The Modified Mind Launchpad is a list of ideas for new sections that will launch once they have content. These sections have names, for the most part, and usually just need contributions to get them going. In some cases, these sections are still in the early stages and do not have a name or even a set of guidelines yet. Anyone who would like to contribute to any of these sections or would like to suggest another new section, please contact Modified Mind at [email protected]. Thank you.

Staff Writers

I'm looking for two people at most. The qualifications are simple: must be willing to write and have at least semi-regular articles published (basically one every three months minimum) and must either be a body modification professional or well-known figure or have a writing background. This would be a volunteer position.

E-mail me at [email protected] if you're interested.

In The Shop

This sectionn had been listed as a separate section, but as of yet has not gained any content. I'm determined to get this going and will be contacting several shops in the next few months to seek participation. The requirements for any shop wanting to be featured are as follows:

  • Shop Images: minimum requirement is 1 image of the storefront, 1 image of the lobby and 1 image of a work area.

  • Artist Images: minimum requirement is 1 group shot of the staff

  • Featured Artist: minimum requirement is 1 featured artist. This must include 1 image of the artist, 2 images from artist's portfolio and a small bio on the artist.

  • Shop History: a short history of the shop is required, how it got started etc.

  • Shop Staff: a list of the staff and what they do is required.

  • Miscellaneous: anything else isn't required, but any additional content is encouraged.

    The first shop to participate will get their storefront used in the title graphic of the section and any shop participating has a very good chance of getting an image on the cover of Modified Mind. E-mail me at [email protected] if you're interested.

    The Scene

    A long while ago, someone e-mailed me and suggested a section similar to the Jewelry Supplier Reviews but for piercing and tattoo shops. At first I figured that the experiences on BME covered this, but upon further thought I have decided to at least see if this section will take off. The requirements are the same as with the Suppliers: 100 word minimum and don't say "do not go to this shop" etc. This is not an experience section, so do not write about the procedure, just talk about how helpful and friendly the service was (or wasn't), how clean and well setup the shop is (is there plenty of room, is the place clean in general, how well are jewelry and flash displays set up, how's the environment) and how professional the procedure was (did they autoclave the jewelry, if so did they give any proof or just say they did, did they use gloves, etc). Right now, I want to concentrate only on major cities worldwide...if this section does take off, I'll begin accepting reviews of shops in smaller cities. E-mail me at [email protected] with your review...please include your name (and let me know if you'd like your e-mail address posted with your review), the name of the shop, the location of the shop and a 100+ word review. Once this section goes live, I will set up a submission form just like the supplier reviews page has.

    Shop Encounters of the Weird Kind

    This idea has been running through my mind for a couple of months now. Ever had an extremely funny or odd experience at a shop? This is an experience section of sorts, but only for funny or odd experiences...both customers and artists can submit stories of weird things that have happened in the shop. I don't know if this section will take off or not, but I do want to give readers a chance to share some of their funny and weird moments. E-mail me at [email protected] with your weird encounter...please include your name.

    5 Questions

    This is just a working title for this section which is in the early stages. Ever wanted to ask someone in the industry interview style questions? Here's your chance! Readers can submit 5 questions -- they must be good interview quality questions, not background info questions -- they want to ask someone in the community. This someone does not necessarily have to be a "superstar" of the modified community. It just needs to be someone you find interesting and have 5 good questions to ask. If the person is well known (for example, The Lizardman, Shannon Larratt, etc) you can just include their name with your questions...if it is not a "superstar" please include their IAM name or the website URL where you discovered this interesting person. E-mail me at [email protected] with the name of the person you're asking, your 5 questions, and your name as you'd like it to be listed with the published mini-interview.

    All of these sections are just waiting on content before they can launch, so if you'd like to participate in any of these sections, e-mail me at [email protected]. Again, thank you.