK, the wait was a bit long, and I had to request a confirmation e-mail to determine if my order was processed. The quality of their surgical stainless steel pieces cannot be matched, and the prices are very reasonable for a very tight budget such as my own. I found a very coveted lavabell for my naval piercing on their website, an item that I had wanted for a while, but had trouble locating from other company sites. I had seen such jewelry on another site (the name of it escapes me) for about $40. I ended up paying only $16 for my lavabell from Wildcat, which is highly unusual for high-end body jewelry. Their selection is huge--and they carry very unique pieces for larger gauge piercings. I am so satisfied with this company, that I will no longer wear anything other than Wildcat jewelry in my piercings, and I have recommended them to several friends!

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